Secrets Untold Chapters 16 to 20

Chapter 16

Elise POV

It’s been a few weeks and I still haven’t responded to Sarah. She probably thinks I fell off the face of the planet. Caleb is meeting me at the hospital today to get a blood test of the fetal cells so we can determine who really is the father of this baby that I am carrying. He has a friend who works in pathology who is going to personally test the samples so we can keep this whole thing a hush for right now. I am a little relieved I won’t have to accidentally bump into Dave anymore. 

Caleb hasn’t said much on the Dave situation. I think he just wants to forget he even existed, but now it seems like Caleb has taken up some more responsibilities and patients that Dave is not here. I don’t think they have filled his position at the hospital. I can tell Caleb is stressed sometimes when he comes home from work. He either shuts down or he fucks my brains out to relieve some stress. 

“Elise?” I hear my name being called from down the hall. I recognize the voice as Sarah’s. I turned around to see her charging towards me. Great. How am I supposed to face her? And to top it all off Caleb and I were on our way to the lab. I haven’t told anyone about my pregnancy. Luckily I am not showing yet. “Sarah!” I exclaimed back. Sarah finally caught up to Caleb and I. “Where are you two going? Why haven’t I heard from you in weeks Elise?” Sarah said to me as she interrogated me with what seemed like a million questions. 

Luckily Caleb stepped up to speak first with something witty. I about choked. “Hello, Sarah. We were just on our way to the lab. Elise is thinking about going to college in the medical field and I have a friend in the lab who has agreed to let Elise shadow him today. However, we are late getting there. I’ll make sure Elise texts you more often.” Whew, that was close and Caleb had a wonderful excuse to tell Sarah. “I am sorry Sarah, I’ll message you, but we really have to go.” I told her. “I will just walk with you,” Sarah said to us. “It’s really not that necessary,” Caleb responded. 

“Well, since you are here Doctor Dodson, I wanted to ask if you have seen Doctor Jackson around. He isn’t answering any of my messages and the receptionist keeps telling me she isn’t at liberty to disclose information.” Sarah blurted out. Caleb is on his toes quickly thinking again. “He doesn’t work here anymore. I can’t tell you any more information beyond that.” Caleb explained to Sarah. Sarah gave Caleb a disappointed facial expression. “Fine. Then Doctor Dodson, would you care to go on a date with me?” Sarah asked.

“Sarah, that would be highly inappropriate and unprofessional. I have to decline your offer,” he told her. We arrived at the lab with Sarah still in tow. “I am sorry Sarah, but we really have to go. I’ll call you.” I said to her as we opened the door to the lab and walked in. “Bye, I guess.” I heard Sarah say as the door to the lab closed behind us. “Wow, that was intense,” I whisper to Caleb. “Most definitely,” Caleb whispered back to me.

A man steps out of one of the rooms in the lab. He looks to be around the same age as Caleb. He has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. He is wearing green nursing scrubs. “Ahh, Caleb. I’ve been waiting on you.” he said to Caleb before turning to me and handing me his hand to shake. “You must be Elise?” he asked. I nod my head yes at him. “Come, right this way.” the man motions for us to follow him. We got into a room and the man motioned for me to sit in a chair.

“So John, remember, test it personally, do not enter it into the logs, and send me a copy of it as soon as you get it done please,” Caleb says to the man. The man, who I assume that his name is John because that’s what Caleb called him, takes my arm and preps it for a blood test. “Ouch!” I yipped at him. “Hold still, please, almost done.” The man says to me as he jabs a needle in my arm. When Caleb shot me up with some random surgical drug, it was at least gentle. “All done Elise.” The man said. “Your turn buddy,” he said to Caleb motioning for us to switch spots.

Caleb sat down and the man prepared his arm. Caleb didn’t flinch. Why did he have to be so rough with me? “All done man. I’ll work on this at lunch and let you know!” the man told Caleb. We head out to the door and Caleb tells me to wait outside a minute. A few moments later Caleb walks out. “Everything ok?” I asked him. “Yes, baby girl. I gotta get going to work. I’ll bring dinner home. Love you.” Caleb whispered in my ear. “I love you too,” I said back quietly. 

As I am walking back to my car I see Sarah. Shit. “Elise!” shit she saw me. “Sarah!” I said back to her. “I thought you were like interning or something. Why does it look like you had your blood drawn? What’s going on?” Sarah started interrogating me like an FBI detective. “Uh, yeah, the lab guy tried to teach me on myself how to draw blood and it made me feel sick so I am just going to come back another day,” I told her, as I am trying not to panic. I wasn’t as clever as Caleb.

“Well, do you want to hang out? I heard you went to homeschooling. What’s up with that.” Sarah asks. “Um sure, why not. Meet me at my house.” I responded. I get in my new car, which Sarah also has no clue about, and drive home. A few minutes later Sarah pulls up. She gets out of her car and walks up to me as I am also stepping out. “So, what’s this? It sure seems like a lot has changed,” she said to me in a snarky but curious voice. “Oh, it’s nothing. My old car died on me so I got a new one.” I told her. We both head inside. 

“Well, nothing has changed inside.” Sarah makes a comment. “Not really. I did allow Caleb to clean out my mother’s room for a home office. The boxes of her things are in the garage.” I explained to her. We walk over to the living room, sit down on the couch, and turn the television on. “So why did you decide to go to homeschool? Especially during your senior year?” Sarah asked. “I just wasn’t feeling it, ya know,” I replied. “And what about homecoming and prom? You’re going to miss those.” Sarah continued to ask questions. “It’s not really that important to me Sarah. And besides that, I don’t even have a boyfriend. I wouldn’t even have a date to those events.”

We watch tv in silence for a few minutes before Sarah turns to me and starts talking again. “So, since Doctor Jackson seems to be missing in action. What’s the deal with Caleb? Have you hooked up? Is he free game?” Sarah said as she glanced down at my hand. Oh shit. I forgot I was wearing my ring. The huge diamond ring Caleb got me for our engagement. I quickly move my hand under my leg. I still haven’t told Sarah. I am sort of feeling guilty, but at the same time, I don’t because it’s something personal. 

Sarah looks at me and continues to speak, “I already noticed the super huge rock on your finger. I noticed it earlier. So now you do have to spill the beans.” “There isn’t really much to say, Sarah. Aside from that, can you please keep this a secret for now?” I asked her. “Fine, sure, whatever. But I am disappointed you haven’t told me. You really haven’t told me much in a long time.” Sarah said to me. “I know Sarah, I am sorry. It’s just been really crazy lately.” and right there and then I get a bout of morning sickness.

I tried to hold it in as I quickly got up and ran to the kitchen garbage can. I started puking profusely and Sarah followed me. “Stomach bug again?” she said in a snarky voice. “Something like that,” I replied. “Oh Elise, what the fuck?” Sarah yells at me. “It’s Caleb’s right? It is, isn’t it? You naughty girl. Fucking Daddy.” Sarah proceeds to say to me as I am still hunched over the garbage can. I hear Caleb’s car pull into the driveway. Oh fuck.

I was trying to hurry up this sickness before he came inside but he was quicker walking into the house than I expected him to be. He finds me and Sarah in the kitchen. I am still semi puking my guts out. Sarah turns to him and starts speaking before he can even say a word. “Stomach bug?” she chuckled with one eyebrow raised. “Oh, how I have the pleasure to run into twice in one day.” Caleb said to Sarah, I finally finished and wiped my face off, head to think and grab myself a sip of water.

“Sarah, it’s probably time for you to get going now,” Caleb tells Sarah. “Oh, but the story was just getting so juicy,” she told him. “Sarah, you need to leave now,” Caleb told her in a firm voice. “Yes, Daddy,” she said in a mocking tone of voice. Why did I have to get sick like this all of a sudden? Sarah grabs her things and heads out the door. 

Caleb and I are both still in the kitchen. “I am so sorry. I was doing so well with the morning sickness and Sarah caught me in the hallway after I left the hospital, and she wanted to hang for a few. I didn’t see the harm in it and I randomly got sick.” I explained. “It’s ok. I am not mad. This is going to come out sooner or later anyway. I can’t expect you to hide a pregnancy and a baby forever.” he tells me in a reassuring voice. “You’re not angry with me?” I asked.

Caleb walked over to me. “No baby girl. I could never be angry with you,” he told me.  That was comforting to know that Caleb wasn’t angry with me. “I brought Chinese take-out home. Let’s eat and feed that baby of ours.” Caleb told me as he grabbed the boxes of food out of a bag and placed them on the kitchen island. “It looks so delicious,” I told him. We sat down and had a peaceful dinner. After dinner was done Caleb cleaned up the mess while I went to my room to listen to some music and work on my school work. 

I heard a faint knock on my door. I look up to see Caleb standing in the doorway. He is in his boxers and nothing else. “Well, that’s a distraction from all this school work,” I say to him. “A good distraction?” he asked. “Why yes. You should come over here and distract me some more.” I told him as I motioned for him to come closer to me. Caleb comes over to the bed and plops down beside me. “This shit is so stupid,” I complained to Caleb about an assignment I was trying to finish up. 

“You should put that assignment away for right now and let me teach you a few things,” Caleb said to me as he grabbed me closer to him pushing my laptop to the side. We start kissing. I place my fingers on the top of his chest and circle them around his pecks. I rub my finger on top of his tattoo. “Hey, Caleb? What do these dates mean?” I asked curiously. Caleb looks at me with a sorrowful expression. I saw this expression and said to him, “I am sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.” “No, It’s ok Elise. That’s the date of my father’s birthday and the day of his death.” He responded.

Chapter 17

Caleb POV

This has been an extremely stressful day. First thing this morning I took Elise to the lab at the hospital so my old pal John in pathology could run a DNA test for us. He owes me big. We also went to college together and I helped him out a lot on his assignments. When John got done drawing our blood I had asked Elise to wait outside for a few moments while I stayed back and talked to John. “Hey John, can you have those results emailed to me?” I asked. “Sure thing.” John replied.

Before leaving I had asked him one last question. It was risky but I had to know for certain. I mean I have no doubts on what the answers would reveal but this was my only chance to officially know. Oh fuck I shouldn’t even be thinking about this. I just got home and I noticed  Sarah’s car parked outside the house. I walk in to find Elise puking her guts out again. I feel bad for her. I possibly caused this and even if the baby isn’t mine, it was my fault Dave raped her.

Sarah makes some snarky comments to me when she sees me. I had enough of her for one day so I asked her to leave. Elise and I ate dinner and I let her go up to her room to finish some of her school work. I jumped in the shower real quick. I turned on the water and let it hit my face and slide down my stomach. I couldn’t help but think of Elise while I was there. Even hunched over a garbage can puking, she is so sexy. I felt my cock get hard. It’s throbbing so I start to stroke it while thinking of Elise. 

I stroke my cock for a little while longer before I can’t take it anymore. I need the real thing. I need Elise’s tight pussy wrapped around it. I get out of the shower throw some boxers on and make my way up to Elise’s room. I give a few knocks before entering. She is working on her school work and seems very frustrated with it. She calls me over to sit beside her. I am really horny. She looked so cute being frustrated. I pushed her laptop to the side and started kissing her. 

She stops the kissing and asks me questions about the tattoo I have on my chest. It’s in memory of my father. He was a single dad. He had me while he was still a senior in highschool. He worked hard to provide for the both of us and always encouraged me to do the best I could. I know he was proud of me. I worked really hard with him by my side. 

“I am sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.” Elise said to me. “No, It’s ok Elise. That’s the date of my father’s birthday and the day of his death.” I responded. I really haven’t told Elise much about me but I know plenty about her. I still lay in bed at night looking through her social media. She hasn’t posted much like she used to. Sometimes she will post her food or a picture of her feet by the pool. Pre her mothers death it was all about school clubs and friends. 

Well, if this conversation wasn’t a mood killer then I don’t know what else could. I still really wanted to make love to Elise. My cock was getting hard and I felt it pulsate again. “Shhh, just kiss me.” I told her. I cupped her cheek in my hand and started kissing Elise again. The day was turning dark rather quickly on us and her lights were off. The only light shining in was the faint lights from the pool deck downstairs. I slowly lay her down on her back and straddled myself on her while still kissing her.

I grabbed both of her wrists and held them above her head with my left hand and took my right hand and grabbed her breast with it. “Mmm Daddy, I like this.” Elise said to me. I continue to kiss her for just a little while longer. While still holding her wrists above her head I pull down Elise’s shorts taking her panties with it. I release her wrists as I also take off my boxers. I quickly grab her wrists again as I insert my throbbing cock into her wet juicy pussy. I thrust in and out slowly. I only see a silhouette of her body from her darkened by the night room. 

Elise let out subtle moans as I continued to hold her down while thrusting in and out of her pussy. “This feels so good Daddy,” she said to me. “Does it baby girl?” I asked while whispering. She moans, “Mmm hmm” at me. I continue to thrust slowly in and out of her until I feel my balls shrink up as I release my load inside of her. It’s not like I can get her pregnant again. 

When I was done I rolled off of her and kissed her forehead. “Ouch!” Elise screamed. “What’s wrong baby girl?” I asked. “My stomach is cramping,” she replied. I quickly get up and turn the lights on. I look down and see some blood on my cock. I rush over to check on Elise. Elise is wanting to tear up because of the pain but she holds it back. “We have to get you to the hospital, baby girl,” I told her. I helped her get dressed quickly and we rushed out the door. 

Elise POV

“Elise Bloomington?” a nurse calls out. Caleb helps me up to follow the nurse. We enter an exam room and the nurse motions for me to sit in the bed. She gets my vitals. “So what exactly brings you in today?” the nurse asked me. “I am about 9 weeks pregnant and I started to bleed.” The nurse looks at me in confusion. “And is this the father of the child?” the nurse asked. “I am her legal guardian,” Caleb stepped up and said before I could even respond. “Mmmhmm” the nurse replied as she types things into her computer. 

“I will have to get some blood work and you need to give us a urine sample. The doctor will be in shortly.” She tells me as she hands me a cup. I went to the bathroom to give them my sample and when I returned to the room another nurse was waiting for me to draw my blood. “Looks like a vampire already got you today.” the second nurse said to me. “Yes, I had some pregnancy blood work done earlier this morning.” I told them. The nurse takes my blood sample and leaves the room. I am still cramping. About 30 minutes later a doctor walks in. 

“Hey, Doctor Dodson.” the doctor said to Caleb. “Hey.” he replied with an oh shit expression. “And you must be our patient, Elise?” the doctor said to me. I nodded my head yes. “Well it seems I have some bad news to tell you.” he told us. My heart sank. I know what is coming next. “The pregnancy is not viable. Have you been having complications?” The doctor spit out. “Yes, she’s been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum for several weeks now.” Caleb told the doctor. I didn’t even know it had a name aside from severe morning sickness. 

“That would explain it. Sometimes with HG, it can carry a higher risk of miscarriage.” the doctor explained to me. The doctor continued to speak, “You weren’t far along enough in your pregnancy to require a D and C and this does not increase your risk of future miscarriages. I will prescribe you some medicine for the pain. If you have iron supplements I suggest taking them until the bleeding is over.” I start to tear up. 

“Would you like me to send the prescription to the hospital’s pharmacy or would you like me to send it elsewhere?” the doctor asked. Caleb spoke up as I was crying. “You can just send it here.” “Ok then, I will have the nurse bring in the discharge papers and you are free to leave after that.” the doctor told us. The doctor leaves the room. Caleb comes over to me and hugs me. “It’s ok baby girl. It will be ok. I love you.” 

The nurse comes in with our papers and we head out. We stopped at the hospital’s pharmacy to grab my medication before heading home. I am completely numb. We rode the whole way home in silence. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about being pregnant in the first place, but now it seems like a part of me is missing. I just want to slip away into the darkness and never wake up from this horrible nightmare that I have been having this past year and a half. 

When we arrive home, Caleb helps me inside and up to my room. “Do you want to take a shower and clean up?” he asked me. “No, I just want to sleep.” I told him. I get into bed. “Can I just be left alone please?” I asked. “Sure baby girl. I”ll be downstairs if you need me.” he said in a caring tone of voice. I nodded my head ok. Caleb shut off my light as he exited my bedroom. 

Caleb POV

We just got home from the hospital. I really hoped it wasn’t a miscarriage but it was. I see death every day, but when it’s something close to you, it hits you differently. Elise asked to be alone and I understand that. I just wish I could hold her for the night. I reassured her that everything was going to be ok and I would be downstairs if she needed anything. It’s extremely late and I have to be at work in several hours. There is no way I am going to get any rest anytime soon.

I head into my office to organize some things there. If I can’t sleep at least this is a good way to occupy my time and keep my mind busy.  Elise knows that I want to work from home more and that is why we set up this home office. What she doesn’t know is I was planning on starting my own general practice. The hospital is going to allow me to keep my surgical residency for my patients and give me support in my general practice. The hospital is even going to give me a grant to start. 

The light of the day is starting to shine through the windows and I look down at my watch. It is almost 7:30 am. I head upstairs to check on Elise. I knock gently. There was no answer. I quietly open the door and peer in. Elise is still sleeping. She looked peaceful. I don’t want to disturb her, but I do have to go to work. I walk over to her and give her a small peck on the cheek before leaving. 

I am extremely distracted at work today. My mind is in a million places and I have a surgical consultation on a lung transplant. I head to the conference room to only find that Ashley is there. “What are you doing here?” I asked her. “Why hello to you too?” she said to me. I shrug my head and shoulders with question. “Doctor Howard has been hired to replace Doctor Jackson.” my surgical director spoke up. I let out a sigh. “Well, let’s get on with this case then. We have a 40 year old female patient. Non-smoker. She has severe cystic fibrosis and is otherwise healthy. All her bloodwork came back within normal values.” 

After about an hour of discussing the case, my team and I came up with a plan for the surgery and set a date. Before leaving Ashley stops me. “I am glad we get to be working together. Just like old times in the lab at college…. Doctor Dodson.” Ashley says to me. “Ashley, I am engaged, you know that. Also you are my colleague now. Our relationship is nothing more than business.” I responded back to her as I exited the conference room. Ashley gave me a discontent look. “Fine, whatever.” she replied as she left as well.

This brings in a whole new dynamic. Do I even tell Elise that Ashley was hired to replace Dave? I know that Elise would not be happy with that, however I am not in charge of hiring. And it wouldn’t be much time working with her as I plan on starting my practice at the beginning of the year. I don’t think I am going to worry Elise with this information just yet. She’s been through a lot and with the misscarriage it just might set her off on the wrong path mentally. 

While walking to my car to go home I see John. He stops me. “I emailed you those results,” he said. “Thanks, but Elise had a miscarraige last night.” I told him back. “Well, either way, if you want to know, check your email.” John said. “Thanks man. I appreciate it.” I told him as I shook his hand. 

My phone dings and I look down to find a text message from Elise.

Hey Daddy, I am ok. Can you bring me home some chocolate ice cream please? I invited Sarah over for the night. Please don’t be angry.

Great Sarah. I thought in a sarcastic tone. I can’t be selfish with Elise though. If she wanted Sarah over, if it’s going to be mentally ok for her then I cannot deny her company. I responded to her text message.

Sure baby girl. I will bring you a huge tub of ice cream. I am walking to my car now, I’ll be home soon.

When I get home Sarah is already there and they are up in Elise’s room. “Hey Elise.” I say as I knock on her door. You could hear the girls rustle around and make squealing sounds. I try to open the door but the door is locked. “Hold on!” Elise shouts from the otherside of the door. When she finally opened it, the smell of weed hit me. “Elise.?” I say to her in a stern voice. She starts giggling. “Please don’t make this a habit. I haven’t been to sleep since yesterday. I am going to go lay down ok baby?” I told her in disappointment. I know I shouldn’t be too angry that she is smoking because I did shoot her up with Ketamine to have sex before. 

I was sound asleep for a few hours when I was woken up. I felt a hand holding my cock and rubbing it. “Mmmm” I said out loud. “Shhh.” I heard in response. My cock begins to get hard and the tip of my head is sensitive. The hand continues to stroke it faster. Then the hand turned into a mouth devouring my cock hole. Hitting my head on the back of the throat. I can’t believe after Elise just had a miscarriage 24 hours ago she is giving me head. 

I place my hand on the back of her head. “Elise, baby girl, suck it good for Daddy,” then the sucking stopped. “It’s not Elise Daddy.” I heard Sarah speak. I quickly sat up pushing Sarah off of me. “What the fuck are you doing here?” I shouted. “Keep your voice down. I figured since Elise was clearly out of commission that you would still have needs to be met.” Sarah said to me. “Sarah, get the fuck out.” I say. Sarah does not move. “NOW!” I scream at her. My loud tone of voice must have woken Elise up as she barges in to find my cock still exposed and Sarah in my room in nothing but her underwear. 

Elise POV

I hear Caleb screaming “Get the fuck out.” from downstairs. I woke up and I did not see Sarah in my room. I rushed downstairs and to Caleb’s bedroom. When I walked in I saw Sarah half naked and Caleb’s dick exposed. What the fuck was going on here. “What the fuck is going on?” I shouted at Sarah. Of course this is exactly like her to pull this bullshit. “Caleb invited me to his room after you fell asleep. I was just doing whatever Daddy wanted me to.” Sarah said. Caleb looked at me in shock. “Woah, I did not. I swear. I thought she was you.” He told me.

I believed Caleb. Sarah had me infurious. I charged towards Sarah and gave her one good swing. I knocked her out cold. Sarah laid there unconscious. I looked down at her and then looked back up at Caleb with concern. Caleb quickly got himself dressed and kneeled to the floor to check Sarah’s vitals. I pace back and forth clenching my fist and rubbing my knuckles. “Elise, she isn’t breathing.” Caleb told me. “Do something, you’re a doctor. Fix her!” I scream at him. Caleb starts to perform CPR. Suddenly Sarah starts to grasp for air.

“Oh thank God.” I said as I am still pacing the floor. “Sarah, look at me.” Caleb tells her as he snaps his fingers in her face. “Hi hot stuff.” Sarah said in a dazed manner. Annoyed that was the first thing she said, I said, “Oh for fuck sakes Sarah, I should have let you die.” Caleb helps Sarah sit up. “Mmm Doctor. You saved my life.” Sarah spoke again. “Sarah, stop playing games.” Caleb told her. “As soon as you become fully conscious you need to leave Sarah.” I told her in an angry tone. 

Caleb takes some things out of his medical bag. He shines a light in her eyes and takes some vitals. “She’s going to be ok because she faked not breathing,” he said. Sarah gets up still half naked and rushes out the door to her car. Caleb walks over to me and hugs me. “Baby girl. I am so sorry. I was asleep and I honestly thought it was you. I told her to leave as soon as I realized it wasn’t you.” he told me. “I know Daddy. I heard you yelling at her.” I replied back. He hugged me even tighter. We stood there for a few minutes embraced in eachothers arms. 

Chapter 18

Elise POV

It’s almost Christmas time. This will be the second Christmas without my mother. Last year I didn’t even decorate. This year is a little different. I was somberly excited. Last month I picked up a few shifts at a local diner. I have been saving money to buy a gift for Caleb. After all, it is fair. He bought us a cottage on a lake this summer and he bought me a new car. I haven’t seen or talked to Sarah since that night where she pulled her little stunt. I could care less if I ever see her again.

Caleb has also been prepping his home office. Last week we went out to dinner where he told me the good news. After the first of the year he will be home almost full time seeing patients in his home office and only going to the hospital for procedures. I liked the idea I would see him more. I am almost done with my senior year. I have also been working super hard to get ahead. I will be done next month which is a needed mental bonus. 

Caleb is taking these two weeks off in order to finish things up around here before he sees his first client after the new year. I see him downstairs drinking a cup of coffee at the kitchen island and reading over some paperwork. I walk over to him and wrap my arms around him from behind and whisper happily into his ear. “Hey, Daddy. I think it’s time.” He turns around to look at me with his eyes wide. Caleb and I have not had sex since my miscarriage. I’ve long craved him but I have been afraid. I am not afraid today. 

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” he asked me. I nod my head yes at him. He stands up and picks me up. I wrap my legs around his waist. We start kissing. He places me on the kitchen island knocking over his cup of coffee. He starts heavily kissing me as he caresses my breasts. He pulls my pants off of me, taking my panties with them and leans me backward down on the island. He bends down and places his tongue on my clit and starts licking it. 

He then sticks his fingers inside of my vagina thrusting them in and out while he is still licking on me. “Mmm baby girl. You taste so good,” he said to me. “Mmm Daddy, this feels so good,” I replied. Caleb continues to thrust multiple fingers in and out, stretching my tight pussy. I am so wet right now I can feel myself drip. Caleb pulls his fingers out and unbuckles his belt and slips down his pants and boxers. He pulls me up and slides me to the edge.

He grabs the back of my head as he sticks his dick inside of me. I wrap my legs around him pulling him closer to me. He thrusts his dick hard back and forth. He takes one of his hands, the same one he had stuck in my pussy and opens my lips, sticking his fingers that are soaked with my pussy juice inside of my mouth. “Mmm fuck baby girl. Your pussy feels so good.” Caleb said to me. Caleb then grabs my hips and moves them back and forth as he thrusts his hard dick inside of me. He pounds the fuck out of my pussy. I whimper in pleasure. 

“Please don’t stop Daddy. Fuck me harder!” I scream as Caleb continues to pound me super hard. “I am not going to stop baby girl,” he replied in a seductive tone. We both are moaning super loud when we hear a knock at the front door. “Fuck!” he said to me. He continues for a few more thrusts and the door knocks again. “We will be right there!” Caleb shouted. Caleb thrusts in and out of me a few more times before I felt his dick twitch inside of me from cumming.

He quickly pulls his pants on and heads to the door. I jump off the kitchen island and pull my pants up as well. I adjust myself to look normal. I walk to the front door hallway to see Ashley standing inside my house. What is she doing here? I heard them talking. “I just came by to drop off some paperwork from the hospital and to check out your new office.” Ashley said to Caleb. “Thanks Ashley but I am rather busy currently.” he told her. She looked him up and down noticing his clothes were in disarray. “I can tell.” Ashley replied snarkily. 

“Are you coming to the Christmas party this weekend?” she asked him. “I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet.” he replied to her. Ashley noticed me standing behind Caleb and gave me a quick glance. She places a finger on Caleb’s shirt collar. “You should most definitely think about coming.” Ashley told him in a seductive voice. Caleb pushes her hand off of him. “I think you should leave now Ashley.” he told her. “Fine.” she said as she stormed out the door angry that Caleb rejected her advances.

Caleb turns around to see me standing behind him. “What was that about? Why is Ashley in town?” I asked in a confused state. “She was just dropping off papers from the hospital.” he replied to me. “Um, why would she be doing that?” I questioned some more. “So, they just hired her to fill Dave’s position,” he told me. “I see.” I replied with a disgusted attitude. I turn to walk away when Caleb gently grabs my arm and turns me to face him, 

“Hey baby girl. I am not going to be really working with her if that’s what the attitude is about. Remember? I am starting my own practice?” he said. “Yeah, but why didn’t you tell me?” I asked with hurt in my voice. Caleb takes his fingers and cups my chin between them and gives me a kiss. “Caleb, it’s not the time to be all cute.” I told him. “Baby, look. It’s not a big deal. I wasn’t in charge of hiring her and I had no clue she had even applied for the position. She means nothing to me and I don’t even think about her, so I didn’t even think to say anything to you. I love you.” he said to me in a reassuring tone.

“Now, we really need to go clean up the mess we made in the kitchen.” he chuckled as he glanced over noticing the spilt coffee. “I guess so,” I said as I followed him into the kitchen. I was so aggravated that Ashley interrupted our time. At least Caleb got off. All it did was make me crave him more. After my miscarriage, Caleb wrote me a prescription for birth control. We both thought it would be best at this time. It could be the added hormones but I feel myself craving him and his dick inside of me all the time, even though I haven’t made a move until today. 

Most of the time while I am in the shower, I just touch myself. I try to get the same feeling that Caleb gives me when he does it to me. I am never successful. I get close, but the feeling just dies off right before I am about to cum. Sometimes I wonder if Caleb jacks off thinking of me. I wonder what he thinks about when he jacks off or even if he does. He hasn’t said anything to me and I haven’t said anything to him about it either. 

After we cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, I asked Caleb to help me get some boxes of Christmas decorations out of the garage. My mother’s things are still in there and I still can’t bring myself to look at it all. Caleb obliges and stacks up boxes of stuff for me to unpack and hang up around the house. He even helps me set up my tree. “Baby girl? I really do have to get some of this paperwork done. Are you going to be ok handling all this by yourself?” he asked me. “Yes Daddy. I got it. Go do what you need to so I can spend more time with you.” I told him. Caleb whisked off to his office. 

A couple of hours have passed and I am almost done decorating the house and the tree. Caleb comes out of his office. “Hey, do you want to go get something to eat?” he asked me. I raised my eyebrow at him. “You sure have something I would like to eat.” I said back to him as I slightly chuckled. “Oh really?” he said with a smirk on his face. “I am almost done here.” I told him as I motioned towards the tree. Caleb helped me finish decorating.

When we were done, I rushed upstairs to get cleaned up and dressed properly. I pulled out a cute little red dress. I stripped down to my bra and panties and stood in front of the mirror. I held the little red dress up to my body looking at myself. I glance behind me and see my phone on the bed. I picked my phone up and opened my camera. I took a few photos of me holding up the red dress in the mirror. Trying to get a better angle I accidentally dropped the dress. The camera is still open and I look at myself again through the screen, standing there in my bra and panties. 

I snapped a few photos of myself. Still standing there I unsnapped my bra and let it hit the ground. I took a couple more photos of myself topless. I felt stupid taking these photos but at the same time a little naughty. These are my photos for me, for my eyes only. 

When I was done I found Caleb in his office. The door was slightly ajar and I gave it a few subtle knocks. “Come in.” I heard him say. He looks up from his laptop at me. “Hey baby girl. Are you ready?” Caleb asked me. I nod my head yes. He closes his laptop, sets down a stack of paperwork, and stands up. “So where are we going?” I asked. “If you must know, I scored last minute dinner theater tickets,” he told me. “Ooo, sounds fancy,” I replied. 

While we were sitting down eating dinner, I asked Caleb about the Christmas party that I heard Ashley make mention of. “So, Christmas party?” I said as I raised my eyebrow. “Yeah, they throw it every year. Don’t you remember me going to it last year?” Caleb responded. “Uh, this time last year was a little rough for me and we were not where we are today.” I said back. “Yeah, I guess that’s right. I really don’t feel like going.” he told me. “Why not?” I asked. “Because, I can’t take you there as my date just yet.” 

Oh there is another reminder that I am still 17 and Caleb is 23. I hope the rest of this year will just hurry up. Caleb and I also talk about wedding plans. We both agreed that we didn’t want anything fancy. Since Sarah pulled her stunt I don’t even have a maid of honor or bridesmaids. I’ve pretty much given up on friends. I do have one co-worker at the diner I talk to a little bit but she is older. 

We finish eating as the show starts. It’s a mystery murder show. It is somewhat like the game of Clue. There was a cast of characters stuck in a room. One of them died and it was left to the audience to vote on who the murderer was. Caleb and I guessed Mr. Brown. We were correct. Our prize was a t-shirt and free dessert, a piece of chocolate cake that we shared. 

When dinner was over we headed home. Caleb, like a gentleman, opened my car door for me. I put my hand on top of Celebs as he shifted his car in and out of gear. I am so turned on by it. Watching the muscles flex in his arm as well as feeling them. My mind wanders off in a dreamy bliss. How he uses those same muscles when he grabs me closer to him or how he uses those same muscles when he has his fingers inside of me. I feel my panties becoming slightly wet. Also Ashley interrupted us this morning so, I am still a bit horny from earlier today,

Caleb must have seen my daydream stare off into space. He smirked at me briefly before speaking. “You ok baby girl? Earth to Elise.” he said. I snapped out of it rather quickly. “Yeah. Why?” I asked. “You’re just staring off into space is all.” he replied. I smile at him. “I’m sorry,” I said. “No need to be sorry. What’s going through your head?” Caleb asked. I start to laugh a little bit. “Nothing important.” 

“Oh really? Nothing important? Why are you laughing?” Caleb asked in a curious playful manner. “I am just thinking about how much I love you and how much I want you right now. Like right now.” I told him. Caleb quickly pulls over in an empty parking lot. “Like right now, right now? Or like when we get home right now?” he asked. “I would love it right now but I understand we need to be home to do that.” I responded. Caleb puts the car into gear, lifts the emergency brake and shuts the car engine off leaving the car on auxiliary power to have the radio playing quietly in the background.

“What are you doing?” I was confused. “Oh, I thought you said you wanted it like right now..” he said in a joking but serious at the same time tone. “Here? In your car? In a parking lot?” I asked. He nods his head yes. He unbuckles his seat belt and reaches over to unbuckle mine. “Well, there isn’t much room in here.” I said. “Shhh..” he responded, whispering to me. Caleb perches himself up on his seat and reaches over me even further. He grabbed the front handle on the seat and slid it all the way back. 

He then makes his way over to the passenger door and sticks his hand between the door panel and seat. I quickly reclined backwards. Caleb looks at me. “See, plenty of room,” he said. I bite the bottom of my lip slightly in anticipation of the next moves he would be making. Caleb climbs on top of me. He starts to kiss me heavily, running his hands up and down my chest and stomach. He reaches down and lifts up the bottom of my dress exposing my panties. He then slides my panties off and places his thumb on my clit and begins to rub it.

I slide down a little more and place my feet on the dash of the car. Caleb then unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants and exposes himself to me before sticking his dick inside my wet pussy. “Mmm,” I whimper in pleasure. Caleb thrusts his dick back and forth in and out of me. “Plenty of room.” Caleb whispered in my ear. I’ve been wanting more of him since this morning and the thought of him fucking me all day had made me even more wetter than usual. “This feels so good Daddy.” I said to him.

“Does it baby girl? Daddy’s gonna fuck you so hard. I want you to cum all over my cock,” he said to me. Caleb released his load and continued to pound my pussy until he was satisfied I had enough. Caleb reached in the back seat of his car where he had some leftover clothes from when he needed to change at work and handed me a shirt. I clean myself up and we head home. 

Caleb POV

After a busy day helping Elise decorate the house and doing some paperwork, I had taken Elise on a last minute date to a dinner theater. On the way home, I pulled my car over and fucked her brains out. Fucked her right in my car in the middle of a parking lot. The excitement and thrill was amazing and I was so turned on by the entire experience. By the time we got home Elise was exhausted. I walked her to her room and kissed her good night. I had to run back outside to clean up the mess from sex. I didn’t want anything to stain the seat of my car. 

I opened the door and all I could smell was Elise. Her sweet tasting pussy and hot wild sex. My cock got hard just thinking about the night’s events and what had just recently unfolded right here in this seat. As I was attempting to dry off my passenger seat I looked down to notice Elise left her phone between the seat and the center console. I picked it up and looked at it. I click the power on button. Her home screen was a cute photo of some random cartoon dog. Elise didn’t have a password. 

I should respect Elise’s privacy but I couldn’t help myself. I opened her phone up and looked in her photo gallery. I saw she had taken a few photos from earlier today while she was getting ready for our date. My mind started to wonder why she took these photos. Was she planning on sending them to someone? Sending them to me? Keeping them for herself? I quickly closed her gallery and shut off her phone. I finished doing what I needed to in my car, grabbed her phone and headed inside for the rest of the night.

As I laid in bed, I was wishing that Elise was in bed beside me. I remembered I still had her phone. I turned it back on and opened her photo gallery again to those photos. I stared at her looking at herself in the mirror. Topless, her breasts so perfect and perky. I reached my other hand under my covers and under the top of my boxers. I started to stroke my cock and I felt it get harder. I continued to stroke it until I came again all while looking at the photo of Elise on her phone. 

Chapter 19

Caleb POV

It was a quarter past 8:00 am. I was just finishing up some paperwork and organizing my medical books when my phone alerted me of an incoming text message. I look down and it’s from my surgical director. 

Doctor Dodson, I hope you are well. As you know we have our annual Christmas Gala this evening. This year’s Most Outstanding Surgeon award is being given to you. We would be greatly honored for you to receive it. Looking forward to seeing you later.

With all the craziness this past week with doing the final touches on my office, I totally forgot about the Christmas party. I wasn’t even looking forward to going and I honestly wasn’t even planning on it. However, now that I received this message and I am being honored, I guess I will have to make an appearance. 

“Elise?” I called. “Elise, can you come in here please.” I called again. I heard a faint knock at the door. “Come in.” I say as I motion my hand towards me. “Yes Daddy?” she said to me. “So, slight change of plans. Remember that Christmas party?” I asked Elise. She nods her head yes. “Well, my surgical director just messaged me and told me that I am up for an award this evening. So it looks like we will be going.” I explained. Elise’s face lit up in excitement as she was proud of me.

“Well, that’s great but I don’t have anything to wear to such an event.” she said to me. I open up my desk drawer and pull out my wallet. I open my wallet and find a credit card. I handed her the card. “Here baby girl. Go into town and get yourself something. No limit on the card. Get whatever you want.” I told her. She looked at me in confusion for a few minutes. “I can’t take this from you.” she said as she tried to push my card back my way. “It’s ok baby girl. If we are going to be married anyways, it’s yours. Go get yourself something nice.” I replied as I forced her to take my card.

Elise reluctantly obliged as she exited my office. I finish up my day before getting ready myself. Elise comes home with some bags from the mall. I don’t mind however much she spends. She’s been through a lot and she rarely asks for anything. I am happy to make her happy. “How was your day? Did you get anything nice?” I asked her as she walked in the door. She shook her head yes. “Yes, thank you,” she said in return.

“May I see?” I asked curiously. “Nope, not until I’m ready,” she said as she took her bags and bounced up the stairs. I continue to get myself ready when I notice the time. “Elise? Are you almost done? We have to get going.” I shout from downstairs. “Be there in a minute!” Elise shouted back. 

A few minutes later I see Elise walking down the stairs. She is wearing a gorgeous emerald green satin dress that flowed down to the ground. It had rhinestone straps and a slit up to about mid thigh. She had a matching chiffon shawl and sequined black heels. Her hair was neatly in a bun with a pearl clip. She looked amazing. I stood there staring at her beauty. “Cat got your tongue?” Elise said as she smiled at me. I walked closer to the base of the stairs and held my hand out for her to take it. 

When we got to the Hotel that the Christmas Gala was being hosted at, I pulled into Valet. We got out of the car and headed inside. Ashley was at the door booth handing out name and table tags. She must have gotten assigned door duty because she is still new to the hospital. “Oh Caleb, I am glad you made it.” She said. Ashley glanced at Elise and I caught her rolling her eyes at Elise. “Here is your tag. I didn’t know you were bringing your plus 1.” Ashley said in a snotty voice. 

Ashley gets a tag out and literally writes Plus 1 on it then hands it to Elise. Elise takes the tag and looks at it then at me. I pull in closer to Elise and put my arm around her backside. “You don’t have to wear that.” I whisper in her ear. We walked further inside and found our table and sat down. My director approached our table. “Doctor Dodson. Congratulations. I am so glad you made it.” he said to me as he held his hand out to shake mine. My director looks at Elise and speaks again. “You must be Elise. We’ve heard so much about you. You look gorgeous.” he told her. Elise nods her head in approval. 

My director walks off to make his rounds greeting people. A server stops by to take our food order and to serve glasses of champagne. I allow Elise to have a glass. I look at her as she is being handed a glass. “Just one Elise. I mean it.” I said to her. “Yes sir,” she responded with a slight smirk as she held her glass up. She looked so gorgeous. 

I should have realized that Ashley would have been sitting beside us as she came over and sat in the other seat beside me. “So Caleb, you look very nice and handsome tonight.” Ashley said to me. I nod thanks in a disinterested way. I turn to face Elise ignoring Ashley. I place my hand on Elise’s left thigh. Our food finally arrives and we eat. After we got done eating, I stand up and asked Elise to join me as I made my rounds greeting other people. 

After spending around thirty minutes greeting my other colleagues, the director takes the stage. We all silence and stand there watching him. “Greetings Doctors and Nurses and Friends and Family.” he said as he held a glass of champagne up in the air with one hand and held a microphone in the other. “Happy Holidays and Congratulations to another successful year of caring for our patients and saving lives.” the director pauses, “This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for all year and all night. We are going to honor some of the staff that have made a huge difference in our department this year.”

The director calls out several names as people clap and those people walk up to get their award. Finally my name is called. “Doctor Caleb Dodson, for Our VIP award of the Most Outstanding Surgeon of the Year. Doctor Caleb Dodson has performed 459 surgeries this year of which 299 of them were life saving.” the director continues. The crowd claps and smiles at me as I walk up to the stage. The director continues. “He has faced adversity this year including the death of his colleague and close friend Doctor David Jackson. Congratulations, Doctor Caleb Dodson.” 

I got up on the stage where the director handed me a plaque. I smiled and waved at the clapping crowd. “Thank you everyone. I am very honored to receive this.” I said to the crowd of my colleagues. The director begins to speak again. “As some of you know, Doctor Dodson is semi-leaving us to pursue his dream of opening his own practice. We wish you well on your future medical endeavors.” The director hands me an envelope. I opened it.

Inside is a check. The check is for $20,000. “A few of us pooled together and would like to donate this to you to help get you started.” the director told me and everyone else. I start to tear up. “Thank you everyone, this was not necessary, but I am very appreciative.” I said to everyone as I walked off the stage. Holding the envelope and plaque in my hand I walk back to Elise as people are greeting me and shaking my hand on the way. 

I approach Elise, who is standing there with a smile on her face. She looked so proud of me. The way she smiled turned me on and my heart sank into my cock. “Congratulations Doctor.” Elise said to me. I moved in closer to her and kissed her on the lips in front of everyone. “Thank you.” I said as I pulled my lips away from her. A few of my close colleagues who were standing near us started to clap and smile in awe.

As we were finishing up our night and about to leave Elise said she needed to use the restroom. She left and I went out to get the car. Tonight couldn’t have gone any better. I am really glad I have the support of my colleagues and most importantly the support of Elise. 

Elise POV 

Caleb informed me of a last minute evening change. I guess we are going to this Christmas party afterall. Caleb handed me a credit and I am still not too sure how I feel about it. He told me I had no limit. I am not the type of person to just frivolously spend money and I know we are getting married but it still feels weird. I get weekly allowances from my mothers estate but it’s not very much. Just enough to cover personal expenses and gas. 

There is a little boutique downtown near where the diner I work at is, that I stopped at, that often sells homecoming and prom dresses. I stopped there first. I had gotten lucky as the owner there told me she just got a holiday dress in. I am waiting in the boutique when I see Ashley enter the store. Ashley walks up to me. “Oh, what are you doing here?” Ashley asked. “Nothing really. Just doing a little shopping.” I responded.

The owner came back out holding a gorgeous dress. It was emerald green and had rhinestone straps. The owner handed me the dress and pointed me towards the dressing room. I changed into the dress and looked at myself in the mirror. I’ve never felt prettier. A few moments later the owner came to check on me. “Oh darling, you look gorgeous.” she said to me. “Come out here I have just the thing to compliment this.” she also said as she motioned for me to follow her. Ashley was still there browsing other dresses. 

The owner handed me a matching chiffon shawl and a pair of shoes. She pointed me in front of a mirror. “See!” the owner said to me. I’ve never had anything this fancy in my life. I go back to the changing room and take the dress off. I really wasn’t concerned about the price that I forgot to even ask. I get up to the counter to pay and Ashley walks up behind me to also stand in line. “That will be $678.97, Cash or Card?” the owner said to me. I search through my wallet and pull out the card that Caleb handed me. 

The owner looked at the card a few seconds before running it through her machine. “And it has been approved, Ms. Elise Dodson.” I was taken back a few when I heard her call me Elise Dodson. Rather confused, when she handed me the card back I also looked at it and read the name on the card. Sure enough it said Elise Dodson. I collect my bag and turn around to see Ashley huffing in shock as well. I heard Ashley ask the owner if she had another dress like mine and the owner told her it was the only one. 

I get home and Caleb greets me. He asks to see what I had purchased but I refuse to let him. Two can play this cat and mouse game. We attended the Christmas and Caleb received his award along with a huge check. I can’t believe his colleagues pooled together to give him that money. Caleb truly deserves this. Caleb actually kissed me in front of everyone as well which was a huge shock to me.

As we were leaving I had to use the restroom so I departed from Caleb’s side and excused myself. When I was finishing up standing at the sink, Ashley walked in. She came over to the sink beside me and placed her purse on the counter and looked in the mirror pretending to fix her makeup. She glances over at me through the mirror. “You must be so proud of Caleb?” Ashley said to me. I just smiled back at her while I was washing my hands. Ashley was making me feel very uncomfortable. “And because of you we are losing a really talented surgeon.” 

I looked at Ashley shocked she would say that. “Excuse me?” I asked her. “You know, you’re the reason he is leaving here. Because you need constant care and can’t take care of yourself. It’s evident when you have his credit card and can’t even afford to buy that dress.” I really wanted to punch her, but I kept my cool. “I can take care of myself.” I said as I turned the water off and grabbed a towel to dry my hands. “I really don’t know what he sees in a little baby.” Ashley said as she was laughing and then continued to speak, “I mean he needs a real woman to fuck him, don’t you agree?”

I turn to Ashley. “You know, I have had enough of your bullshit. Just stop trying.” I said to her. Ashley’s face turned red. “You know I am right. You’re just a poor orphan girl and an easy fuck.” I feel my face start to turn red and my eyes tear up. I quickly exited the restroom and made my way back out to the front where I saw Caleb waiting for me by the car. I am almost in full blown tears at this point. “What’s wrong baby girl?” Caleb asked me as he noticed I was trying to quickly wipe the tears from my face.

“Nothing, can we go home please?” I said to him. He opened my door and let me in. The first few minutes of the ride home I was silent. I was looking out my window at the buildings passing as he drove. He reached over to grab my hand and I slightly pulled away. “Baby girl, for real what’s wrong?” he asked, concerned. “It’s nothing Caleb. I am fine.” I responded. He grabbed my hand and made me hold it. “You clearly are not fine. Please talk to me.” he nagged. “Are you just doing all this because I am a poor orphan girl?” I asked in an upset tone.

“What are you talking about? What gave you that idea?” he asked. “I want to know. Answer me.” I demanded. “Elise, baby girl, I love you. I don’t know where this is coming from. I assure you, I am in fact 1000% in love with you. The fact that both your parents have died makes no difference to me. And why would it? Both of my parents are deceased as well. He briefly paused and held on to my hand tighter. “Did someone say something to you? This is not like you Elise.” he asked me.

“I am sorry Daddy. Ashley cornered me in the bathroom and was so rude and mean and she got into my head.” I confessed. “Well if you must know, I am glad that I don’t have to deal with her very much anymore. She was driving me insane.” he said as he chuckled. “I also ran into her at the dress store today. I think she was angry that the owner called me Elise Dodson.” I said as I gave a “Yeah I noticed” look. Caleb just smiled at me. 

Chapter 20

Elise POV

I am so glad the holidays are over. It was my second year without my mother and I have Caleb now, who I am making new memories with. I ended up getting Caleb a very nice crystal custom decanter set with glasses. Caleb bought me a diamond necklace with matching earrings. They are gorgeous. We had spent a nice evening together on Christmas.

Today is the first day Caleb starts taking patients. I also have to work later today at the diner. I also have to get back to my online classes so I stayed in my room most of the day with my headphones on listening to music and trying to get a good chunk of the work done. I was so concentrated on my work and the volume on my headphones were turned up so loud I hadn’t even noticed that Caleb was standing in my room. 

He came up to me and startled me. “Shit!” I screamed. “Woah..” Caleb said as he laughed. “You scared me.” I said I threw a pillow at him, “Hey, you’re the one who didn’t answer when I knocked.” he replied to me. “Sorry Daddy.” I said in a joking tone of voice. “Come over here and show me how sorry you really are, baby girl.” Caleb demanded as he unbuckled his belt. I get up and walk over to the other side of the bed where Caleb was standing. “Mmm.” I said to him.

I get on my knees and start to help Caleb undo his pants. “Aren’t you supposed to be working? Do you have any patients coming in?” I asked. “Shut up baby girl and just suck it for Daddy.” Caleb said as he grabbed the back of my head forcing me down on his dick. “Damn baby girl, take all of it. Be daddy’s good like cock whore.” he continued to moan in aggression. I am not too sure where this is coming from but I kind of like it. I gag several times and every time I gagged Caleb moaned louder and grabbed the back of my head with more force. 

Caleb smacked my face a few times before pulling his cock out of my mouth. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue for Daddy.” he ordered me. I did as he commanded. Caleb came so hard. He came in my mouth, on my tongue, and all over my face. When he was done he cupped my chin between his fingers and said, “Good baby girl, now go get cleaned up. I believe you have to get going to work.” I am sort of in shock, but in a good way on what just happened. I really liked it. I mean I really liked it a lot. Caleb left and I cleaned myself up and got myself ready for work. 

I walked down the stairs to see Caleb walking from getting the mail. “Hey baby girl, are you leaving work.” He said to me in a cheerful tone like nothing happened just thirty minutes prior. “Um, yeah. But what was all that about?” I asked as I waved both of my pointer fingers in a circle. “I am sorry. Did it bother you? I won’t do it again. I don’t know what came over me.” he said. “Actually, I liked it.” I said as I kissed him on the cheek and headed out the door for work. 

Caleb POV

Today is the first day that I start taking patients on my own in my own practice. I purposely scheduled a light load for today. Elise has to work later today and she won’t get home till late at night. I wanted to at least see her before she left. Wasn’t that the point of doing work from home anyways? I got done with a patient who is post surgery and I headed up the stairs to check on Elise. I knocked on her door and she didn’t answer. 

I opened the door to find her on her laptop with headphones bouncing away listening to whatever she was listening to. She looked so hot. I felt my stomach churn and my cock get hard. I had about an hour before my last patient of the day was to arrive. I walked over to her and I startled her. She said some bratty things to me and I had to have her. I had to fuck her pretty little face. I ordered her to come to me and open her mouth.

I forced my cock in and out of her mouth. She gagged and everytime she did it just turned me on even more. I grabbed her head and continued to force my cock deep in her throat until I was seconds from cumming. I ordered her to open her mouth. I came on her face and on her tongue. That also turned me on. I could have gone for round two but after seeing her covered in cum and looking a little uncomfortable I let her get ready for work. 

When she was done getting ready she headed downstairs. I hope that didn’t make things awkward. I asked if she was leaving for work in a cheery pleasant voice hoping that if I did take things a little too far that it would fix things. Elise told me that she enjoyed it. That was a pleasant surprise. She left for work and I was waiting for my last patient to stop by when the door knocked. It was Ashley. “May I help you Ashley? I am busy.” I asked. She pushed her way inside. “Why yes, doctor,” she said as she put her hand up to my chest. 

“Ashley, seriously, I have a patient due to arrive any minute now.” I told her in a deep tone. “Well, I am your patient,” she said to me. “Stop being funny!” I exclaimed. “I’m not joking. Give me an exam doctor,” Ashley tried to say seductively as she pushed herself closer on me. I stepped back from her and she continued to move in on me, closing the gap. “I think you need to leave.” I told her. She backed away slightly and pushed me out of the way to walk to my office. 

“Look right here, Morgan Ash 4pm,” she said as she pointed in my appointment book. I walked over and looked down. This entire time I thought my new patient’s first name was Morgan. I am such a dumb ass. Ashley walks over to my exam table and sits down on top of it. She begins to slowly unbutton her shirt. “I am not in the mood to play games.” I told her. “I sure am in the mood for a piece of the doctor,” she replied. “Look, I think it’s best you leave.”

“Oh shut up Caleb, your charity case isn’t here.” Ashley gets down from the table and her shirt is unbuttoned. I can see her bra being exposed. “First off, Elise, is not my charity case. Secondly, you need to leave now,” I said in a stern tone of voice. “Oh, I love a man who can take control,” she responded as she moved closer to me reaching her hand out to grab my pants. My first instinct was slapping her. I raised my hand up and swung, striking her. She stumbled backwards and fell. Ashley looked up at me with tears starting to form in her eyes. “You need to leave now!,” I yelled at her. 

She got up huffing and covering her face and quickly scurried out the door and left. Ashley really took things out of line this time. My mind worried over what could have happened. What would happen if Ashley accused me of assaulting her. Rightfully in my defense, she made an alias to come see me and proceeded to come on to me. As soon as I gathered myself I reached for my phone and messaged Elise. 

Hey, when you get home we need to talk. 

I hadn’t expected Elise to message back so quickly.

Ashley just came into the diner. She asked to be seated in my section, but I took a quick break to message you. She looks pretty beat up.

Great, another one of Ashley’s diabolical plans. How am I supposed to tell Elise, Ashley came on to me and I slapped her to get her away?

And that’s what I need to talk to you about. I don’t know what her pathetic plan is, just remember I love you and I would never do anything to hurt you or us. 

I didn’t receive a response back after my last message to Elise. I finished up working on some paperwork for the rest of the night until Elise returned home from work. I don’t know what Ashley’s plan was exactly but she made a bold move showing up to the diner where Elise was working at. 

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