Secrets Untold Ch 11 to 15

Chapter 11 – Elise POV

Senior year has just started and I got the classes I wanted. I also submitted a few applications to college. After seeing Caleb work in the medical field I think I may go in the career direction. I will never be as smart as he is though. I look up to him. He went back to working crazy hours. I really miss him sometimes.

Sarah was a senior last year so she isn’t here this year to grace me with her presence. The first few days at lunch I sat by myself until the other day two new students decided they were going to join me. The boy is also a senior. His name is Nicholas. He has sandy blonde hair and a tan complexion with deep brown eyes.  He moved here from Arizona. 

The other person is Julianne. She is a junior and came here from the Catholic school. Her parents couldn’t afford tuition anymore after her dad lost his job due to downsizing in the company he was working for. Julianne is gorgeous. She is Hispanic. I haven’t asked her what her nationality is yet.

I arrived at the cafeteria earlier than normal today. I am already sitting down picking at a sandwich I brought from home when Nicholas spots me from across the loud room. He waves hello to me and comes over to sit down. “Hey Elise, what did you think about Mr. Baldwin’s class today?” Nicholas asked while raising his eyebrow at me. “Boring…” I replied. Mr. Baldwin teaches our college level health science class.

For me, Mr. Baldwin’s class is an elective. I had already completed all my required science credits, but since I think I am going to go into the medical field eventually this was a good course to take. It’s also an easy A right? I have a live-in doctor that if I needed any help he could easily do the task. Well he most definitely can do ‘medical tasks on me.’ “Elise snap out of your day dream about fucking Caleb.” I tell myself. 

I quickly snapped out of my day dream when Julianne approached the table to sit down with us. “Hey girl.” Nicholas says to Julianne as she sits down. “Hey guys, what is going on?” Julliane asks. “Oh nothing too much. We were discussing Mr. Baldwin’s class and how boring it was already.” Nicholas continues to say to Julianne. While we were chit chatting an announcement came on the school’s intercom system. 

“Good Afternoon East Ridge Highschool students. Can we please have Elise Bloomington report to the front office. Again can we please have Elise Bloomington report to the front office.”

Nicholas and Julianne go, “Oooh someone’s in trouble.” in harmony. “Shut up guys.” I replied as I smirked at them. I pack the leftovers of my lunch back in my bag, gather the rest of my things and head to the office. I wonder what this is about. Why was it so important to pull me from my lunch period instead of waiting till after class or the end of day to call me up to the front office. I approach the front office and open the door. I see Detective Fraser standing there. 

“This cannot be good.” I thought to myself. “Hello Elise, can you come with me? We need to talk.” Detective Fraser asks as he escorts me into a conference room in the front office, closing the door behind him. “Sit down please, Elise.” the detective tells me. I sit down with confusion and worry in my facial expression. “What is this about?” I asked. “We had a lead on your mothers case a few months ago and it seems we have found the man who shot your mother.” the detective explains. 

“Good news is he is in custody. Bad news is we need more evidence to build a case against him for your mothers murder. I know it’s been almost a year without any closure, but I wanted to personally inform you that we have been working diligently to catch this guy.” The detective continues to speak to me. The detective excuses me. As I stand up to gather my things the detective speaks again, “How are you holding up Elise? I assume Mr. Dodson is taking good care of you?” I nod my head yes and thank the detective for his time. 

I almost forgot about my mother passing away. Life has been amazing with Caleb. It is sort of like going off to college and living on my own with a live-in boyfriend and my mother is just right around the corner in another house. If my mother wasn’t murdered I may have never even met Caleb or worse met him at a much later date when the both of us were settled in different lives. I really don’t want to think about this anymore. The detective visiting me just brought up negative memories I tried so hard to push down inside of me. 

I get to my next class as lunchtime is over by now. I sat in my seat and took out my phone and messaged Caleb. The teacher of this class does not care if we use our phones. It’s basically a free pass study hall period. It’s a nice break from the day, but after the detectives visit I do not want to be at school anymore. I just want to go home and sleep.

Hey Daddy, Detective Fraser came to my school today and pulled me from my lunch break to tell me they apprehended the man responsible for my mothers murder. I am probably going to come home early. I don’t want to be at school anymore. 

A few moments later I got a response back.

I am sorry baby girl. Go home if you need to. I will bring you some dinner when I get off work. 

I raise my hand. “Mrs. Leblanc, I am not feeling so well. May I please go up to the front office?” I ask. She obliges my request and I go back up to the front office. They called Caleb and obtained permission for me to leave campus early. I walk to my car and get in. When I tried to start my car it was giving me issues. It wouldn’t start at first. Then all of a sudden it started and ran fine like nothing happened. 

I was driving home and I was only a few blocks away from my house when my car randomly died. I tried to restart it and nothing happened. “Just fucking great.” I say to myself outloud. I pull out my phone and text Caleb again. 

I am on Pine Road about 3 blocks away from home. This piece of shit car died on me. My phone is at 13% battery and my car charger is also not working.” 

I get out of the car and walk around to the front of the car where I popped the hood open to see if I can see anything wrong. I am looking at my engine, honestly not knowing anything about cars or what I was even really looking for, anxiously waiting for a response from Caleb. A car driving down the road slowed down and pulled up in front of me. I recognize the car as Daves. He gets out of his car and comes over to me smiling. 

“Looks like you’re broke down Elise. Can I help?” He says as he has an evil smirk on his smug face. I had to think quickly so I lied to him in response. “No, I don’t need help. Caleb is on his way to help me.” Dave walks closer and starts laughing at me. “Caleb isn’t coming right now.” Dave says to me as he pushes himself onto me. “Stop!” I yell. Dave grabs me by the back of my head and bends me over the front of my car.

“Caleb is not coming to get you and there is nothing you can do about it little bitch.” Dave said to me in a cold mean manner. “Please stop.” I beg. Dave takes his other hand and slaps the side of my cheek extremely hard. I feel my cheek begin to warm up. “Please Dave, just let me go.” I beg of him some more. “That’s right you little whore, beg me to stop.” 

I unfortunately wore a skirt today. I rarely ever wear a skirt to school and today I did. Dave lifts up the back of my skirt as he pushes me harder over the engine compartment of my car. He then rips my panties off of me and sticks his hand inside of my vagina grabbing me and pulling my entire body upwards. He takes his hand out and says, “Look bitch you got my hand all wet. Now I am going to have to punish you.”

He rustles with his pants for a few seconds. Tears are dripping down the side of my face. He takes his dick out and slides it into me. He thrusts his dick roughly in and out pushing me harder and harder into my car. I feel my left and stomach slam against the front of my bumper. Dave then grabs my neck and proceeds to squeeze it hard to where I almost passed out from lack of blood flow to my brain. I start to give up on telling him to stop. The more I try to fight it the worse his actions become. 

“You little slut, you can’t even make me cum.” Dave says as he pulls himself out of me. I know Dave was lying to me about the not cumming part because I felt his dick pulsate inside of me. He grabs me back off the front of the car and throws me to the ground. I start crying even harder than I was before. Dave puts his dick back in his pants and starts to walk back towards his car. He stops short and looks at me and says, “If you tell anyone, I will tell them all about you and your precious Caleb. Oh yeah, don’t ever try to lie to me again when I come back to fuck your brains out again. Caleb was just going into surgery when I left.”

Dave gets in his car and speeds away leaving me on the ground. I am in tears, my panties are ripped and I am sitting in a pile of muddy leaves sobbing. All I wanted to do was to get home. I managed to get myself up and not thinking about anything else I ran. I ran home as fast as I could. I forgot about my phone and my house keys. They were still in my dead car. I couldn’t even get a hold of Caleb if I wanted to. 

I went around the back to the sliding glass door. I never lock it. Luckily Caleb never locks it as well. I went inside and ran up to my room slamming the door behind me. My whole body hurts. I go to my bathroom and turn on my shower. I look in the mirror to see the bruise forming on my face in the shape of a hand print. I see fingerprints around my neck. I look down at my stomach and legs. The outline of the engine compartment and bumper are evident in bruises. I let out a massive scream swiping the stuff on my bathroom counter violently across the floor. 

I get in the shower and slide down to the ground and curl up in a ball. I lift my head briefly to see my razor on the ground. I picked it up and broke the blades out of the plastic. I don’t want to live anymore. “I must have been a whore if I allowed myself to be raped.” I thought outloud to myself.  I take the blade and slice my wrist. I lay down on the shower floor and watch the blood flow out and down the drain. Everything slowly became dark. 

Caleb POV

I was in and out of surgeries all afternoon. Elise had the office call me and I gave them permission to let her go home early. What was Detective Fraser thinking when he decided to go to the school to inform Elise of the capture of the man who shot her mother. That was something that could have waited til she got home. Right after I gave the school permission to send Elise home I had a 4 hour surgical procedure to do. 

Dave was standing in the prep room when I got off the phone with the school. “Everything ok?” he asked in a genuine voice. Things have been strained between us since the night at the lake house. His tone of voice was reassuring that things were starting to become semi normal between us again. I am standing at the sink scrubbing in when I responded to him, “Yeah everything is ok, they caught the murderer of Elise’s mom. It brought up old negative memories so Elise asked to go home.” 

Dave nods at me and walks out. I complete the surgical procedure and glance at my phone. I have a text message from Elise. Her car broke down a few blocks away from the house. It’s been hours. I go up to the front desk and see if Elise has called. The receptionist reports that no calls or messages have been left for me. Elise must have made it home ok. 

Just in case, I drove by the location her text message stated she was broke down at. I see her car pulled over alongside the road. I get out of my car to see if she is still inside. I walk around to her driver door, She is not inside but I see her house keys and phone sitting on the driver side seat. I walk around to the front of the car to notice a pair of panties ripped and laying on the ground. My heart begins to race and I begin to panic. I quickly ran back to my car and rushed home.

“Elise! Baby Girl!” I called out as I entered the door. “Elise are you home?” I got no response. I ran upstairs to Elise’s room. I could hear the shower running. “Thank god, shes home.” I thought to myself. “Elise?” I called out again. I still got no response. I opened her door and she was not in her room. I walked to the bathroom. I see blood everywhere and her bathroom in shambles. Her things were scattered all over the floor. 

“Elise, baby girl, come on, wake up.” I cried out to her. The water is frigid cold. I don’t know how long she has been in the shower under these temperatures. I pulled her out. Her body is cold and I see where she cut her arm. The blood has already clotted. She is still breathing. I rush her to her bed and cover her with her blanket. I ran downstairs and grabbed my comforter and a thermometer as well. 

Her body temperature was low but not too dangerously low. I wrapped her up trying to warm her core up. Once I was satisfied she was stable, I found my first aid kit and bandaged her wounds for the time being. I noticed the handprint on her face and the fingerprints around her neck. I also noticed the oddly shaped bruising pattern on her stomach and upper thighs, When I was about done with the bandages Elise came to consciousness. “Elise, take it easy.” I told her. She starts crying. “What’s wrong baby girl? What happened? I asked in a very concerned tone.

Elise continued to cry and refused to answer me. “Lay back down and get some sleep.” I told her. I handed her some water and a percocet to take. She took them and laid down and fell asleep. I called a tow truck and had them bring her car home. I did not leave Elise’s side all night and I even called into work for the next day and had them reschedule my appointments. 

Chapter 12 – Elise POV

I woke up not even realizing what day it was. I had attempted to kill myself and it obviously did not work. I look over to see Caleb asleep in my chair. I am in so much pain. I needed to go to the restroom. I tried to get out of bed but the pain was too much so I let out a cry. My cry woke up Caleb. “What are you doing baby girl? You need to lay down.” Caleb said to me as he rushed to my side.

I tried to speak and I could only manage to mumble inaudibly. My throat hurts too much from being strangled by Dave and the massive amounts of crying I did. I mouthed Caleb that I had to go to the restroom and motioned to my bathroom. Caleb understood me and helped me get up and to where I needed to go. 

Once I was done Caleb helped me back into bed. He sits down beside me. “Baby, I need you to tell me what happened. It’s very important.” He says to me. My throat hurts so much but I manage to utter a single word before crying again. “Dave.” I said. He looks at me. His face was starting to fill with anger and rage. “Dave what? He did this?” Caleb frantically asks. I nod my head yes to him. 

Caleb stands up clenching his fist as he paces around in a circle. He stopped and came back to sit down beside me. “It’s ok baby girl. I promise I will take care of this.” I shook my head no in fear. Dave had told me he would expose us if we said anything to anyone about this but I could not communicate that Caleb. “Baby, Elise, I promise with everything I have, it’s going to be ok, I will take care of Dave.” he tells me again to reassure me. “Lay back down and get some rest.” 

I tried to lay back down and get some rest but I was in so much pain. I cried. I cried and cried. Caleb didn’t leave my side. I finally fell asleep from crying so much. When I woke up Caleb was nestled against me. I turn over and look at him. He looked so peaceful sleeping. My movements woke him up. “Good morning baby girl. How are you feeling?” he said to me as he stretched out his arms. I attempt to speak again. 

“I hurt so bad.” I tell him in a very raspy voice. I start to tear up. “Dave raped me Caleb. He said if I told anyone he would expose us. He hurt me so badly. I am sorry I cut myself.” I mumbled at Caleb. Caleb takes a lock of my hair and gently places it behind my ear. “I am so sorry baby. This is all my fault. I will fix this.” he told me. I nod my head yes to him to assure him I’m ok. After the detective coming to see me in school, my car breaking down, and Dave raping me, I was so distraught I didn’t care what happened anymore. 

“Where is my car?” I asked. “I had a tow company bring it home. I’ll have someone look at it later this week but you’re in no condition to be driving around town right now.” He tells me. I nod again. I was just concerned as I had left my phone, purse, and keys inside. I could care less about my car. I don’t think I even want to look at it ever again. It would be a constant reminder. “Can we just get rid of my car? Please daddy?” I whisper in my raspy voice.

“Yes baby. I’ll take care of it.” Caleb says as he kisses my forehead. He looks at me and continues to speak, “I’ll call the school and get your assignments as well. I’ll take care of everything. You don’t need to worry yourself.” I give him a small kiss. “Thank you.” I told him. “Get some rest, you need it. Would you like another pain pill?” He asks. “Yes.” I say. He hands me a glass of water, I take the medicine and shortly afterwards fall dead asleep again. 

Caleb POV

When Elise finally woke up she tried to communicate with me. I could tell she was in a lot of pain. She managed to tell me that Dave did this to her. I am beyond pissed off right now. That bastard! And I led him right to her for him to take advantage of her. He overheard me on the phone with Elise’s school and even had the audacity to be polite and ask me what was going on in casual banter. I don’t know if I am more pissed at myself for falling prey to his antics or pissed at him.

I am going to murder this piece of shit. Elise is badly injured because of him. I have a plan that’s a surefire way of solving this problem. I can’t let Elise know any of the details, all I can do is reassure she is going to be ok and that I am going to fix this. I stand up clenching my fist pacing back and forth. Everything is red. If I didn’t have a brain I would go over to his house right now and murder him on the spot. I can’t do that. I have to be smart about this.

I have to devise a plan. I can’t let Elise know. I don’t want her involved. I need to protect her and lately I feel like I have been failing at that. I snap out of my rage momentarily to take care of Elise. I gave her some pain medicine and she fell asleep peacefully. 

The next morning I called into work. I can’t leave Elise here by herself. “Daddy, why aren’t you at work.” Elise says to me as she struggles to open her eyes. “Don’t worry baby girl. It’s ok. I took the day off. I’m gonna take care of you today.” I told her. “I’m thirsty and need to go to the bathroom.” She said to me in a groggy voice. I help her up and take her into the bathroom. “You should take a shower sweetie.” I say as I turn on the shower. 

Elise agrees and starts to undress. “Can you leave? I don’t want you to see my body.” She says to me as she tries to cover her wounds. “Why baby girl?” I asked. “I am ugly and now I am ruined. You don’t deserve me.” She replied. I went over to her and hugged her ragged, bruised body. I kissed her on her forehead. “You are still perfect to me.” I told her. I took her hand and helped her get in the shower. She stood there under the water, letting it drip from the top of her head down her face and body. 

She looked so beautiful standing there. I couldn’t resist the urge to not get hard. My cock is throbbing. I know making any moves would be taking advantage of her in the volunerable state of mind that she is in but, my dick is thinking, not my brain. I reach out and pull her close to me. I wipe the water from her face and head back and I cup her cheeks with my hands. I start to kiss her gently and I move my hands down from her cheeks to her breasts. 

She is slightly hesitant towards me. “Baby girl, I love you.” I said as I brushed my hard cock up against her stomach. I grab on to her breasts tighter while still kissing her. I move my lips down to her neck while taking one of her hands and placing it upon my cock urging her to rub it for me. She obliges. She strokes it back and forth, harder and faster with each stroke. I lean over and start sucking on her breasts. The sweet taste of her skin gets me even harder. 

After a few moments of rough foreplay, I grab the back of her head and usher her to her knees making her mouth meet with my cock. Both of my hands are on the back of her head. She opens her mouth and takes all of me inside of her. I move her head back and forth as she is going down on my cock. “Oh God Baby Girl, make Daddy cum.” I moan out loud. Elise starts to suck harder and harder, making the head of  my cock hit the very back of her throat. She makes the sexiest gag sounds. “Good girl!” I scream out as I am cumming and she is swallowing every bit of it. 

Elise POV

Caleb is trying to make me take a shower. It is probably for the best but I do not want to get in the water much less alone, let him see me naked. He stands there and reassures me that it is ok. Caleb helps me get in the shower then joins me. We’ve only taken showers with each other on a handful of occasions. I just want to be left alone to dwell in my own thoughts and to reflect on what happened to me. 

As the water runs down my body, I briefly open my eyes to see Caleb standing there and his dick is super hard. Is it wrong that I want him? I shouldn’t be having these feelings after such a traumatic event, but Caleb always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. He is my security blanket and we connect on so many levels. 

He pulls me to him and starts kissing me. I feel his dick rub against me. Caleb soon grabs me and I start to stroke his dick. He eventually got me to my knees and I was sucking on his dick. Every passing motion, I replay being raped in my head. I start sucking harder and harder out of anger. I was angry Dave violated me. I was angry with myself for letting it happen. Caleb eventually unloaded a massive amount of cum in my throat that I almost gagged. 

I refused to let Caleb please me. I was in too much physical pain. We both got out of the shower. Caleb ordered Chinese delivery for dinner. It was a quiet peaceful dinner until my phone went off with a text notification. I looked at it and it was from Sarah.

Hey, I see you’re holding Mr. Hottie hostage. He had to reschedule my brother’s appointment. How are things going? How is Sr. year? 

I really don’t want to talk to Sarah or respond but I already read the message. I can’t just leave her on open. 

I’m ok. Hope all is well with you.

I tried to keep the message short and sweet. I don’t want Sarah to know what happened to me. She was my best friend but this entire time since my mother passed away I’ve been keeping a lot of secrets from her. Just as soon as I hit the send button she responds.

So, since you have Mr. Hottie hostage, this other doctor filled in. His name is Dr. Jackson. He is just as hot. I’ll let you have your hottie. I am going to be going on a date with this one. Maybe we can have a double date one day.

My heart sank. My face must have made a disturbing expression as Caleb asked me what was wrong. “What’s wrong baby girl?” he asked. I stared at him silently for a few moments. “Elise, what is wrong?” Caleb again asks in a more assertive tone. I snap out of it. “Oh, it’s just Sarah, being her usual self.” I tell him, trying to lead on, that nothing was actually wrong. How do I even tell Caleb what Sarah just texted me. How do I tell Sarah that the guy she is crushing on just raped me?

“If you say so.” Caleb says to me from across the table as if he didn’t believe me. I try to snap out of it even more. “Yes Daddy, everything is fine.” I replied. We finished eating and cleaned up our mess. “Hey Elise? Do you want to sleep in my room tonight?” Caleb asked me. I rarely sleep in his room with him. We normally sleep in separate rooms. “I’d like that a lot actually.” The last time I slept in Caleb’s room he drugged me before we had sex. I hope he doesn’t drug me this time. 

I enter Caleb’s room. It is very tidy and clean, unlike my room. His bed is made and he has absolutely no clothes lying around. I have stuff thrown everywhere. I wonder what he thinks of me and that is why we haven’t “Shared” a room yet. “Baby girl, let’s lay down and get some rest. I have to go back to work tomorrow.” Caleb tells me as he motions for me to go to the bed with him. 

Chapter 13

Elise POV

Its been a few weeks since Dave raped me. I have also decided to finish my senior year online. I do not want to go back to school. Plus Caleb got rid of my car. The police impounded my mothers car a year ago and never released it to me. So, I have been stuck inside the house for around 3 weeks now. Most of the time I don’t mind it. I can finish my work for the week in a matter of hours and I spend the rest of my day watching television or lounging in the pool before the weather starts getting too cold to do so.

It’s nearing 8 pm and I hear Caleb’s car pull into the driveway. He walks into the house shortly after. “Hey Baby Girl, how about going to the cabin tomorrow for the weekend?” Caleb asks me. Caleb looks all sweaty and his hair is in a mess. He has a few blood stains on his lab coat, which I guess may not be so unusual, but I’ve never noticed them before. “You have the weekend off?” I replied. “Yes baby girl. I am gonna get into the shower. I will be out in a few minutes.”

Caleb walks off to his room. He leaves his bedroom door slightly cracked open and I was going to surprise him in the shower. I quietly peer in. He takes off his lab coat and throws it into a black garbage bag along with the rest of his clothing. That’s odd. I quietly watch until he is done and he makes his way into the bathroom. I open the door and follow him in and quietly undress myself. “Hey Daddy.” I whisper as I step in the shower behind him. He jumps slightly. 

“You scared me baby girl.” he said to me. “I am sorry, I just thought you might want some company.” I said back to him. Caleb gave me this look of passionate rage as he pushed me back against the wall grabbing my neck with one hand. Caleb leans in and whispers in my ear, “I could tear you up right now, baby girl.” He takes his other hand and runs his fingers up my thigh until he touches my clit and slowly inserts his fingers inside of me. “Then do it.” I seductively whispered back.

He forcefully puts his fingers deeper inside of me. I slightly whimper as I bite my lip. Caleb starts to squeeze my neck a little tighter as he moves his fingers in and out of me harder and harder. “Fuck baby girl, your pussy is so tight and wet. I want to destroy it.” Caleb said to me as he lifted my body with his hand that was inside of my vagina. “I want you to, Daddy.” I whimper. Caleb pulls his fingers out of me and grabs my hair. He spins me around and slams my chest up against the shower wall. “Spread them baby girl.” he demands of me. . 

I spread my legs open and he slams his dick inside of me pushing me harder against the shower tiles. His thrusting becomes more violent with every motion. He takes his hand and places it on the back of head forcing my face into the wall. He holds it there aggressively as he continues to pound my pussy with his rock hard dick. I start to moan out in pleasure. “You’re such a good little slut.” Caleb aggressively told me. He continues, “Take all of this cock.” “Yes Daddy.” I moaned out to him. 

My legs are becoming weak and my pussy is becoming warm. I scream out, “Fuck me harder please, don’t stop.” Caleb responded, “Trust me I am not gonna stop until I fill you up with every last drop of my cum.” After a few more minutes of pounding my pussy hard Caleb lets out a loud moan and holds his dick deep inside of me. Caleb finally releases me from the wall and turns me around to face him again. He kisses my forehead. “You ok baby girl?” Caleb asked. I nod my head yes. We quickly clean up, get dressed, and head to the living room to watch a movie until we fall asleep. 

The next morning we pack up and head out to the cottage on the lake. I noticed Caleb also put the black bag with his clothes from last night in the trunk. The last time we were here, didn’t leave me with fond memories. This was the place the first time Dave tried to rape me. We get to the cottage and start to settle in when we hear a car pull up. “I thought it was going to be just us Caleb.” I asked in a very concerned tone of voice. “It is supposed to be just us baby girl. Stay here.” Caleb responds as he heads to the door. I sneak a peek out the window. 

An older man wearing a suit walks up to Caleb. They shake hands and the man shows Caleb what looks to be a police badge. I cannot hear what they are saying and I don’t want them to be alerted that I am eavesdropping on them either. I wonder what this is about. Maybe they had some new information on my mothers case. After a few moments of their conversation, they said their goodbyes and Caleb headed back inside.

“Who was that?” I asked Caleb. “It was just the local sheriff, he was just checking on the place as we are normally not here. Just making sure we weren’t intruders. There is nothing to worry about baby girl. Why don’t we make some lunch and go eat it out on the dock. We can discuss wedding plans.” Caleb replied, trying to act all cool and nonchalant as if not to alert me to something more serious. 

Caleb POV

“Whew, that was terrifying and thrilling.” I thought to myself as the detective was leaving the lake house. I took Elise here for a few days to let the dust settle down. I made good on my word and I murdered Dave. I can’t let Elise know, but I had to protect her. Yesterday right before I left work Dave caught up with me in the corridor at work. Dave made a snarky comment to me about Elise and how she was a whore and how he now is fucking her whore of a friend Sarah. That was the final straw. I chuckled at Dave and falsely agreed that the both of them were whores. 

He patted me on the back and invited me to have a few drinks at a local bar.. I agreed to go. He followed me in his car and after a few moments of driving, I pulled over and pretended my car was having issues. Just as I had planned Dave pulled over as well and got out of his car. He walked up to mine. “Is everything ok?” Dave had asked me. “I don’t know man, it started shifting funny.” I replied. Dave motioned for me to pop the hood of my car and all I could think about is how he had Elise bent over her hood and fucking her. 

The moment Dave reached under my hood, I took the opportunity. I had swiped a medication from the hospital using Dave’s own credentials as he often had me do for him before, so I knew his information. I pulled out a syringe filled with Succinylcholine. It is a medication we use in surgery as a paralytic. It is virtually untraceable due to its short half life. I stabbed him with it in the hairline of his neck so it wouldn’t be too obvious there was an injection site. Given Dave’s size and the amount I swiped, I had approximately ten minutes before the effects wore off. Dave quickly fell to the ground. I took out a bandana I had in my pocket and placed that and my hand over Dave’s nose and mouth. 

Dave couldn’t even struggle. It was too easy. Dave finally stopped breathing and I checked his pulse. It was dead silent. I confirmed Dave was dead. I left the lifeless body alongside the road with his car. I quickly put the bandana and the empty syringe back in my pocket. I left the scene and headed to the bar where I was to meet up with Dave for drinks. I ordered two shots of whiskey. One for him and one for me. After a few moments of me sitting there with the drinks, I texted Dave.

Hey man, I’m at the bar where you told me to meet you. Are you on the way? 

I waited a few more minutes and slammed my shot down. About ten minutes have passed at this point. So I texted Dave’s phone number again.

Hey, I really got to get home if you’re not coming. I ordered you a shot but If you’re not here in the next few mins I am going to drink it and head home. If I miss you, your round is on me, I’ll leave the bartender some cash.

Knowing that Dave would not be responding, I slammed the second shot down. I paid with my card and left $10.00 in cash for a third drink in the event Dave showed up. I told the bartender if my buddy didn’t show up he could keep it as an extra tip. I got in my car and drove. I passed over a bridge on my way home and threw the syringe and bandana in the running stream of water. I looked down and noticed that a few blood spots lined my coat. It must have gotten there from residual blood on the syringe. 

When I got home that evening I announced to Elise we were gonna go to the cabin this weekend. It would give me enough time to remove myself from the situation as I am sure Dave’s lifeless body would be discovered. I quickly went to my room to pull all my clothes off to hide any evidence I had contact with Dave outside of work that night. I put the clothes in a black garbage bag and head to take a shower.

A few moments Elise enters. I wasn’t expecting her to show up like she did. I hope she doesn’t notice I smell of whiskey. I am still filled with adrenaline. I just murdered a man. I murdered the man who hurt Elise. She joins me in the shower and I cannot contain myself. I wanted to release all the energy I had out on her tight sweet pussy. I wanted to be king to her and silently show her I was the boss. I took her that night with rage and pounded her pussy until she drained my balls. I fucked her harder than I have ever fucked anyone before. 

After we arrived at the lake house the next day a detective showed up. My work informed them I would be here for the weekend. They found Dave. I was the last person seen with Dave at work and I had also texted him while I was at the bar. “Doctor Dodson?” The man who was approaching me said, “Yes Sir, how can I help you?” I replied as I reached my hand out to shake his. He flashed me his badge. “I’m detective Stonewall. I have some bad news to inform you.” he said. I gave a concerned yet confused look to the man. Detective Stonewall continued to speak. “We found the body of your colleague Doctor David Jackson this morning along the road.” I then gave a shocked look. “What do you mean you found Dave’s body? I was supposed to meet up with him for a few drinks last night and he never showed up.” I told the detective.

“Yes, Doctor. We have his phone in custody as well and read those messages. We think it was a heart attack but can’t be sure until the medical examiner takes a closer look at the body.” the detective tells me. “I understand Sir.” I responded. “If we have any further questions we will contact you.” the detective told me as he waved me goodbye and headed back to his car. At least it looks like a heart attack at first glance. I can’t let Elise know that anything is wrong so I quickly come up with a story. 

When I walked back in the cottage she asked me what was going on. I lied to her. I told her that it was a sheriff and was making sure we weren’t squatters or intruders. I suggested that we make lunch and eat it outside by the lake. When lunch was over, Elise told me that she was tired. I helped her to the room and lay with her until she fell asleep. Once I was sure she was sound asleep I got up and went to my car.

I opened the trunk and pulled out the black garbage back that had my clothes in it from last night. It’s beginning to get dark out and I put the black bag in the fire pit on the back porch and start a fire. Elise wakes up and joins me outside. “It’s so beautiful out here Caleb. I really do like this place. I wish I could just stay here.” she told me. I wish I could make that possible for her but my work says otherwise. “I know baby girl. Me too, but I have work and this isn’t exactly close.” I replied. 

We sat there around looking up at the stars. She reached over and held my hand. I took her hand and placed it on my cock. I just wanted to fuck her again. All I could think about was fucking her outside by the fire under the stars. She looks at me and chuckles. She starts rubbing on my cock through my pants. I move her hand away for a few moments while I unzip my pants and pull my cock out to allow skin to skin contact. “Oh you’re so bad Daddy.” she said to me with a slight laugh. “Am I baby girl? Why don’t you suck on it for me?” I told her. 

She bends over and places her tongue on my head and licks up and down the shaft of my cock. It is throbbing. I just want to fuck her face right now. She licks back up to my head and opens her mouth to shove my entire cock down her throat. “Oh God baby girl. You sure know how to please Daddy.” I moan out. I place my hand on the back of her head helping her move up and down on my cock. She goes further down with each pass. Finally she goes all the way down and I hold her head down until she gagged.

I let her up and placed the blanket on the ground of the porch. I took off her shirt and laid her down. I kissed her forehead and ran kisses down her neck and on to her perky little breasts. I made my way down her stomach and stopped to pull her shorts off. Once I had gotten her shorts off, I started kissing her again. I placed my tongue on her clit and started licking. She started to moan. Her pussy was leaking. My face was soaking wet. She tasted so good. I kept licking until her legs were shaking and she was begging me to stop. 

I let up and gave her a few moments to rest as I slipped my pants off. She was still laying down so I got on top of her and rammed my hard cock deep inside her tight juicy pussy. She reached her arms around my back and started to dig her nails into me. I kept ramming my cock in her pussy. I pulled her up to me and sat her on my lap. My hands were on h

er hips helping her bounce up and down on me. Her breasts were bouncing in my face. We both were moaning.

She rode my cock so hard and wild. “Fuck Daddy.” Elise screamed out. I love the way she rides my cock. It gets really deep inside her when she is on top. “Baby girl, don’t stop riding me.” I moan. She leans in to me. “I am not Daddy,” she whispers. 

Chapter 14

Elise POV

The light is starting to shine through my window. I feel like total shit. I don’t want to get out of bed. I am so tired and my stomach is upset. I started to get really nauseous and ran to the bathroom to throw up. I am puking my guts out when Caleb walks into my room. “Elise? Are you ok?” I hear from the other side of the door. “Yeah, I just got sick. I think I am coming down with the flu or something.” I yell back at Caleb through the door. 

I finally finish and open the bathroom door to find Caleb standing there. “Are you ok?” he asked me again. “Yeah, I am ok. I said I think I’m just coming down with something. You probably brought a bug home from work.” I told him. I walk back to my bed and sit down. I am still feeling sick. Caleb comes over and sits beside me. He puts his hand to my face. “You don’t feel warm. Just take it easy today and rest ok, baby girl?” he told me. I shook my head yes. “I have to get going. I should be home early today.” Caleb told me as he kissed my head. I laid back down in bed and fell back asleep.

Caleb was already home when I woke up. I heard him downstairs rustling in the kitchen. I get up and stumble my way down to the kitchen where he is. He is cooking dinner. I stood in the doorway and Caleb turned around to greet me. The smell of whatever he was cooking made me nauseous again. I couldn’t run fast enough to make my way to the bathroom so I accidentally vomited right there in the trash can. Caleb runs to me and holds my hair back. 

When I am done, Caleb grabs me a glass of water and touches my forehead and face again. “You’re still not running a fever, Elise.” Caleb said. “I don’t know what’s wrong. I have been feeling really tired lately and the nausea just started today. Are you sure I don’t have a fever?” I asked. Caleb rustles through one of the kitchen drawers and finds a thermometer and hands it to me. Sure enough I was not running a fever. “Elise, I know I am a doctor, but you should probably go in tomorrow and get checked out if you’re not feeling better” he told me. I agree to go get seen. 

The next morning I am still feeling like shit. Caleb takes me to work with him and I wait in the urgent care department waiting to be seen. Caleb has to leave as he has a busy schedule. “Elise, here are my keys. Please drive safe home. I’ll catch a ride home.” he tells me as he hands me his keys. I start to freak out. He is going to let me drive his car? I am not even that good at driving a manual transmission. Caleb gets up and speaks with the receptionist giving them permission to treat and release me. Only a few more months and I can legally take myself to the doctor and do stuff on my own without guardian permission.

A few minutes after Caleb left a nurse walks out and calls my name. “Elise Bloomington” she says and I get up to follow her. She gets my weight, height, and blood pressure. She also takes some blood and makes me give her a urine sample. She brings me back to a small room where the doctor was already waiting. “So Elise, what brings you in today?” the doctor asked. “I’ve been feeling really tired lately and sick to my stomach.” I told him. He nods his head “Mhmm. Have you been running a fever or had any diarrhea?” the doctor asked. “No, Sir.” I replied. 

“Elise, do you remember when your last menstrual cycle was?” the doctor asked. My heart slightly sank into the pits of my stomach. I don’t remember the last time I have had a period and Caleb and I have been having unprotected sex. “I honestly don’t remember. A month or so ago or more?” I told the doctor. He gets up and heads to the door. “I’ll be right back Elise.” The doctor leaves. 

It feels like I have been sitting there forever and I am getting sick to my stomach again. Finally the doctor walks back in with the nurse. “Elise, have you been having unprotected intercourse?” The doctor asks me as he is looking down at his paperwork. I have no idea how I am supposed to answer this. I am 17 and am having sex with a 23 year old that is supposed to be my guardian. I had to think quickly. “I mean, I do have a boyfriend and we’ve fooled around a few times before, but nothing serious.” I told the doctor. 

“Well, Elise.” the doctor starts to speak and then pauses briefly before he continues, “It looks like you are pregnant. We ran the blood test and it seems you are about six weeks pregnant by gestational hormone levels. So about a month ago you conceived. Does that ring a bell?” My heart starts to race. I feel light headed and very queasy at this point. I give the doctor a blank stare and then without much notice projectile vomit in his direction. When I was done, tears started to leak out my eyes. “I am so sorry doctor.” 

The doctor quietly chuckles under his breath as he motions for his nurse to clean up the mess I had just made. “Elise, I am going to prescribe you some medication. Something for the nausea. I would like to see you back in two weeks. Normally I would schedule it out for a month, but you are seventeen years old which complicates things and because of the high level of nausea you are experiencing. If everything is ok in two weeks I will refer you out to an OB /GYN. The receptionist will give you an appointment.” the doctor tells me as he leads me out.

I took my appointment card and headed out to Caleb’s car. I am still in shock. How am I supposed to tell Caleb I am pregnant? I haven’t even finished high school. We aren’t even married yet. I make my way to the car and sit inside it for a few moments. I was freaked out about driving his car home before I got the pregnancy news, now I am even more freaked out. And as life never fails I get a text message notification.

Hey baby girl. I hope your appointment went well. Please drive safely. 

I have to respond. I am so afraid to tell him I am pregnant. Maybe I can hide it a few days longer until I come up with how to break the news to him. 

Yes Daddy, everything is fine. He sent over some nausea meds to the pharmacy in the hospital. Is there any way you could pick them up for me?

A few moments later I got another message back. 

Yes baby girl. Make it home safe, ok? Get some rest.

I figure out how to start Caleb’s car and barely make it out of the parking garage. On the drive home I was thinking about how luckily I got dodging not running into Dave while I was there. Then it hit me. It was about 4 weeks ago when Dave raped me. What if it’s Dave’s baby. I couldn’t be pregnant by someone who raped me. I couldn’t have a baby by that horrible man. I start to cry. 

I finally made it home. Safely, barely made it home, but safely. I go inside and make my way up the stairs to my room. I was already getting nauseous again. The mere thought of Dave impregnating me made me sick. I rush to my bathroom to do the inevitable again. After I was sure I was finished I jumped in the shower and started crying. I have no idea what I am going to do. 

Once I am done showering, I make my way back downstairs with my blanket and settle in on the couch to watch some television. I try to get my mind off of the news I learned about my illness. This sucks. My body is going to change, Caleb is going to leave me and I am probably pregnant by my rapist. I eventually close my eyes and fall asleep to be woken several hours later by Caleb coming home. 

Caleb POV

I dropped Elise off at the Urgent Care Center in the hospital. She hasn’t been feeling too well these past few days. I just want to make sure that she is ok. I worry about her. I also gave her my keys to my car because I have a surprise for her as well. I bought her a new car. I had the dealership drop it off at the hospital early this morning. I will drive that home but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for her. 

I had texted Elise and asked if everything was ok. She responded that she was fine and needed me to pick up a prescription for nausea medication that the doctor prescribed for her. I hope it’s nothing too serious and just a stomach bug that will pass shortly. She would tell me if it was something more than that. 

I stopped by the in house pharmacy to pick up her medication. “I am here to pick up a prescription for Elise Bloomington.” I tell the lady at the counter. “Ah yes, let me go grab that for you.” the lady said to me as she walked off. The lady comes back a few minutes later with three prescription bags. “It’s going to be $53.29, are you paying with cash, credit card, or your medical badge?” I am taken back by the three prescriptions. Elise said it was just nausea medication. Why does she have three medications?” I asked the lady in a confused state.

“Ah, ok. One is Phenergan for nausea. Another one is a prenatal vitamin, and the third is an iron supplement.” The lady told me. Prenatal vitamins and an iron supplement? “Can you check again, make sure the prenatal vitamin and iron supplement is correct please?” I ask the lady. She types things on her computer. “Yes, Doctor Ahmed prescribed these medications for Elise Bloomington earlier today. I do have her name correct.” the lady told me. “Thanks. I will just put it on my card.” I responded as I paid and took the bags of medication. 

I walk out to the new car I bought for Elise. I picked up a nice Ecoboost Convertible Mustang. If she is pregnant, how is this car going to work out for her? She is going to need something practical. A mom vehicle. Why wouldn’t she tell me she was pregnant. I mean I already had my suspicions anyway. I find the car and get in to drive home. I can’t help but to ponder the pregnancy. Being a dad would make my world, especially having Elise’s baby. But having her baby could cause some serious risks. It could be dangerous for both Elise and the baby. 

The baby could have some serious medical issues. I wonder how far along she is. I could just call the clinic and find out but I don’t want to intrude on Elise’s privacy. I ponder all these questions on my way home. I pull into the driveway only to see the flickering of the television light on. Even the porch light was still off. Elise must’ve fallen asleep watching the television again. She always does. I enter quietly to find her asleep on the couch.

“Elise, baby girl.” I said in a soft tone still holding her prescriptions in my hand. “Hmmm” Elise moans. “Wake up baby girl.” I say as I walk closer to her, turning on the lights. “What time is it?” Elise asked as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. “It’s around 7 pm. Have you been sleeping this entire time?” I ask. “I guess?” Elise said as she shrugged her shoulders. “I got your medications.” I told her. “Medications? There is more than one nausea med?” she asked me. 

“No Elise, there is only one prescription for nausea. The other two are prenatal vitamins and an iron supplement.” I told her. Her face turned pale. I could tell she had no clue about the vitamins and supplements. “Why didn’t you tell me you were..” I said to Elise, but she cut me off and started crying. “Baby girl, you don’t have to cry. It’s going to be ok. I love you.” I told her. She sunk her head into my chest. 

“What if it’s Daves? I don’t want his baby. And if I do have his baby I don’t want him around it or me ever.” Elise whispered to me, still sobbing. “We don’t know that it’s his. Did they give you an estimate on how far along you were?” I asked her. “About 6 weeks gestational, so I would have conceived around the same time Dave raped me.” she said. I hug her tight and kiss the top of her head. “If it is his baby girl. I promised you I wouldn’t let him hurt you ever again. I’ll raise it as my own. No one would have to know the difference.”

Elise still has no clue I murdered Dave. Him being dead might be a blessing in disguise in this situation. He won’t ever find out she might be pregnant with his child. He was smart and would have been able to do the math. But if the baby is mine, and the baby had medical issues, it would also not be good. Elise stops crying and pulls her head off my chest. “Can I get a nausea pill please? I am feeling really sick but really hungry.” She asked. “Sure baby.” I help Elise up off the couch and we head to the kitchen where I get her a glass of water and hand her a pill.

I open the refrigerator and pull out some bread and cheese to make a grilled cheese for Elise. She needs something light on her stomach but she still needs to eat. When she is finished eating I walk her up to her room. “Would you like to take a shower?” I asked her. “I took one earlier when I got home.” she replied. “Would you like me to lay in bed with you?” I asked. She nodded her head yes. 

Elise snuggles up to me. I rubbed the side of her back as she slightly leaned towards me. “I am sorry you’re not feeling good. If there is anything I can do please let me know.” I told Elise. “I am really scared Caleb.” she said. “Don’t be. I will be here with you. I am not leaving you. If you want confirmation on who the father is we can do a NIPP blood test and I can send it to the lab privately myself if you would like. That way we both can get some peace of mind and figure out if we need to change how we move forward.” I told her. 

“Can we please?” Elise responded. “Yes baby girl. Did they schedule you a referral?” I asked her. “Yes, sort of. I go back in two weeks and if everything is ok they will send me to an OB/GYN.” she said. She paused and continued, “I am so tired. Why am I so tired all the time?” I chuckled a little bit before answering her. “You’re growing my baby inside of you. He is going to wear you out just like his daddy.” 

“Oh, so it’s a boy now?” she jokingly asks me. “Yes. It’s a boy. I said so.” I told her as I poked at her side. “And what are you going to do if it’s a girl?” Elise asked. “Be the best girl dad ever. I’ll even play dress up with her.” Elise starts to get drowsier from the nausea medication and finally closes her eyes for the rest of the night. I lay there beside her thinking. I totally forgot that I had a surprise for Elise. We got so caught up talking about the pregnancy that I forgot. 

I hope Elise likes it but now with a baby on the way, this might not have been the most practical vehicle I could have chosen for her. Either way we still have time to figure things out. When she wakes up tomorrow I’ll already be at work for the day. I guess I will let her figure it out in the morning. The Mustang in the driveway is hers. Maybe I could play a joke on her.

Chapter 15

Elise POV

I wake in the morning not feeling as sick as I did yesterday. Caleb is not in bed with me. He must have already left for work. I head downstairs to grab a banana and to see if his car is in the driveway. Maybe it’s my pregnancy hormones but I am really missing Caleb today. I just want him to hug me. I just want him to kiss me. I just want him to fuck me. I look out the window before heading to the kitchen. I do not see Caleb’s car but I do see another car.

I see a Mustang? What the fuck is this shit? I open the door and go outside. I walk over to the car and try to open the doors but it is locked. I go back inside to grab my phone only to see a note sitting on the kitchen counter and I walk over to it and pick it up and read it. 


~ Caleb

Then I see the keys. He got me a new car? When did this happen? Is a car seat going to fit in it? This is a Mustang. It’s a sports car. How did he afford this. All these questions running through my head. I head back upstairs to grab my phone to text Caleb and ask him what the meaning of this was. He has been acting very strange lately. Letting me drive his car and now a day later a new car for me shows up? 

Good morning Daddy. I found the surprise but why?

I texted him. I patiently waited for a message back but I did not get one. Caleb must be in surgery right now. I got myself cleaned up and dressed and took some more nausea pills and the vitamins the doctor gave me. My phone rings with a text notification but its not Caleb. It’s Sarah.

Hey. I know this is going to sound super weird but that Dr. Jackson guy stood me up. Has Caleb said anything?

With everything that has been going on lately I totally forgot that Sarah was trying to hook up with Dave. Caleb hasn’t told me of any run ins with Dave lately and I highly doubt he would anyways to not upset me. I pick up my phone to message Sarah back when the door knocks. I head downstairs to answer it. When I open the door it’s the same detective guy from the cottage. I thought to myself, “that’s strange.” 

“Can I help you?” I asked the detective. “Yes, I spoke with Doctor Dodson a couple of weeks ago about the death of his colleague Doctor Jackson. I was coming by with an update. Is Doctor Dodson home?” The man tells me. Death of Doctor Jackson? Dave is dead? Why didn’t Caleb tell me this? This has to be a mistake, correct? “He is at work right now, I can tell him you stopped by.” I told the detective as I was trying to usher him away. “And ma’am I didn’t catch your name.” he said to me. “Because I haven’t told you.” I told him but the nausea pills hadn’t kicked in soon enough and before I could spit out my name, I threw up on the detective. 

“Oh I am so sorry. I really do have to go now.” I said in a rushed voice with embarrassment and I slammed the door and ran back up to my bathroom. Once I was finished feeling sick I went back to bed. I totally forgot about the car, messaging Sarah back, or even anxiously waiting for Caleb to message me back about the surprise. 

I woke up several hours later to the front door opening and shutting. Caleb must be home. Oh shit I forgot to message Sarah back. But after the detective visited me this morning, I am not too sure how to even respond to her. I get out of bed and make my way downstairs when I see Caleb making his way up stairs. Damn he looks hot. Fuck my pussy is getting wet. It’s just the pregnancy hormones but I am desperately craving him and I’ve only laid eyes on Caleb for a few seconds today.

“Hey baby girl. I messaged you back but got no response. Were you sleeping?” He said to me as he got closer. “Yeah I got sick again earlier and fell asleep.” I told him. I moved closer to him and hugged him. He picked me up and carried me to my room. I know I should tell him that the detective came by looking for him, but right now all I want is him to fuck me. 

Caleb carefully places me on the bed and tries to get up. I pull on his collar to bring him closer to me. “Daddy I need you to fuck me.” I whisper seductively at him. “I got you baby girl.” he replied to me and gave me a smile. I watch him as he unbuttons his shirt, exposing more and more of his chest with every button he undoes. My heart is racing and my pussy is getting swollen and wet. “Hurry Daddy. My pussy is wet for you.” I told Caleb in a whiney voice. Caleb moves a little quicker getting undress before plopping down on the bed with me,

He rolls over on me and starts to kiss me passionately. “I needed you all day baby girl. I couldn’t stop thinking about you and how I wanted to fuck your tight juicy pussy.” Caleb told me. “MMM” I moan. Caleb inserts himself in me and thrusts slowly and deep. I can feel my pussy pulsate around his dick. I really wanted him to pound my pussy harder. “Harder Daddy, fuck me.” I scream out. “Yes baby girl.” he said back to me. 

Caleb starts thrusting in and out harder and harder. I become even more soaking wet. My legs are shaking and my body is feeling warm and flushed. I scream out in pleasure. “Don’t stop!” Caleb continues to pound my pussy until he cums deep inside of me. When he releases himself he lets out a moan. “Damn baby girl. Your pussy feels so good.” he told me.

Caleb rolls off of me and lays beside me. My bed is soaking wet from my pussy and we both are sweating. I laid there beside him and the both of us were staring up at my ceiling. This is probably not the best time to bring up the detective but now that my urges are gone, it’s something that needs to be discussed. Sarah was sure to message me again and sure to be angry with me if I did not respond to her. 

“Caleb, I have something to tell you.”, I said to him, “What is it baby girl?”, he responded. “The same man who came to the cottage to make sure everything was ok, came to the house today looking for you. He said that Dave was dead. He was mistaken, right?” I asked. Caleb gave out a sigh, rolled over towards me and placed his hand on my face putting some hair behind my ear. “I didn’t want to worry you or bring up any more negative feelings. The day we left the lake property they found Dave’s body. It seems he had a heart attack while driving home.” 

I give Caleb a shocked and concerned look. “I still don’t understand why you couldn’t tell me about that. Honestly, it might have made my life less stressful. Sarah messaged me about Dave ghosting her. I didn’t respond but I am going to have to.” I told him. “I am sorry baby. I really am. I don’t know what you are going to tell Sarah. Maybe not even tell her anything. Just say you don’t really know about my co-workers like that and maybe she will accept that as an answer. Also, what did the detective want. What did he say?” He told me.

“Just coming by to do a follow up I guess. I got sick standing there talking to him and I kind of threw up all over him and then rushed back inside. I didn’t even tell him my name. He asked but before I could respond to him, I got sick.” I replied. Caleb chuckled slightly and gave me a kiss on the forehead. “If he comes back again, you don’t have to talk to him or answer him, ok?” he told me. That is weird of Caleb to say. I mean I am not trying to hide anything. Maybe because I am pregnant and Caleb doesn’t want anyone to know the baby, maybe someone else’s? 

I have this strange feeling that he is still hiding something from me. “Ok Daddy.” I responded. We both lay in bed for a little while longer before getting up to clean up and heading downstairs for some dinner. “Can I sleep in your room tonight?” I asked him, It would delay me having to change my sheets right now. I am so tired all the time. “Yes, baby girl. Whatever you want.” I really like being in Caleb’s room. It smells like him and is comforting. 

“I have something to ask you baby girl, I don’t want it to upset you.” He said to me. “What is it?” I asked back. “Well, your mothers room hasn’t been touched since I’ve been here. And I don’t think you have even gone in it. I was wondering if you minded if I cleaned it out and turned that into a home office? That way I can do some of my work from home and be with you more.” He explained. He is right. I haven’t even opened her room to look in it. It has been too hard for me. All her things and stuff remain the same as it was the day she left to work.

“It’s probably time, Caleb. Can you just box her stuff up for me and put it in the garage or something. I am not ready to go through her things yet. Maybe one day. But I think it’s a wonderful idea. Do what you need to.” I told him. I loved the fact Caleb wanted to spend more time at home with me. When he first got here I admit I didn’t want him around me at all. I really didn’t like him but he grew on me and I love him. 

“Daddy?” I said to him softly as we both were dozing off. “Yes baby girl?” he asked. “I am horny again.” I chuckled at him. “Ok baby girl.” he says as he slips under the covers and pulls my panties off of me. He kisses my clit and starts to lick it. He moves his tongue inside of my pussy as he moans himself with tasteful pleasure. My legs begin to shake as he switches placing his tongue on my clit to inside of me. I scream out as I have an orgasm. He wipes his face off and lays down beside me.

“Don’t you want anything?” I ask. “No baby girl. Let’s get some rest. It is getting late.” he told me as he held me in his arms and we both fell asleep. 

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