Secrets Untold Chapter 21-23

Chapter 21

Caleb POV

I heard Elis’s car pull into the driveway finally. I rushed to get up to meet her at the door. She swings the door open and slams it shut. Elise’s facial expression was furious. “I swear to God Caleb, I wish I would have punched her. She accused you of raping her. You didn’t?,” Elise said in an angered tone of voice. “No, Elise,” I replied. “Then why did you need to talk to me about her? How did you know she was going to say something to me?,” Elise hounded me with more questions. She put her things down by the door and walked into the kitchen.

“She made an appointment with me for today, under a fake name,” I said to her as I followed her into the kitchen. Elise turns around and raises an eyebrow. I continued to explain, “She tried to come on to me and I told her to leave. She refused to leave and still came at me, I panicked and slapped her. That’s why she had that mark on her face.” Elise grabbed a cup and filled it with some water, took a few sips, and aggressively slammed the cup down on the counter. 

“Now I really wish I would have punched her,” Elise said, still in an angry tone. I walked closer to her and wrapped my arms around her. “You know, you look really sexy all angry,” I chuckled. Elise shoved me away, dissatisfied with my choice of words. “That’s not funny. What are you going to do about Ashley? Why won’t she stop? What if she takes this further and goes to the cops or the hospital and say you raped her?” I can tell the concern in Elise’s tone of voice at this point. “I don’t know why she is doing this baby girl, but I will figure something out.” I reassured her. 

The Ashley situation was a real threat. Not only a threat to my relationship with Elise, but a threat to my professional status. Elise just stood there staring at me with a dumbfounded look. I could also see concern and worry behind her eyes. “I had a rough night at work. I am going to go take a shower and lay down,” she told me as she walked away. I followed her up the stairs to her room. “Do you want some company?” I asked as she walked into her room. Elise turned around to face me. I could tell she was frustrated at this point. 

“I don’t know Caleb, I am feeling very overwhelmed. My best and only friend hit on you and tried to fuck you. Your former classmate and coworker tried to fuck you. I am over here doubting myself and doubting on why you’re here with me still aside from being legally obligated to for the next couple of months,” Elise said in a sigh of sadness. I reached my arms out to her and grabbed her by her hips to pull her closer to me. 

I tried to lighten the mood a little bit. “It’s because I am incredibly handsome and no one can resist me. Not even you baby girl,” I said as I chuckled a bit. Elise slapped me on the chest and tried to push herself away. “That’s not funny Caleb,” Elise said back harshly to me. I made a small pinching motion with my index finger and thumb as I replied to Elise, “I’m not just a tad bit irresistible?” I finally got a little smirk out of her. “No, you’re just trying to inflate your ego,” She said.

“I got a tiny smirk out of you, so I’ll take it,” I replied. I loosened my grip on her and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Are you sure you don’t want some company in the shower?” I asked again, being insistent. Elise shook her head no as she headed into the bathroom and shut the door. 

All I can think about is how Ashley is really trying to fuck things up between Elise and I. I hope Elise really doesn’t feel like she’s just a charity case and I hope she knows how much I really love her. I hear the shower turn on and I go over to Elise’s bed and sit down. Hopefully one day soon we can share a room and a bed. We haven’t given much thought to the wedding plans lately. I leaned back against the pillows and waited for her to be done. I closed my eyes briefly. 

I must have dozed off for a few minutes because Elise was in the room changing her clothes, paying no mind to me when I opened my eyes. When she finally turns around she notices me awake and looking at her. “Have a nice nap?” she asked. I nod my head yes and give her a smile. Elise walks over to the bed and lays down beside me. I turn to face her. “Baby girl, you have nothing to worry about,” I said to her as I placed a strand of hair hanging over her face behind her ear. Elise nodded her head. “I love you,” I say to her in a reassuring voice. “I love you too. Can we get some sleep? It’s been a long day!”

I roll over and turn the light off. I pulled Elise close to me and she placed her head on my chest and fell asleep rather quickly. 

Elise POV

“BEEP BEEP BEEP” the morning alarm on Caleb’s phone sounded. It’s too early for this. I had forgotten that Caleb slept in my room with me last night. All a big reminder of the bullshit drama that took place yesterday. “Wake up!” I groaned as I shoved Caleb on his side. Caleb says some unintelligible mumble. “Shut your alarm off!” I exclaim to him. He rolls over and grabs his phone and taps it to turn the alarm off. “Good morning beautiful,” he says to me as he gives me a smile. “Morning.” I responded back. Caleb leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek. “We need to start thinking about falling asleep and waking up beside each other every day,” he said to me.

“Not with that alarm going off this early every morning,” I replied with a chuckle. Caleb leans over again and kisses me again. “I am sorry baby girl. I do have a few patients coming in today. I’ve got to get up and get my paperwork ready for today. I wish I didn’t have to but, bills do need to be paid,” he tells me as he sits up. “Do you think we can get away to the cabin this weekend? I have off,” I asked. “Yes baby girl. I think that can be arranged.”

Caleb gets out of bed. He is wearing nothing but his boxers and clearly morning wood has hit him. The sight of his cock protruding out of his boxers and the thought of him fucking me makes me wet. Caleb turned around and noticed me staring at him. I feel my face turn red and flushed. “Does baby girl see something she likes?” he asked with a slight smile. “Maybe…” I replied. Caleb grabs his cock through his boxers and starts to rub it. Oh god, I feel my pussy getting wet just thinking about how hot he looked this morning. Caleb walked over to my side of the bed, got on it, then straddled me.

Caleb started to thrust his hard cock on my pussy over my panties as he leaned in to grab my wrists above my head. “Is that what you want?” he whispered to me. I bit my bottom lip and shook my head yes. “Mmhmm.” I let out a slight moan. Caleb uses his free hand to reach inside my now soaking wet panties. He takes his thumb and uses it to rub on my clit as he is still thrusting his cock up and down on me. I let out another slight moan. “That’s it baby girl, keep moaning for Daddy,” he said to me in a seductive whisper. 

“BEEP BEEP BEEP!” Caleb’s phone once again started to alert. Fuck my life. Just as he was getting me going really well, his phone alarm had to be a cock block. As the phone is still beeping, and rather annoyingly loud, Caleb gives my neck a few small kisses and lets up on my wrists and pulls his other hand out of my panties. “Be a good girl for Daddy today and I’ll make sure I make you moan even louder tonight,” he said as he got up off of me. Why did his stupid alarm have to go off? Is he really going to leave me all high and dry? Ugh! I thought.


I wish it wasn’t still cold outside. I finished my school work for the week and I didn’t have to work for another few hours. It was bright and sunny but cold. The pool hasn’t been used all winter and rightfully so, it’s been in the 40’s. I looked out my window, staring at it intensely, getting lost in my memories of the first time Caleb made a move on me just over a year ago. I never thought any of this would ever be my life. I never imagined it in a million years. After a few more moments of daydreaming, I finally snap out of it and make my way downstairs to find something to eat. 

I open the fridge and gaze into the abyss, well, that is what it felt like. Nothing seemed appealing to me and I sort of felt sick to my stomach. I closed the door and turned around to see Caleb standing behind me. “Nothing caught your attention or were you just daydreaming about having me for a snack?” he said as he chuckled. “Shut up!” I said to him in a cocky tone. “I wouldn’t be looking for a snack if you finished giving me some this morning,” I said to him with an attitude. Caleb didn’t look so amused by my tone. 

“I’ve got my last patient coming in, in about 10 minutes. Do you think you can keep your kitty tamed?” he asked as he made a claw jester with his hand. “That’s not funny.” I snarled at him. Caleb walked over to me and gave me a hug. “I’m sorry.” he whispered as he kissed the top of my head. “Besides that I have to get ready for work myself,” I told him. Caleb released me from his embrace. As I was walking away, Caleb reached out and smacked my ass cheek. I turn back around and he is blowing me a kiss and making a heart out of his fingers. 

I am still dumbfounded by the events that led up to me being engaged to this cocky arrogant surgeon. Caleb was beyond sexy but quirky all at the same time. It was a real turn on. He had just the right mixture of both in his personality. He was super intelligent and yet super dreamy, and he was mine? I still often think about my mother, the day she died, and why she never told me about Caleb. I still wonder why the secrets. Speaking of secrets, Caleb never mentioned the DNA results of my pregnancy. Not that it matters now anyways, but he never told them to me. 

I got lost in my own thoughts again as I got myself ready for work. By now, he should be done with his last patient. After getting dressed, I grabbed my things and headed back downstairs. I see Caleb struggling to close the front door as he has a huge box in his arms. “What’s that?” I asked. “Oh, it’s just a package of medical supplies that I had ordered,” he said to me, still struggling. I walked over and closed the door behind him. I looked at him with a gloom in my eye and sighed. “I’ve got to get going to work now,” I said. “You look so sad about that, Elise. You know you don’t have to work right?” he stated. 

“I know, but it gets me out of the house. I can’t stay all cooped up here like a prisoner,” I replied. “You know you’re not a prisoner. Maybe you can find some activity or club to join instead. Something that wouldn’t make you adhere to a schedule?” he replied. “I don’t know. I’ll think about it, but for now I do have to be responsible,” I said as I left. I drove to work with the music blaring so loud that I couldn’t even hear my own self think. It was probably for the best. My nerves are starting to give me anxiety as I am nearing the diner. After Ashley’s little stunt yesterday, I am embarrassed to even show up at work today. 

I pull into the parking lot and I still have a few minutes before I need to clock in. I sit there and take several deep breaths in and out trying to collect myself. Caleb was right though. I didn’t need to work, but I was also correct. I can’t stay home all day. I would go crazy if I had to and besides that, I like having some extra cash that I don’t have to ask Caleb for. 

Chapter 22

Elise POV

Did I ever mention how sexy Caleb’s car was? And how he was even sexier when he drove it? It was finally the weekend and we were headed to the cabin for our much needed getaway. It was still cold out, but we at least had a fireplace to keep warm. Caleb would have to find some logs for it. As we drove, I kept looking over at Caleb. I was really happy to be spending some time with him this weekend away from the chaos. Caleb reached over and grabbed my hand. “I love you,” he said to me. “I love you too,” I replied with a smile on my face and my panties becoming a little wet. 

We finally reached the cabin. Caleb parked and got out of the car. “Stay here a minute,” he said as he walked down the path that led to the door on the back deck. Several minutes have passed and I was starting to get worried when I did not see Caleb come back. He left without an explanation. I decided I should go investigate. I opened the car door and then Caleb emerged from the walkway. “I thought I told you to stay in the car?” he said. “You did, but you were taking so long, I started to get worried,” I replied with concern in my face. “Baby girl, there is nothing to worry about. I didn’t want you to get cold. I was trying to warm it up inside some. You look so cute right now.”

I was relieved everything was fine, but he still could have told me. Caleb grabs our bags and we head inside the cabin. It was still a little chilly inside but was warming up rather quickly. “Are you hungry?” Caleb asked me. I raised my eyebrows at him a few times as I bit my lip. “I mean for real food Elise,” Caleb snarkily responded. “Fine.. yes, I am hungry,” I said back to him. Caleb opened the cool storage bag that he had packed earlier. He took out some lunch meat, cheese, and bread and started to make us some sandwiches. I walk over to the cabinet and pull out two wine glasses. “What are you doing young lady?” he asked me.

“I remembered we still had a bottle of wine here. It would be nice to sit by the fireplace and have a glass don’t you think?” I said in a seductive voice. “Elise, we both know you and alcohol do not mix.” he firmly told me. “Well, I figured it’s just us this time. What could go wrong?” I replied. Caleb just shook his head in disbelief, but let me open the bottle of wine and pour our glasses. When he was finished making the sandwiches I grabbed both glasses and we headed to the living room in front of the fireplace. I sat down with our glasses on the coffee table and grabbed a few blankets from the couch to sit on the floor.

I took a sip of wine and gazed into Caleb’s eyes. “What are you thinking about baby girl?” he asked me. “Nothing really,” I replied. Caleb shot me a look as if he didn’t believe me. “Fine, I know its been a few since my miscarriage and I know the results of that DNA test we did really don’t matter anymore. But,” I said then paused before continuing, “What were the results?” Caleb grabbed the glass of wine from my hand as he scooted closer to me. He sat it down on the table beside us. “It was ‘our’ baby,” he whispered. I moved closer to him and he wrapped his arms around me.

“Elise, this isn’t supposed to be a sad get-away,” he said to me. “I know Daddy. I am fine.” Caleb cupped both of my cheeks with his hands and pulled me for a passionate long kiss. Caleb moved his hands, placing one on the back of head and the other one on my breast squeezing it slightly. We continued to kiss. Caleb’s tongue and mine met between our lips over and over again. I reached down to Caleb’s lap where I found the bulge of his rock hard cock throbbing underneath his pants. 

Caleb then lays me back on the ground as he continues to squeeze my breast even more harder. “Close your eyes,” he said to me softly but in a firm tone. I closed my eyes and Caleb got up for a few moments. I could hear him rustling around in a bag for something. When Caleb came back over to me, my eyes were still closed. “Be a good little girl for Daddy and keep them shut,” Caleb said in a more forceful tone. He unbuttoned and unzipped my pants pulling them down and eventually off of me taking my panties with them. I really wanted to open my eyes. “Keep them closed!” he said as he spread my legs open. 

I then felt Caleb stick two of his fingers gently inside my aching wet pussy. He thrusted his fingers in and out a few times before he pulled them out and stopped. “Mmm” I said as I let out a subtle moan. My eyes were still closed and I heard a soft humming noise. Then the humming noise hit my clit sending shockwaves of pleasurable sensation through my body. Caleb moved the vibrator in a circular motion around and on top of my clit and just as I was about to scream out and cum he pulled it off of me leaving me with more desire.

“Don’t cum for Daddy just yet, baby girl,” he demanded. Caleb then shoved the vibrator inside of my wet throbbing pussy. Moving it deeper inside of me with each motion.  While the vibrator was still inside of me, Caleb bent down and placed his tongue on my clit and started licking it. I let out another loud moan as I couldn’t contain it anymore. My feet felt warm and my body started to tingle and shake. I exploded and squirted my juices everywhere, including into Caleb’s mouth. “Baby girl, you taste so fucking good,” Caleb said to me after swollowing the mouthful of my cum. 

Caleb pulled the vibrator out of me and shut it off. My legs were still shaking and my cum was running down my back soaking the blanket I was laying on. He unbuckled his belt and slid his slacks and boxers off. He forced my shaking legs open and slammed his hard cock into my wet warm pussy. He pounded me hard and deep until I came again. “Fuck me Daddy! Don’t stop,” I begged him. “I am not going to baby girl,” he whispered. I came over and over and I am pretty sure Caleb came more than once as well.

When Caleb was finished with me he rolled over onto his back beside me. I am still shaking and we both are sweating from the intense workout we just shared together. We both laid there on the blankets soaked in my cum, for some time trying to catch our breaths. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed as I held my chest. “Did you like that?” Caleb asked with a chuckle. “Uh, yeah. But where did you get that vibrator from and why?” I had asked. “I just figured we could spice things up a bit more,” he said. 

When we both were able to semi-function again, Caleb suggested that I head to the shower and clean myself up a bit. I got up and did as I was instructed to do while Caleb cleaned up the mess on the floor. I didn’t even finish my glass of wine nor my sandwich. 

Caleb POV

Elise and I headed to the cabin this morning. This was going to be a much needed weekend away from the drama and the stress of the events that have transpired back home recently. Yesterday while Elise was at work, I secretly went to the Adult Novelty store in the next town over. I wanted to do something different and try something new. I wanted the weekend to be filled with hot and wet fucking. Elise also doesn’t realize, I know she will be ovulating this weekend and she hasn’t been on birth control. It’s the perfect time.

We just got done having wild sex in the living room beside the fire. I made sure she came over and over again. I could tell she was secretly begging me to stop but I just kept pounding her sweet tight wet pussy. She felt so good. When I was satisfied she had enough, I let off. We laid there for a few minutes before I had instructed her to go take a shower and clean up a bit. While she was in the shower, I cleaned up the living room and started a fire outside in the fire pit. It will be dark soon. 

As I walk back inside the house, I see Elise walking down the hallway in a towel. “Did you forget your clothes?” I chuckled at her. “Maybe…” she said as she dropped the towel. “Ready for round two I see?” I asked. Elise gave me an ear to ear grin. I grabbed Elise’s bag off the counter and walked it over to her. “We should probably wait till after dinner, so I can have you for dessert.” I told her as I motioned for her to scoot along. 

When she came back out, she was dressed in cute pajama bottoms and a long sleeve baggy shirt. “Will you help me get dinner ready?” I had asked as I handed her her unfinished glass of wine from earlier. “Yes, Daddy. What did you pack?” she asked me as she reached for the glass. “I’ve got some shrimp alfredo and some salad. Can you get me a pot down?” I responded as I gave her a small kiss on the cheek and slapped her ass.

After dinner was over and the sun had begun to set, I grabbed 2 blankets and Elise filled our glasses with more wine. We went outside on a cool almost spring night to sit by the fire. “It’s so peaceful out here,” Elise said to me. “Indeed it is,” I replied. “We need to come out here more often,” Elise said in small talk conversation. I nodded my head in agreement. We sat by the fire for just a little while longer before heading back inside. 

Both Elise and I were feeling a little tipsy from our glasses of wine and we headed back to the bedroom. I picked Elise up over my shoulders and gently tossed her down on the bed. I jumped on top of her and straddled her. “Mmm, Daddy,” she let out a subtle whimper. “Mmm, baby girl, you’ve been so naughty,” I whispered in her ear. “Oh have I? And exactly what did I do?” she asked. 

I nibbled on her neck for a few moments before answering her. “Being so God Damn sexy,” I said as I reached my hand to grab her breast. I lifted her shirt above her head and threw it on the ground. I pulled her pajama bottoms off and lifted her legs high in the air holding them tightly straight up. After taking my boxers off, I rammed her tight pussy over and over again, thrusting hard throbbing cock in and out deep with a melodic fast pace. 

“Fuck Daddy!” Elise screamed in pleasure. “I’m not going to stop baby girl.” 

Chapter 23

Elise POV

Eeek, my 18th birthday is this weekend. I will officially be a legal adult. But there is just one problem, the only person whom I have to celebrate it with is Caleb. Don’t get me wrong, I love Caleb with all my heart. He is really all I have. Maybe I can call Julianne and Nicholas from my old high school. I haven’t spoken to either of them in awhile, even though we keep up with each other on social media. 

Just as I was opening my messenger to group chat Julianne and Nicholas my phone dings. It’s a message from Sarah. “Oh great what does she want, to fuck my fiance again?” I thought to myself. I click on the message and open it. 

“Hey, I know you probably don’t want to talk to me.. but Happy Early Birthday!”

Yeah she was right. I don’t want to talk to her. My blood was beginning to boil. I wanted to message her back and yell at her and scream at her and tell her how much of a piece of shit friend she was. I tossed the phone down on the bed aggressively, picked up my pillow to my face and started to scream into it. I was extremely angry. After screaming for a few more seconds, I tossed the pillow towards the door at a fast pace. 

I didn’t notice Caleb was standing there and he caught the pillow. “Yo, you good?” Caleb asked in a concerned tone. “I fucking hate that backstabbing bitch of a cunt”, I said to him. Caleb gave me a puzzled look as he stepped into my room. He drops my pillow on the bed as he sits down beside me. “Who are you talking about?”, he asked. I looked at him and rolled my eyes. “Sarah messaged me”, I replied. “And?”, he asked. “She just wished me a happy early birthday. But the nerve of her.” 

Caleb leans in and kisses me on my forehead. “Well, speaking of birthdays, I was coming up here to ask what you wanted or wanted to do for that”, he said. “Well, I was about to group text Julianne and Nicholas and see what they were up to, then Sarah messaged me out of the blue.”, I responded. Caleb nodded his head. “I see”, he said back. “Well let me take you out to dinner tonight after I get done with work. I have to go into the hospital to do a procedure today. At dinner we can discuss your birthday”. 

I nodded my head. Caleb got up and left. I am still super frustrated and aggravated about Sarah. I peer out my window to see the sun is bright and the weather is clear. My phone said it was supposed to be warm today. Maybe relaxing in the pool will help. It felt like it was a long winter and I’ve been waiting to go swimming again. I jump in the shower real quick so I can shave my legs. 

The weather is warm, the sun is shining, my music is playing and I’ve snuck a glass of wine to drink. I’m relaxing away in the pool on my raft when I hear the gate to the side yard open. I look up and it’s some guy I do not know. He is well built and very muscular and young. He is wearing boot cut jeans, a brown leather belt, and a white skin tight tank top and a ball cap. “Um, excuse me? Can I help you?”, I asked. 

The guy walked closer towards me. “Howdy ma’am. Mr. Dodson hired me to do some yard work”, he said as he tipped the top of his cap forward. “I am so sorry. I wasn’t expecting anyone”, I said as I rolled off my raft to get out of the pool. “I’ll try not to be a bothersome ma’am”, he continued. “Oh please don’t call me ma’am. You can call me Elise”, I responded as I got out of the pool and wrapped a towel around me and went inside. 

I picked up my phone and texted Caleb:

Why didn’t you tell me you had someone coming over to do yard work?

I waited for a few minutes but never got a response back. Caleb must be in surgery right now. I threw a sheer white cover all on and grabbed another glass of wine. I stood by the back sliding glass door that led to the back yard and pool area. I looked out at the deck area to see the guy working in the sun around the yard. 

He looked like he was getting hot and sweaty working out in the sun. I decided to go to the kitchen and get him a glass of water. My phone alerts me of an incoming text message. I look down and it’s from Caleb. 

I totally forgot to tell you I hired someone to do the yard work. I just don’t have time to do it myself. His name is Ty. I left an envelope on my desk with his payment. 

I took the glass of water to the back door and as I was about to open it, the guy Ty, was standing there with his shirt off dripping in sweat. His muscles were defined and he had tattoos covering his back, chest, and arms. “Damn, I might need this water to cool myself down.” I thought to myself. I stood there just watching him work for a few more moments, memorizing every line of his hot and sultry body. 

I managed to pull myself together and I opened the door. One tall ice cold glass of water in one hand and my glass of wine in another. As soon as I opened the door Ty heard me and looked up. He glanced my way and gave me a smile and a wink. He put down his tools and walked towards me as I was walking towards him. 

“I thought you could use some water..” I managed to mumble and I swallowed my breath. Ty reached out for the glass of water. “Thank you. I didn’t get to properly introduce myself early”, he said. He paused for a moment. “I am Ty.” “Ty” we both said at the same time. He gave me a smirk as he took a sip of the cold water. 

After a few sips, he says, “Thank you ma’am.” “You don’t have to call me ma’am. In Fact, I rather you didn’t. You can call me Elise,” I say to him. Ty takes a few more sips of his water. “Well, Elise, thank you,” he replies. Ty handed me back the glass, now empty of water. “I should probably get back to work,” Ty says to me. “Right, you probably should,” I responded. With those words I walk back inside with this empty glass. 

“Holy shit he is hot”, I thought to myself. No no no.. I am engaged to Caleb. I shouldn’t be thinking this. But ever since my mother was murdered it’s been just me and Caleb. Is it wrong for me to think like this? Nah… I head up stairs to jump in the shower. 

As I stand in the shower, I let my right hand glide down to my pelvis and let it slip farther down touching my clit. I leaned back against the shower wall as I continued to touch myself. “Mmm”, I said, letting out a small whimper. My mind instantly went to thinking about Ty. Wanting a man that I know wasn’t mine and I wasn’t his. 

I yearned for physical touch. Caleb and I haven’t been as intimate since the “Ashley” incident. I’m still not too sure I fully believe Caleb’s story either which sickens me. I continue to touch myself, rubbing my clit faster and faster moving it in a circular motion. Small soft whimpers continue to escape my lips. My legs start to tremble and I can feel my body heating up. 

Just when I was about to orgasm, about to let my body explode, I heard some of my things on the dresser move around. I snapped out of my daydream fantasy only to notice Ty was standing at the bathroom door entrance way looking into the bathroom, watching me and my every move while I was in the shower. 

I quickly try to shield my naked body with my arms. My face is beginning to heat up as I blush. “I’m sorry ma’am. I was just trying to let you know I was finished”, I spoke in an awkward humorous tone. He leans his head down pulling his cap further over his point of view. “Excuse me!” I shouted in half embarrassment and half in anger. “I’ll just wait outside”, he said as he turned away from me. 

Something inside of me wanted him to stay. Something wanted him to join me in the shower. I wanted his rough hands to touch me. His sweaty body to embrace mine. I wanted that thrill of knowing Caleb wasn’t home yet and he could catch me embraced in the arms of another man. I reached out the shower and quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it on my body while making sure the coast was clear to get out. 

I quickly got dressed and left my room to Caleb’s office where the check for Ty was left. I found Ty standing downstairs in the living room. “Here is your payment”, I said in a stern voice. “I am really sorry ma’am for intruding like that”, he said back. “Don’t mention it.. ever… again..” I replied. He tipped his cap again and left out the front door. 

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