Secrets Untold Chapters 1 – 10

Chapter 1 – Elise POV

My mother was a district attorney for our county. She worked late nights and had stressful days. Today seemed to be no different so I had thought. I get home to see a note on the kitchen counter to not expect her until late tonight. I don’t know why she just doesn’t text me and she continues to leave paper messages. 

I settle in from my day at school and pull out some of my homework. I walk out of the kitchen, take my things with me to the living room and turn the TV on. The news started flashing with breaking news. What I see will forever change my life. 

“We are on the scene now at the courthouse where District Attorney Marie Bloomington was fatally shot an hour ago.” The newscaster said. I opened my mouth in shock and dropped the remote. My whole body started trembling and I stood there not believing what I just heard. Marie Bloomington is my mother. She’s been fatally shot. 

My name is Elise Bloomington, I am 16, and this is how my life changed forever. 

I continue to stand there in shock. Tears are starting to run down my face. I feel my cheeks becoming rosey red and my nose is starting to stuff up. My heart is racing and heavy. How? Why? What happened? Are the thoughts that are going through my mind. I continue to listen to the TV report.

“The DA was in court today trying the case of Daniel McCain, a well known mobster, for capital murder. Witnesses say that an assailant approached Ms. Bloomington, as she was leaving the courthouse, pointed the firearm at her and fired his weapon. The connection between the case that was being heard and the assailant are unknown at this time.” 

While trying to listen to what the newscaster is reporting, I heard a loud knock at the door. “Elise Bloomington?” A man’s voice came from the other side of the door. I panicked even more thinking that whoever was involved in murdering my mother was also about to murder me. I stood quietly and the door knocked again. “Elise this is Detective Fraiser from the Grandview County Sheriff’s.” The voice says.

Still in major disbelief and on edge, I quietly move to the window and peer out. I see a police car in the driveway. That brought a little relief. I slowly make my way to the door and open it. The man presented me with his badge and asked to come inside. I’ve watched enough crime shows to know how the next few minutes of my life is going to play out. 

“And your father Elise? Where is he at?” The Detective asked after breaking the life shattering news about my mother. “He passed away from cancer a few years ago.” I stumbled. “Do you have anyone you can stay with?” He asked. Then another knock at the door before I could answer his question. He tells me to stay where I am at as he walks towards the front door gripping his firearm in its holster.

He cautiously opens the door but is greeted by my mother’s boss. “Whoa Detective, I know everyone is on edge right now, it’s just me.” The woman says to the Detective. “Sorry Mrs. Stella.” He responded. He moved aside and let her into my house. “OH Elise, you poor thing.” She says as she pulls me in for a hug. She turns to the Detective and speaks, “Are you done here? This poor girl just lost her mother and doesn’t need to be bothered by questioning at this time.”

She’s also an attorney and taught my mother almost everything she knows. The Detective wishes us a farewell and another Sorry for your loss spiel and leaves. Mrs. Stella motions for me to join her in the dining room. 

“Elise, as your mother’s boss and closest friend, I was instructed to give you this envelope in the event anything happened to her.” She hands me the envelope and continues to speak as I open it and read the documents, “She had appointed a guardian for you in the event you were still legally a minor. He has been notified and will be over shortly. I believe you do not know him so this may be a little awkward.” 

She continues to speak further, “Also in those papers are financial documents, deeds to properties, insurance forms. Come to my office later this week and I’ll help you sort them out. The state will take care of your mothers arrangements.” 

At this point I’m feeling numb. Like this is a bad dream and I am going to wake up at any moment. As the time passed Mrs. Stella just sat with me. I turned to her and asked, “Who is this person? Caleb Dodson?” That was the name of the person on the guardianship paperwork.

She replied, “I don’t know much dear. I do know he is the son of one of her close friends from high-school who also recently passed away. Maybe you two can bond over that. He is a surgeon at Grandview Medical, he is also very young and highly intelligent. But if she trusts him enough to make him your guardian then he must be honorable. She was very protective over you.”

What seemed like hours had passed, and the day began to turn to night another knock came at the door. Mrs. Stella stood up and walked to the door and answered it. I could hear some faint bantering and then footsteps and Mrs. Stella and a young man around mid 20s walked in. 

He was about 6 foot tall and had ear length wavy dark hair and a pale complexion. He was dressed in dress slacks and had a white button up collared dress shirt. His eyes were striking green just like my mother’s and his hair was also the same color. 

I stood there staring him up and down. He walks closer and holds his hand out. “Hello Elise, I am Caleb.” He says. I reject his advances at a hand shake. Mrs. Stella turns to Caleb and says, “Well, if you need anything you have my number.” Mrs. Stella walks over to me, gives me a big hug and kisses on the forehead before leaving.

Still numb, I look at this strange and unfamiliar man that stands in my dining room. “It was nice to meet you, you don’t have to stay. I am going to my room.” I manage to mumble as I turn to walk away. “Wait, Elise.” He says. I turn back around and he continues to speak, “I know this isn’t an ideal way to meet. I am truly sorry for your loss. Your mother was a wonderful woman. Have you eaten? You need to eat.”

He motions his hand toward the direction of the kitchen. I reluctantly followed. I sat down at the island counter where my mother had left the note for me before she left for work today. I looked over to see the note still there and a small tear ran down my cheek. Caleb looks at me and speaks, “I know this is hard and must be super confusing.”

Yes this is hard and also super confusing. Caleb goes over to the refrigerator and opens the freezer. He rustles through it for a few moments and pulls out a pizza box. I really don’t feel like eating. He put the box on the stove top and said, “I guess this will have to do.” He opens the box, turns on the over and places the pizza inside.

As the pizza cooks Caleb sits down across from me. I look at him and manage to mumble, “Why don’t I know who you are?” He responds, “It’s complicated, I suppose. Your mother knew my father when they were younger. A few years ago I was at the local diner. I just had gotten home from medical school and your mother walked in to purchase a cup of coffee. She looked at me and almost dropped her cup.” 

Caleb continues, “It looked like she had seen a ghost. I quickly grabbed her cup to avoid a scalding hot mess. She asked if I was related to my father and I said yes. She asked me to sit with her and we talked. We exchanged numbers and met up once a month for coffee. I wanted to meet you but your mother had stated she thought it would not be appropriate just yet.”

Interesting, I thought. That does not sound like my mother at all. The timer on the oven rings finally and Caleb goes to pull the pizza out. He cuts it up and hands me a slice. I really don’t feel like eating but I pick at it for a little bit before telling him I just want to go to bed and maybe wake up from this nightmare. I excuse myself from the kitchen and head to my room. 

I head up the stairs to my room. Once inside I lock my door. I have my own personal bathroom in my room. I walk into the bathroom which has been dimly lit and turn on the shower. I undress myself and get in. I let the hot water run over my head. I slid down the back wall of the shower and curled up in the fetal position and cried until the water ran cold. 

Once I was physically numb, I got out of the shower, put a baggy old tee shirt on and curled up in bed hoping that when I woke up this was all a bad dream. My mother would come in at night to check on me and tell me she loved me. Tonight it’s just silence and no good night hugs. 

I woke in the morning later than I normally do. I felt drained. My body physically hurts. I feel lost. 

The sun is shining directly into my room which means I am late for school. But do I even need to go? I surely don’t want to go. I peel myself out of bed and make my way downstairs. The house is quiet and no coffee has been made. My mother usually made coffee before she left for work and there was always some left for me.

“Hello?” I said questioning if my unexpected guest was still there. I got no response. I peaked out the window and the only vehicle there was mine. My mother’s vehicle was probably still sitting in the parking garage. Caleb’s car was also nor outside. It made me briefly question if this was real or a dream until I noticed a letter left on the kitchen table.

“Hey Elise, I had to go into work this morning for a few hours. I didn’t have your cell number to text you. If you need me you can text me at 4145551235 – Caleb” 

Oh great it’s not a dream, I think to myself sarcastically. I head back upstairs to my room, jump back into bed and close my eyes. 

“Elise, wake up.” I hear a faint voice over me. I struggle to open my eyes. Once cracked open I see Caleb sitting beside me on my bed rubbing my shoulder. I shot straight up in a panic. 

“Woah, hold on dear. It’s just me.” Caleb says. I look at him and mumble, “That’s the problem.” “Hey, I am only here to help you, here is some water and a pill to help with anxiety.” Caleb says as he tried to hand me the glass and the pill. I shrug him off refusing it. 

He looks me dead in the eye and says, “Take it, it will help.” I grab the glass and pill. “What time is it?” I asked. “It’s just after 3pm.” He responds and then continues, “I assume you have been sleeping all day.” 

“And I’ll continue to sleep forever.” I say back. He looks at me with concern. “Come downstairs Elise. I will make us some dinner.” He tells me. I look back at him and utter. “I don’t want to eat. Let me starve to death for all I care.” 

He pulls me out of bed. “You need to eat.. Doctor’s orders.” He demands. I think to myself, “Oh great one of these cheesy guys.” I follow him downstairs and into the kitchen. I sit down looking around hoping my mother would just pop in at any moment saying “Jokes on you” or some bullshit but it never happened.

Chapter 2

A few months have passed, I am nearing my 17th birthday and life with Caleb has been mentally draining and awkward. He spends most of his time at work, which I praise because I don’t have to deal with all high and mighty doctor telling me what to do and a constant reminder my mother is gone and she held some sort of crazy secret from me. 

I still really don’t know much about Caleb, where he comes from, or anything at all. It’s weird. I don’t think he likes me very much after the night right after my mother had passed away and I was very rude to him. It’s ok though. This experience has hardened me. 

When I finally decided to return to school, everyone was being different towards me as well. Even my best friend Sarah. Honestly, it’s probably me. I am not the same happy go lucky up beat girl I was before. 

It’s Friday and it’s the start of Spring Break. Finally a week off from school. I am going to invite Sarah over this week for some much needed girls time. I haven’t had anyone over since my mother passed.

I am in the living room as Caleb gets home. “Hey Elise, can you come here for a minute?” He asks. I get up and stomp over to the doorway where he stands. He’s holding a pizza box. We haven’t had pizza since the first night my mother passed. Caleb said it wasn’t healthy and would eventually clog my arteries and lead to heart problems. I wonder what the occasion is. 

“What’s this?” I asked, reaching for the box of pizza. “Oh nothing, I figured we could spoil ourselves tonight and watch a movie together. I don’t have to work tomorrow so I can stay up a little bit and live on the edge.” Caleb chuckles. 

That had to be the first time I have remotely even seen a glimmer of a smile out of him. I chuckle slightly back at him which makes him give me a genuine full fledged smile in return. He’s kind of cute when he smiles.

We head to the living room. I place the pizza down on the coffee table. We both sit down on the couch as I grab the remote. “So, what are we watching?” I turn to him and ask. “It’s whatever you want, baby girl.” He responded. 

Baby Girl? Did he just really say that to me? Nah, I must be hallucinating. I turn on some independent low budget horror films. I have a thing for indie films. The two of us air there and watch our movie. Caleb turns to me. “Can you pause the movie for a minute? I am going to grab something from the kitchen.” He says. Puzzled I looked as we literally just got done gorging out on pizza. “Um sure.” I responded. 

Caleb gets up and heads to the kitchen. I find it an opportune time to grab a blanket out of the closet. He comes back holding a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. I look at him and the bottle a tad confused. “I figured since it was the start of Spring Break and after you’ve been through so much these past few months, you deserve a little bit of relaxation.” He says as he hands me a glass. He sets his glass down on the coffee table and pops the bottle open and pours himself and I a glass. 

I smell the wine. It smells as if someone left grape juice out on the counter open too long and it had become fermented. Yuck. I’ve never drank in my entire life. Not even at the numerous parties I’ve been to. “Go ahead, drink it. It won’t kill you.” Caleb says as he holds his cup up as to cheer me. I hold my glass up as well and he says, “Salude!” 

I take a sip making a vile face afterwards. He laughs. There is that adorable smile again. “Fuck it!” I thought to myself. I swallow the entire glass of wine down in one shot. “Woah miss Daisy.” He says as he laughs and then takes another sip of his glass.

I start to feel all warm and fuzzy. The room starts to spin a little bit. “Hey Caleb, I am feeling a bit funny.” I said to him, “That’s normal Elise.” He replies. I cover up with the blanket and rest my head on his chest. He starts to rub my thigh. Moving his hand closer and closer to my vagina with each circular motion he makes. I place my hand on his thigh as well rubbing up and down making my way up to his dick. 

He stops just short of my clit, stops just short of touching it all together. He moves his neck down and kisses me on the forehead. “This feels nice, ” I whisper. I continue to move my hand and then pretend to accidentally graze his dick. I can feel it so pronounced and hard. “I’m sorry.” I say. “It’s ok baby girl” He responded.

I get up, tossing the covers off of me. “I am hot. I think I am going to jump in the pool.” I say as I walk towards the back of the house where the sliding door leads out to the screened in enclosure where our pool is. I haven’t been swimming since my mother passed. I open the door and walk outside stripping article after article of clothing off my body. I’m apparently intoxicated as I don’t even care who sees me naked anymore.

I jump in and float thinking of life before all this craziness. The sky starts to spin fast on me. It’s like I am floating in the galaxy with the stars. I hear Caleb come out onto the back porch. “Elise, what are you doing?” He asks. I fail to acknowledge he is speaking to me. “Elise?” He questions me again. I stop floating and look at him. I am in the pool 100% naked staring at this man. 

“What?” I respond in a snarky tone that is most definitely slurred. He takes his shirt and pants off leaving on his boxers and jumps in. “Hey Caleb come here I have a secret to tell you.” I whisper to him. He swims closer to me. “Closer..” I whisper again. You can tell he is sort of reluctant as I am standing in the water nude. He inches closer. “What Elise?” He asks. “I am a virgin.” I mumble in his ear. 

He looks at me and I look at him. A dead stare into eachothers eyes. I pull him closer to me and kiss him. “Elise, you’re drunk. It’s just the alcohol talking.” He tells me. “Well Caleb, if you didn’t want the alcohol to speak you should have left it in the bottle.”

Caleb was taken back a moment by my comment. Then he reaches out for me and grabs me by the hips. He pulls me closer to his body and begins kissing on my neck. He makes his way back over to my face and starts kissing me while one hand is still on my hip and one hand on the back of my head with his fingers entwined in my locks of wet hair. I place my hand on his chest letting it drop slowly down to his boxers. 

I start to rub on his dick which is clearly hard and throbbing. He pushes my hand away. I look at him in a very confused state. “Elise, let me please you.” He picks me up and places me on the edge of the pool and forces me to lay down on the deck. My legs hang in the water. He comes closer to me rubbing his hand down my chest and making his way to my vagina. He rubs the top of my clit in a circular motion and then sticks his finger inside of me. I slightly moan. He thrusts his finger in and out a few times and sticks another one in. 

He penetrates me deeper and harder with each stroke. The other hand of his is on my breast squeezing it. He moves his hand down and grabs my leg. Now three fingers of his are inside of me stretching me open. I whimper a little bit. “Enjoy it Elise.” He whispers as he starts to take his tongue and lick my clit still thrusting in and out of me. 

My legs are shaking and I feel a warm sensation build up. I let out a massive moan that I am pretty sure the neighbors could hear. He slowly stops. Pulling himself up on the deck with me. He leans over and kisses my forehead. “You’re ok baby girl” He tells me. “Wait here I’ll get you a towel.” 

Caleb gets up. I can’t move. I am still trembling. I am in shock about what just happened. It felt so good but so wrong at the same time. Caleb comes back quickly with a towel and helps me up and inside to my room up the stairs. 

He goes into my bathroom to turn on my shower for me. “You need to warm up baby girl.” He commands me into my shower. I step in the water is warm and feels amazing against my back. Caleb steps out and let’s me have my privacy. About 15 mins later I am feeling better. Not so dizzy anymore and not shaking from my very first orgasm on my very first sexual experience. 

Caleb hears the water turn off and comes in to help me out and wrap another warm dry towel over me. “I am ok.” I tell him. “You sure?” He chuckled. “Yes.” I respond. He leads me out. He turns to me. “Are you sure you’re ok?” He asks once more. “Yes I am fine.” I firmly tell him. 

He pulls me into him and kisses my forehead. “Goodnight baby girl.” He tells me then leaves my room. I open my dresser drawer and pull out a pair of boy shorts undies and a tank top. I put them on and climb into bed.

I lay there for a few moments attempting to process what just happened. I literally just fooled around with a man who was entrusted to take care of me. What in the actual fuck? I really enjoyed it. 

Caleb is only 22. He started med school shortly after he turned 17 and quickly gained a residency at the local hospital after graduating from the University early. I’m almost 17. It’s not that wrong or taboo right? It’s not like we’re blood related.  

I find my eyes becoming heavy with each passing moment. Soon I doze off dreaming a dream of me wanting more. More of that warm sensation Caleb gave me. Where no negative thoughts existed. Where every moment of that was pure bliss. 

Chapter 3

It’s been a few days since that Friday night. I am still on Spring Break and we haven’t spoken about the incident at all. It’s honestly been a little tense and awkward. But never mind that. Sarah is coming over today and is going to spend the night with me. I am super excited to have a girls night with her. It’s been so long. 

It’s about 4pm and the door bell rings. It’s Sarah. I rushed downstairs to open the door only to find that Caleb had answered the door first letting Sarah in. Caleb and Sarah have not met yet before this moment. I get towards the door to fund Sarah giggling at something Caleb must have said to her. “So, what’s so funny and entertaining?” I ask the two of them. 

“Oh nothing, I just didn’t realize this was your best friend. Her brother is a patient of mine.” Caleb speaks. “Oh. Oh.” I say and pause, continuing another “Oh…” 

Sarah’s older brother got injured a few months back in a motorcycle accident. He had several broken bones and a collapsed lung. He needed several surgeries. He is ok now. Sarah told me her brother had a super cute young doctor. I don’t know why I hadn’t connected the dots. 

“OK Sarah, come on to the room.” I motion for her to follow me up the stairs. Once up the stairs and inside my room Sarah nonchalantly closes my door and locks it behind her giving me an evil smirk.

“Alright Sarah what’s going on?” I look at her puzzled. She gives me the shhh finger as she pulls a bag out of her pocket. She holds the bag up and dangles it. She brought Marijuana for us to smoke. “I miss these days!” I whisper to her as I walked over to my radio and turned it on. 

“Got a light?” She asks as she pulls a joint out of the bag. I turn to my desk and toss her one that’s been stationed there for my candles. She sparks it up and we sit by my window with it cracked open so as to not let the room fill up with smoke. 

“That’s so weird, my brother’s doctor is your guardian. He is so hot, Elise. You’re lucky.” Sarah says to me. I haven’t told her or anyone what happened this past weekend. How could I tell her, how would that even remotely sound? And now? After she clearly has the hots for him.

“It’s all been a little strange, I still don’t have any clue who he really is, how he really knows my mother, what his intentions are. I’m still in shock by this whole thing. I can’t believe my mother kept secrets from me like this.” I explained to Sarah. 

Sarah and I sat up for hours talking. We caught up on all the drama. It was getting late and the sun was going to rise soon. Sarah made herself a little bed on the floor and soon we both passed out. 

I woke to knocking at my bedroom door. “Elise? Are you going to get up? I have breakfast downstairs.” Caleb said through the door. Sarah and I rose from our slumber. I quickly threw some sweatpants on and cracked open the door to see Caleb still standing there. I noticed he took in a scent. “Oh shit!” I thought to myself. The smell of the weed hasn’t gone away yet. Caleb just shakes his head and motions for me to come downstairs.

“Come on Sarah let’s go.” I tell her waving my arm in a come here motion. We get downstairs to find breakfast was served. “Elise, I have to go into work today. I’ll be back by dinner. Don’t get into too much trouble today please.” Caleb told me. I knew he smelled the weed or he wouldn’t have made that comment.

The rest of the day Sarah and I spent lounging in the pool. I look around and cringe at the fact I had my very first orgasm a mere few feet away from where we were wading at. Even though I am almost 18. It’s still illegal I believe. I can’t tell Sarah.

“So, what are you doing for your 17th birthday babes?” Sarah calmly asks me. “I don’t feel much like celebrating, given the past circumstances. I am not into it all.” I responded to her. “Understandable. But can I at least take you shopping?” She asks. “Um yeah sure.” I replied.

“Oh shit, it’s getting late. I gotta go Elise, my parents are doing some family dinner bullshit tonight.” Sarah says as she hops out of the pool pulling a towel around her body. “OK. Thanks for coming over. I really needed it.” “No problem babes. I’ll get with you next weekend so we can go shopping ok?” She says as she leaves. I nod my head in a confirming manner.

After Sarah leaves I float around the pool for a little bit on my raft. I must have accidentally dozed off as I was awoken by a huge splash onto my body. I wake up in a panic and fall off the float. Hands start to pull me up out of the water and once I was able to stand ground and wipe the water out of my eyes I saw Caleb in the water with me.

“What are you doing?” I shout at him. “Chill out. Just having a little fun.” He says to me as he splashes more water in my direction. I give him the evil eye. “Splashing me isn’t fun.” I told him. “Awe, poor baby..” He says in a sarcastic tone.

Caleb inches closer to me. I try not to respond while standing there trying to hold my ground in the matter. Caleb grabs my hips and pulls me closer to him and whispers in my ear, “What’s wrong baby girl?” I think to myself oh shit. Here we go again with the baby girl terminology. 

I shrug. He grabs the back of my head in a gentle manner and kisses my cheek before letting go of me. I start to make my way out of the pool. I look back at him. He is shaking his head and slightly chuckling at me. “Guys..” I mumbled under my breath. Caleb begins to follow me out of the pool and into the house. 

I make my way up the stairs and Caleb of course is still following me. As I get to my door I turn to him. “Can I help you?” I asked. He smiled a bit and gave me puppy dog eyes. My stomach sank a little and so did my heart. He follows me into my room. 

Caleb walks around and towards my dresser and picks up the bag that still holds a left over joint in it. “Oh fuck.” I think to myself. He looks at me while holding it then puts it back. “Have a fun night?” Caleb asks. 

“And if I did, so what’s it to you?” I ask in response. “Oh nothing really. But I am your guardian. I can’t have you going around being a naughty girl can I?” He says back to me slyly. “Yeah…” I replied disinterested.

“I only want what’s best for you Elise. I mean you no harm.” Caleb says as he moves closer to the door. “Get dressed in something nice and meet me downstairs.” He said as he exited and closed the door behind him. 

I have no clue what is going on but as the doctor ordered, I throw on a cute black mini dress and pull some red heels out of my closet. My mother loved these shoes. She bought them for me for my freshman homecoming dance. I have only worn them a handful of times since then. I put my hair up in a ponytail and quickly powdered my face. 

I go downstairs to see Caleb already dressed. He is wearing dress slacks and a button up collared shirt. Which isn’t anything special as he normally dresses like this for work anyways. But something was different about his look. He slicked his hair back with some gel which brought out those vibrant green eyes of his. He looked stunning.

“So what’s the occasion? Why are we all dressed up?” I asked. Caleb held out his hand for me to grab it. “Come Elise, I’ve booked reservations for La Pierre Cafe.” He says as he holds my hand and we walk out the door. La Pierre Cafe was one of the most booked places. People waited months to get reservations here. I wonder how he managed to get one on such a short notice. 

We get to his car in the driveway. He has a jet black 2021 Porsche 992 Carrera S. Only rightfully so he can afford a car as such, he is a surgeon who is single and up until I came along childless (and my bills have been covered by my mother’s estate). I’ve never been in his car or even remotely thought about touching it.

I have my own car I worked all of my 15th summer to save money for. It’s nothing fancy or special. It’s just an early 2000s version of the Vw bug. I put cute little eye lashes on the headlights and hippy flower stickers on the back. It looks like trash compared to Caleb’s car. 

He opens the passenger door for me and helps me. He walks around to his side and gets in as well. We back out of the driveway and off we go. It’s a very quiet ride there. I glance over to notice his hand on the shifter. When he shifts the muscles in his arm tense and I can see the definition of them through his shirt. Oh how he worked those muscles on me the other night.

“Elise, snap out of it.” I told myself. As I work my eyes from his hand on the shifter, up his arm and glance over at his face. He looks content. He smiles briefly and glances at me. “Are you ok?” He asks in a calm but genuinely concerned tone. “I’m ok. But what is the occasion for dinner? Do you know how hard it is to get a reservation at this place?” I ask. 

“Aside from me working all the time and you going to school all the time, we’ve been cooped up in that house for months. I figured we should get at least one night out. The reservations were nothing for baby girl. The owner owes me a favor or two.” He responded. 

We got to the restaurant and had a wonderful meal. This wasn’t a cheap meal either, especially when there were no prices on the menu. I could only imagine after he left our waitress a $50 tip. “Are you full? Do you want dessert?” He asks as we are leaving.

“No, I am good. I don’t need anything else. And thank you Caleb. It was a really good dinner.” I said back to him. 

We got back to the car and he opened my door again to help me in his car. On the way home he turns on his radio. I don’t recognize any of the songs playing but I assume it’s some hipster way of doing things. He takes my hand and places it under his hand and on top of the shifter. I feel his hand tighten up when he shifts in and out of gear. My mind starts to wander off again to that night. 

We get home and he walks me up to my room as if we were on a real date and he walks me to my front door. “Thanks again Caleb.” I say as I turn away from him to open my door. He pulls me back towards him briefly. “It’s not a problem, baby girl. Get some rest and don’t party too hard.” He says as he gives me a wink and a small peck on the cheek. 

Chapter 4

Several weeks have passed and my birthday is today. Everything has turned back to normal from the incident in the pool and our date? If that’s what you want to call it. It’s like those events never happened. Caleb still reminds me to drink water, stop eating junk food, and take my vitamins. I often want to tell him “Yes Daddy” but I resist the urge. 

I am meeting Sarah at the mall. She wanted to take me shopping as a birthday gift as I really don’t want to celebrate it. It’s not the same when your mother whom you’ve been super close to is no longer around. I honestly didn’t even want to get out of bed today. I could care less. I mean I’m only turning 17 today.

I see Sarah in the food court and walk over to her. Her red flowing hair looks amazing today. I wish my hair looked that good. “Hey!” I say as I wave to her. She comes running towards me. “Hey babes, so.. I figured we would go into Victoria Secret for some sexy lingerie.” Sarah says to me. I am taken back a little bit. “Um. Why? I don’t even have a boyfriend Sarah.” I say back. 

“It doesn’t matter Elise. Every girl needs to feel sexy even if it’s in private.” She explained it to me. “If you say so Sarah.” I replied as we walked towards the store. “And you do live with a total hottie Elise. I’m surprised you haven’t secretly hooked up yet.” Sarah continues. I still haven’t told Sarah about the night in the pool or dinner. “No way. He is like a brother / dad to me Sarah. It would be awkward, and he isn’t even that cute.” I replied, trying to play it cool.

We get to the store and Sarah picks some things out for me. A cute black rhinestone lined thong, the matching bra and garter as well. She also puts a bottle of perfume in my basket, some lotion and a silky pajama set. We head to the checkout counter and she pays for it all. “Happy birthday Elise. You deserve this.” We head out of the store and she drags me to a salon that’s also stationed in the mall. She proceeds to tell them to do my nails, my hair, and my makeup. I honestly don’t think I could have a better best friend. 

After a full afternoon of shopping, Sarah and I parted our ways. As I am walking to my car I get a text message. I look down at my phone. It’s from Caleb. 

Hey Elise! Happy birthday. Are you on your way home? I am making you a special dinner. I also have a co-worker coming tonight as we have an urgent case we need to work on but I didn’t want to miss your special night. I hope you don’t mind – Caleb 

I head home to find Caleb’s car in the driveway and another unknown vehicle parked just outside on the road. I wonder if it belongs to his company. Luckily Sarah forced me to get all dolled up so I am not walking into meeting some other prestigious doctor looking like I just been through a war zone. 

I walk inside and am greeted by Caleb. “Don’t you look good today.” Caleb says. “Thanks. It was all Sarah’s doing.” I replied letting out a breath of air in grief. Shortly after a man in his 30s walks around the corner from the dining room. He is tall, very muscular, and a little stubble around the face. He is wearing clothes similar to what Caleb wears and his cologne is strong. He hands out his hand to me to shake. 

“Elise, this is my colleague Dr. Jackson. He will be joining us for dinner so he and I can discuss this surgical case we are working on that’s a high priority. I hope you don’t mind.” The man turns his head to Caleb while still shaking mine. Putting his other hand on top of the two cupping our hands together says, “Oh Caleb, she doesn’t have to be so formal. You can call me Dave.” 

“Nice to meet you.” I say as I attempt to pull my hand away from his grip. “Why don’t you go upstairs and change clothes. Dinner will be done in about an hour. Dave and I will be discussing boring medical procedures until then.” Caleb says. I nod at him in a polite manner and make my way to my room. 

Once in my room, I open the bags of stuff Sarah bought me. I pull out the thong and bra. I place the bra up to my chest while looking at it in the mirror. “This is crazy.” I thought to myself. I remove my tee shirt followed by my shorts. I stand there looking in the mirror at myself. Rubbing my stomach and glaring at the fact you can see my rib bones. I look at my old worn out sports bra I had been wearing and my unappealing granny panties. I slip them off. I pick up my new bra and thong and put them on. 

I continue to stare into the mirror looking at my body. Looking at it in shame and disgust. Maybe that’s why Caleb hasn’t made a move on me since that night in the pool. Maybe he thinks I am trash and unattractive. I hadn’t realized how much time has gone by as a knock is at my door. “Elise, dinner is ready when you are.” I hear Caleb say from the other side of the door. 

I was startled a little bit. “I’ll be right down.” I tell him as I quickly walk to my closet to pull out a pink and black dress with a floral print to it. “OK, I’ll see you down there.” He said and you could hear his footsteps walk away. 

I make my way into the dining room. Caleb has balloons set up and a plate that’s been made in my spot at the table. Caleb walks over and pulls my chair out for me. He hasn’t done that since our date / not so date a few weeks ago. “You look lovely.” He whispers.

The three of us sit down to eat dinner. If Caleb wasn’t a surgeon, he would most definitely have been a chef. Caleb’s colleague, Dave, turns to me and starts speaking. “So Elise, I heard it was your birthday today. How old are you?” I replied very shyly, “17.” “What a wonderful age to be.” Dave said back and then continued, “I assume, Caleb is taking good care of you. I heard about your mother on the news. Please accept my sincerest condolences.” I nod my head in response.

Dave gets up and walks towards the kitchen. He returns with 3 glasses and a bottle of whisky. He pours the whiskey in the 3 glasses. He hands one to Caleb. Waves another one in my direction while looking at Caleb still. Caleb gives the ok nod to Dave. Dave hands me the glass. “What is this?” I say as I pick up the glass smelling it. “A birthday toast to the most gorgeous girl in the room.” Dave says as he and Caleb hold up their glasses in a cheer motion. 

“Well, that sounds reassuring. I am the only girl here.” I mumble. I take my glass and swallow it hole in one gulp and slam the glass down on the table. Both Caleb and Dave stare at me in shock and disbelief in what they just witnessed. It’s my birthday and I am celebrating it without my mother. She should have been here with me. I get up and walk towards Dave where the bottle of whisky is. I grab the bottle without even asking if it was ok and pour myself another glass where I proceeded to do the same chug slam combo as before. 

“Whoa there.. slow down.” Caleb says to me. “I’m fine. I got this.” I said in a cocky tone. “If you say so.” Caleb looks at me. Dave speaks up, “Not every 17 year old was like you Caleb at that age.” Speaking on the no party all study lifestyle that got Caleb where he is in his career today. 

“I feel like dancing.” I say as I leave the room and go into the living room. I pick up the television remote and turn on some music videos. Caleb and Dave shortly follow and Dave has the bottle of whisky with him. I am most definitely feeling the effects of the alcohol and I don’t even care. I close my eyes and start moving my body. I feel someone move close to me and touch me. I open my eyes and it’s Caleb. 

“Slow down baby girl.” He whispers in my ear as he grabs my hips and moves one hand around to my back side sliding it down to grab my ass. “What if I don’t want to?” I whisper in his ear back in a seductive manner. “You really want to be naughty for daddy don’t you.” He whispered back.

I almost sobered up in an instant when he said that to me. I mean my repeated thoughts of a joking “Yes Daddy” just came up to the surface initiated by Caleb himself. I see Dave take a swig from the bottle of whisky as he walks closer to us. “Am I not invited to this lovely birthday party?” Dave says as he grabs me from behind. The 3 of us dance together for a short time until Caleb starts to kiss me. I reciprocate and kiss him back. Dave hands me the bottle of whisky and ushers me to take a drink which I obliged. 

Dave then starts to kiss the back of my neck as I rub my ass on his dick through our clothes. I can feel how hard he is. Caleb grabs my thigh and runs his hand up under my dress. Caleb starts to touch my clit. I feel wet. I let out a small whimper. As soon as the whimper left my lips, Caleb grabbed me by the back of my head and bent me over the couch. 

He takes my dress off exposing the newly purchased lingerie. “Oh, so what’s this you’re wearing baby girl?” Caleb says to me. I can’t manage to mumble a single word. My legs are shaking hoping someone would pound their rock hard dick into my tight pussy. Dave speaks up, “Looks like someone was ready for this to happen tonight.” Caleb then smacks my ass while holding me bent over the couch. Dave walks over to the front of me and unbuckles his belt and brings his slacks and underwear down exposing his dick. 

Caleb unsnaps my bra and pulls my thongs down to the ground. “Spread them baby girl.” He orders me. “Yes Daddy.” I whimper in pleasure. Caleb sticks his fingers inside of me from behind. I can feel my juices running down my leg. 

Dave is stroking his dick in front of my face. “Open up and suck on it.” Dave says to me, forcing his dick into my mouth. Caleb begins to insert his dick into my pussy and shoves it in deep and hard. With each motion of Caleb slamming into my pussy comes each motion of my mouth onto Dave’s cock. 

Dave grabs me by the hair. “Good girl. Do you like Daddys cock? Tell me you’re my little cum slut. You fucking cock whore, who’s your daddy?” Dave’s dick is deep in my throat I can’t even respond. Finally Dave cums. I can feel his dick pulse and his cum shooting out into the back of my throat. He pulls out and let’s Caleb finish. I am able to be vocal once again and I moan out in pleasure. “Fuck me Caleb, don’t stop.” Caleb bends in closer to me while slamming his dick harder and harder in me. “It’s Daddy to you baby girl.” Caleb says in a stern voice in my ear. “Yes Daddy.” I responded. 

Caleb finishes as well. He takes his dick out and slaps it against my back and ass. I can barely breathe and my legs are shaking too much to stand at this point. I can’t believe what just happened. I just lost my virginity in a 3 some with my guardian and his co worker all while highly intoxicated. 

I slide down to the ground and Caleb comes to pick me up. “Are you ok?” He asks. I nod my head yes. “Let’s get you upstairs and in the shower.” Caleb tells me in a caring tone. He picks me up and carries me up the stairs to my room. He sat me down on my bed and went to my bathroom to turn on the shower for me before helping me in it. 

“I’m gonna go see Dave out. I’ll be back to get you in a few minutes.” Caleb says as he leaves. The alcohol is starting to wear off and I am starting to feel sore. I look down and see a small stream of blood running from my vagina down my leg. I am still in shock. Although the whole experience was exciting, I never imagined that is how my first time was gonna end up like.

“Caleb!” I scream. Caleb rushes in. “Are you ok baby girl?” He was very concerned about my cry out to him. He looked down and noticed the blood as well. He grabs me a towel and shuts the shower off. “That’s normal. It’s ok. Let’s get you in bed.” He grabs my hand and walks with me to my bed. He goes through my dresser and finds me a shirt and some panties. “Here, let me help you.” Caleb says, still talking in a very caring tone. Caleb must have brought back a cup of water because as soon as I was done getting dressed he told me to drink it.

“Rest well!” Caleb tells me as he exits my room and shuts my lights off. 

Chapter 5 – Caleb POV

It’s Elise’s birthday today. I’ve enjoyed spending time with her these past few months even if the circumstances around our meeting were not of the most sound. Elise means the world to me on so many levels, however I can not tell her the truth. I swore her mother to secrecy. I also never expected to fall in love with Elise. It’s such forbidden taboo love. I’ve been entrusted to nurture and take care of her, but not in this way.

She is out with her friend Sarah right now and I have some business to attend to. I can’t push this patient case to the side so I am going to have to intermingle them tonight. I hope Elise understands. I messaged her to let her know the expected house guest we have tonight. 

About an hour later she arrives home and my heart is racing. It’s pounding out of my chest and if it wasn’t for knowing that’s what adrenaline and nerves physically does to a person in love I would be seen at the nearest local emergency room for a suspected heart attack. I can see her get out of her car and walk up. She looks amazing. Sarah really did her up well today. 

When she gets inside I notice the store logo / name on the bag. “Victoria Secret?” I think to myself. That’s interesting. Elise has never been one to be fancy. She’s kind of the “girl next door” type. Barely wears makeup and always wearing a baggy shirt and some leggings, which I might add makes her little ass look amazing. 

I tell her to go upstairs and change. Dave and I continue our discussion in the kitchen. Dave is my colleague. We are trying to figure out how to save a little boy’s heart from needing a transplant. I finish cooking and go upstairs to Elise’s room. She left the door cracked open slightly. I peered in. I saw her standing there in the lingerie that was once concealed in the shopping bag. She looked amazing in it but I saw the expression on her face and how she rubbed her stomach. 

She has been through a lot these past few months and I can’t help but wonder if her low self esteem is because of it. I only knew of her and what her mother has told me about her. I realize she knows nothing about me. 

I kindly let her know that dinner was ready. I tried not to startle her. She eventually made her way down. I made her plate and set it in her spot. Dave and I chat a few more minutes before he starts speaking to Elise. 

He gets up and grabs a bottle of whisky he brought over earlier in the day. He motions for me to approve of him giving a glass to Elise. I can only think of the last time she had alcohol. The pool incident. That night in the pool has constantly played over and over in my head like a broken record. Everytime I think about it my cock gets hard and throbs wanting to jam it inside her sweet tight juicy pussy.

I’m also pretty sure she has not told Sarah about that night as well. Sarah keeps flirting with me every time I see her. 

After being momentarily lost in my thoughts. I see Elise slam down her glass and go for a second one. This is either going to be the best night of my life or it’s going to go to hell real quick. I am a bit concerned by her behavior and how easily she’s drinking alcohol. I was also concerned a few weeks ago when I noticed her room smelled of weed and furthermore to see the evidence still left on her dresser. 

Elise gets up and goes to the living room to play some music. Not the music I listen to but if it is what she likes and if it keeps her in an upbeat positive mood then I am fine with it. She starts dancing and I cannot control myself anymore. I make my way closer to her. I keep calling her baby girl in hopes she will respond to me in a manner as I am her protector. But how can I protect her when all I want to do is fuck the ever living shit out of her pussy?

Dave decides to join in. Not exactly what my plans were tonight but as long as she is receptive and I am the one taking her virginity it’s a small price to pay to keep the secret really a secret. If I go down for having sex with a minor that’s been entrusted to my care, Dave would go down as well. 

When I think she’s had enough teasing, I bend her over the couch. She is soaking wet and dripping everywhere. She can’t see me do this but I suck her pussy juice off my fingers before inserting my cock into her. She tastes so good. Like a sweet peach. I slam my cock in and out of her. I’ve never felt any woman as much as I feel her. The energy she gives me with each thrust is powerful. 

Dave demanded she call him Daddy. That slightly upset me. I gave him a glare and he stopped with the dirty talk. She is mine and after tonight I will become extremely possessive over her. Dave finishes which gives me a chance to enjoy her by myself for a little while longer. I explode deep inside of her knowing she isn’t on birth control. The heat of the moment I don’t give a fuck. 

I slap my dick on her to release the little bit of cum still left in me. I help her upstairs and in the shower. When I made my way back downstairs Dave was half passed out still half naked on the couch. I looked down to see her new lingerie on the floor. I picked it up. “Dave, get up. You got to leave.” I say nudging at Dave’s shoulder. He gets up. “No word of this to anyone, and this can never happen again, understand?” I said to him, “Yeah man, how was that pussy? I bet it’s tight as fuck.” He replied. “Yeah, but for real we can’t say anything to anyone and it can never happen again. She’s only 17!” I exclaimed. 

Dave got dressed and I walked him to the door when I heard my name being screamed. I rushed up the stairs still holding on to her lingerie. Once in her room I put it on her dresser and rushed to Elise’s side. I noticed she had a minor amount of blood rushing down her leg. I reassure her that it’s normal there is nothing to be alarmed about. 

I helped her obtain clothes to sleep in and helped her into bed. I wanted to tell her I loved her but refrained. I shut off her lights and shut the door behind me before making my way to my room. I took a guest room downstairs. 

It as well has a bathroom in it. I turn on the water to wash off. To stand there in warm water going over the events tonight. I touch my cock thinking about her. Stroking it harder and harder with each pass. I wish it was Elise stroking my cock for me. I think about her pussy and how I pounded it so hard tonight. Thinking about how she drained my balls. What am I doing? 

I can’t even finish. There is nothing left. I gave her everything I had earlier. I get out of the shower and open my phone. I’ve stalked her on social media for months after knowing about her. I wanted to see what she was like. See what her interests were. 

She’s passed out. She didn’t even make herself a birthday post and if I did it, it would probably be awkward and raise some concern. A few of my close friends and colleagues know the situation behind Elise, her mother, my father and I. I just hope she isn’t upset with me in the morning. 

Chapter 6 – Elise POV

I wake up in the morning with a pounding migraine and a faint memory of last night. I suddenly realized what happened was not a dream. What the fuck? I felt dirty. It felt wrong. It only felt wrong because Caleb’s colleague was involved. I didn’t mind Caleb’s part in the incident. I never wanted to be fucked so bad and by him to say the least.

I hope we don’t have another few weeks of awkward silence, but Dave joining in took it a little farther than I would have liked and especially since it was my first time. I will further pass on the two for one special next time if there even is a next time.

All of us were pretty intoxicated. When Caleb left me last night the only thing on my mind was telling him that I loved him. I couldn’t muster up the courage to do so. He also didn’t tell me, so that’s fair right? I’m probably just some personal sex toy to him. Fuck guys. Fuck them all and no not in that way.

I’m so sore today. My throat hurts, I have a migraine, and I’m also sore down there. Caleb pounded me pretty hard last night. The alcohol numbed a lot of it but I felt the motion. 

I gather the energy and strength to go downstairs to the kitchen. I need something to drink and some tylenol. I get out of bed and not even fully appropriately dressed make my way down. I am in the kitchen searching junk drawers for some medicine when I hear Caleb’s door open. “Oh shit, I can’t face him right now.” I think to myself. Too late he is already standing across the kitchen isle from me.

“Good morning baby girl. How are you feeling?” He asks. “Like total shit.” I say in a degrading tone. He comes around the counter towards me. He cups my chin to make me look at him. “I’m sorry. I just want you to know I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you.” Caleb says. I nod up and down. “What are you looking for?” He continues. 

“I have a massive migraine. I need some tylenol or something.” I feel faint at this point and I feel my face becoming clammy. “Elise. Sit down, I’ll get you something.” I sit down and Caleb rushes off to his room. He comes back, opens the fridge and grabs the orange juice out. He finds a cup and pours me a glass. He hands me the glass and a pill.

“Here take this, it will make you feel better.” He says. “What is it?” I questioned. “Just something for your head ache.” I reluctantly took it. I’m a bit suspicious of his motives since last night.

Caleb sits down beside me. He is in nothing but his boxers. He has one small tattoo on his chest. A date that reads 9-5-78 – 12-15-2018. I haven’t asked him about that. I wonder what it means. 

“If you need to talk about anything, about what happened, or you know anything…” He says to me in a worried voice. “We should talk eventually. Or not talk at all. I don’t know, I can’t think straight. Is this a hangover?” I replied. He chuckled a little bit. He reached over and placed a piece of my hair behind my ear. 

“We can do whatever you want Elise.” He tells me. The pill he gave me must be kicking in because I am starting to feel a little dizzy and nauseated. “Caleb I’m feeling sick. I need to go lie down.” I told him. He picks me up and carries me to his room. He places me on his bed. This feels really nice. 

He comes over and lays down beside me. He caresses my head. “I’m sorry you’re feeling sick baby girl.” He whispers to me. “Sometimes the medication I gave you can make your stomach upset if you don’t eat with it.” He continued.

I look at him.. “It’s ok Daddy.” I mumble hoping he didn’t hear me but he did. He starts to kiss me. He leaves my lips and kisses down my neck. He places his hand under my shirt, grabbing my breast firmly. He stops for a moment to take my shirt off and I let him. 

“We don’t need to talk about last night.” I whisper. He continues his path of kisses down my chest slowly. He makes his way to my belly and reaches for my panties. He slowly slides them off. Then continues to kiss my belly before making his way to my vagina and my clit. He kisses my clit gently. 

He begins to lick my pussy and it starts getting super wet. I feel my body become warmer and warmer with each stroke of his tongue. It feels good after the pain and soreness I was in from being pounded by him last night. I let out a loud pleasurable moan. 

He stops and makes his way back up to my face kissing every inch on the way. He pulls off his boxers while still kissing me and he slides his dick right into me with ease. He continues to kiss me with each thrust going in and out slowly and gently. 

“Is this ok baby girl?” Caleb utters into my ear pulling away so he can look me in the eyes. “Yes Daddy.” I responded. “Don’t stop please.” I beg Caleb. He continues to thrust and I feel myself gushing juices all over his bed that’s creeping up my back. 

He slows down til he gives it one last good hard thrust into me and takes a pause and he mumbles a slight moan. He pulls himself off of me and lays beside me. I look at him. “This is how your first time should have gone.” Caleb tells me. “It’s ok. We have the moment now.” 

“Caleb, I’m sorry.” I say. “For what baby girl? You have nothing to be sorry about.” He replied. “Your bed is soaking wet.” I answered. Caleb let out a chuckle. “That’s fine. If it wasn’t then I didn’t do my job. Do you want to lay here or get in the shower?” He says as he moves his fingers in a circle over my breasts. “Can we lay here for a few more minutes?” I asked as my eyes got heavy and I nodded off. 

Caleb must have moved me to my room as when I woke up I was in my own bed. “Oh no. It was all a dream.” I thought to myself. I was still naked and my clothes were nowhere to be found. Caleb gives my door a slight knock then comes in before I could even answer. I quickly pulled the covers over to hide my exposed chest.

Laughing slightly, “Baby girl, you don’t have to hide them from me ” He says. Now I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t a dream. He comes closer and sits on the edge of the bed. “How are you feeling sleepy head?” He was concerned. 

“My migraine is gone. How long have I been sleeping? What time is it?” I ask. “You’ve been asleep for several hours. It’s almost 3pm. I have to go to work in a few hours. They scheduled a patient at 7:30pm. I don’t know how long I will be there. I hate to leave you but I must.” Caleb informs me as he gets up and makes his way to my bathroom to turn on my shower. “Let’s get you cleaned up and dressed at least. I’ll break my no pizza rule and order you one for dinner.” 

I get up and make my way into the shower. Caleb is still in the bathroom with me. He opens the shower door and steps inside behind me. He grabs my bottle of soap and lathers it in his hand and massages my back with the soap before making his way around me to do the same with my chest. He turns me around so I can rinse my back off and gives me a small kiss on the lips while taking his fingers to cup my chin. 

I am not too sure I could go for round three. I move over to the side so he can immerse himself in the water as well. He does and the water flows down his dark hair onto his chest. When he finally opens his eyes and steps his head out of the water he looks at me. “It’s ok. You can rest.” He says as he turns to shut off the water. He gets out first and hands me a towel. 

“I hate to run out on you like this, but I have to go. Don’t forget to listen for the pizza.” He said as he gave me another small kiss before exiting my bedroom. Oh man. I just wanted to tell him I loved him when he left but things have taken an awkward turn the past two days. I enjoyed his company and I didn’t want to ruin that. 

The pizza arrived and I sat down on the couch I was violently fucked over last night. I turned the television on and switched it to some teen drama movie. My phone dinged. It was Sarah. Honestly, I don’t think I am going to tell her what happened. And honestly I’m not in the mood to chat. My phone goes off again. 

Hey babes. How was your birthday? I hope you enjoyed the make over and the lingerie. Have you worn it yet?

Hello? Are you ok?

I have to reply to something I suppose. 

All good. Thanks for asking. A little bummed that my mother couldn’t be here but it gets easier everyday.

The phone dinged again. 

Guess who I just saw? I am down at the hospital with my brother for physical therapy. It was Dr. Dodson. He looked different today. He looked like a new man. He is so dreamy. If you’re not gonna make a move, I am.

Sarah is a year older than me. She would have a better chance than I would, she’s of legal age. I can’t tell her what happened. It would be wrong of me even if we are best friends. Some friends keep secrets, right? But how am I going to get her not interested in him anymore.

I responded back to her message after giving it a few minutes of thought. 

Hey Sarah, that’s cool. But I think he has a secret girlfriend or his work is his girlfriend. Either way I don’t know what’s up he always looks the same to me. 

Sarah responded back almost immediately.

Ok well, since he is here I assume you’re home alone. If you want some company later let me know and I’ll slip away.

I replied: Sure thing. I’ll let you know.

This is going to be really hard keeping our randevu a secret. Especially from my best friend who’s crushing on him hard. One day of this is anything real it will have to come out. But for now I just want it to remain between Caleb and I. 

I passed out on the couch and woke up in the morning late for school. Caleb was already gone for work. He worked late last night and I guess left early this morning. Maybe he didn’t even come home. I rush to get dressed and out the door so as not to miss anymore of the first period. 

Chapter 7

Elise POV

These past few weeks have been super busy and crazy. Finals are coming up. Even with all the stuff that went on this past year with my mother passing away, I’ve managed to keep up my grades and turn in any missing work. Only a few more weeks left of my junior year! 

Caleb has also been super busy at work. I guess a lot of people have been getting sick or injured taking up his time. We haven’t had sex since that day and we really haven’t spoken much to each other but it’s mainly because our paths aren’t crossing much due to the crazy schedules.

Today was different though. It was Friday and I ended up skipping my last class to come early. I’ve been studying super hard for my finals and I really needed a break. When I pulled into the driveway I noticed Caleb’s car was there. 

I get out of my car and walk in only to smell food being cooked. I sat my things down and made my way to the kitchen. As I approached the kitchen I saw Caleb at the stove cooking something. “It smells good.” I say as I walk closer towards him. “Baby girl!” He should with excitement and a smile on his face. God he is so cute when he smiles.

“I don’t have anything scheduled this weekend. I figured we can have a nice dinner together and maybe watch a movie if you would like. I will even suffer through one of those horrible horror movies you love so much.” He says as he puts his hand up to his head like a damsel in distress would do. “That sounds nice.” I replied.

“Why don’t you head upstairs and change into something comfy?” Caleb tells me. “Sure thing daddy.” I say as I bounce a little bit on my way up the stairs. I pull open my drawer to find some shorts and a tank top. While searching I noticed the lingerie set Sarah bought me for my birthday. I totally forgot about it and honestly I don’t know how it ended up clean in my drawer. 

I find what I was looking for and quickly put it on so I can get back down to Caleb sooner. I was happy he had the weekend off. All I wanted to do was spend more time with him these past few weeks. It seems like he wanted to spend time with me as well. I managed my way back down stairs and I overheard Caleb on the phone.

“I understand Detective. Thanks for letting us know.” Caleb says as he hands up the phone and places it on the counter not realizing I was standing there. “Who was that? What’s going on?” I asked in a concerned tone.

“That was the Detective handling your mom’s case. They called to tell me they have a new lead on who they think the shooter may be. Another murder was committed a week ago using the same ammunition used in your mother’s case.” He informed me. “That’s good right?” I questioned. “Yes baby girl. Maybe one day we can get closure. Don’t worry about the details tonight. Let’s just have a good quiet evening alone with each other.”

Caleb places two plates on the kitchen island counter. I sit down and start eating. It was amazing. He cooked pasta with pesto and garlic sautéed shrimp. He shredded parmesan cheese over the top of it. 

After we finished eating we went to the living room to watch our movie. My phone dings and I briefly look down to see it was from Sarah. Why does she have to put a cramp in my style?

I’m having a bad day. You weren’t in class this afternoon. I am on my way over.

Great. Sarah is totally interrupting my alone time with Caleb. “I’m sorry Caleb. Sarah just messaged me she is on her way over. I didn’t invite her.” I told him. He looked over at me cupping my chin again with his fingers. “It’s ok baby girl.” He then proceeded to kiss me. 

The door knocks and it’s Sarah. We slightly up as we heard the door open pulling away from each other quickly so as not to be caught. “Hey, looks like you guys are enjoying a movie. Don’t mind as I do.” Sarah says in an upbeat tone much different from the way she made her text message seem, as she pushes her way in between Caleb and I on the couch. 

Caleb glances over at me in discontent. He doesn’t want this night to be ruined by Sarah just as much as I don’t. “So Sarah, your message said you were having a bad day. What’s wrong?” I ask, trying to resolve quickly why Sarah came over in the first place so Caleb and I can continue our night alone.

“Jacob broke up with me. He said I was an ugly fat whore that the only thing good about me was a cheap fuck.” Sarah explains. She then turns to Caleb. “You don’t think I’m an ugly fat whore do you?” 

I am getting aggravated at Sarah’s antics right now. She is my best friend, but asking Caleb what he thinks about her is too much. “I don’t know you so I can’t say if you’re a whore or not, but you’re not obese and your appearance is well kept.” He responded. When I heard his responses, I couldn’t have been more secure in what we have. It was an almost perfect deflection of her flirtatious ways with him. 

Sarah puts her hand on his thigh. He brushes it off as quickly as she placed it. She tried to place her hand there again and you could tell the discomfort in Caleb’s face. He gets up quickly. “I have to go do some paperwork. I’ll leave you too girls here to talk.” He says as he walks away. Great. My alone time has been officially ruined. 

I needed to get out of this and get back to my much needed alone time with Caleb. I got up and went into the kitchen. “I’ll be right back Sarah.” I said. I pretended to gag in the trash can. I used all my middle school drama experience in this act. I was so loud that Caleb came rushing to the kitchen to check if I was ok. Sarah did as well. 

“I don’t feel so good.” I say hunched over the trashcan trying not to laugh. “Come on let’s get you to bed.” Caleb says as he tries to usher me out of the kitchen. Caleb turns to Sarah. “Let me get her upstairs and into bed real quick. I’m sorry Sarah. You probably should go home. There was this stomach bug going around the hospital this week.”

Caleb helps me upstairs. Once in my room I get up like nothing happened and start to quietly giggle. He looks at me with confusion. “I’m sorry she interrupted us, I had to do something.” I whisper to Caleb. He chuckles back quietly. “That’s my baby girl. Ok, I’ll go down and get her to leave.” He says as he gives me a peck on my forehead. 

Caleb walks down stairs. 

Caleb POV

“You’re still here?” I say as I make my way back downstairs and see Sarah still there. “Uh, yeah. How is she?” Sarah asks me. “She’s really sick Sarah. I would hate it if you caught whatever bug she has.” I say to her trying to get her to leave. Sarah inches closer to me. 

“I’ll be ok. I have a strong immune system. Plus you’re much more fun to hang out with than going home to a boring house.” Sarah says as she still continues to move forward. “Look Sarah.” I start to utter as she moves in on me and puts her finger up to my lips to hush me. “You smell good. What is that cologne you’re wearing?” She asks. 

I pushed her away. She looks at me in shock like I just committed a crime. “Listen Sarah, I have a girlfriend.” She takes a step back and her eyes widen with disbelief. “Who? Elise said your only girlfriend is your job.” Sarah says with her arms crossed. I really don’t need to answer Sarah’s interrogations. I just need to get Sarah out of the house. 

“Listen Sarah. Elise is upstairs sick. You’re her best friend and you’re down here hitting on me. Her guardian.” Sarah’s face starts to turn red. “Fine. I’ll leave. Let Elise know I hope she feels better.” She said in a huffy voice as she walked out. 

Finally. I can have some alone time with Elise. I make my way back upstairs to Elise’s room. I give the door a few knocks before entering. I find her on her bed looking at what looks like an old scrapbook. She looks at me and gives me somewhat of a somber smile.

“What is this?” I say as I make my way to sit down on the edge of her bed. “Oh it’s nothing. It’s just an old photo album of me when I was younger.” She says as she turns the page. “Can I see?” I ask. She moves the book closer to my view. I see a photo of a little girl about age 7. It looks as if it was a birthday party. 

“Is this you?” I ask. Elise nods her head yes. “Aww you’re so cute.” I told her. She smiles and starts to blush. “You haven’t seen anything yet. My middle school days I was hideous.” She tells me. “I bet you’re lying. I want to see.” I demanded. 

“No!” Elise exclaimed in embarrassment. I could see her blushing even more. It made her look so cute. I just wanted to grab her cheeks. She continues to flip the pages. There were photos from when Elise was a baby. There was also another photo that stood out. It was of me as a baby with Elise’s mother, my dad, and some other woman that I did not recognize. I knew it couldn’t have been Elise as this photo was older than Elise’s age. I made no mention of the photo and Elise just skipped right over it.

By the time she reached the last page of the book she was tearing up. I would do anything to protect her and save her from pain. “Don’t cry baby girl.” I say as I wipe the tears from her cheek. She looks up at me. “I’m ok.” She says. We laid back in her bed and she rested her head on my chest. 

“If you ever need anything I am here. Let me know and we will talk.” I told her. I didn’t tell Elise about the Sarah incident when I got back upstairs. I didn’t want to hurt her anymore than she was already hurting.

Elise POV 

I was glad Caleb got Sarah to leave, but by the time he got back up to my room I was already in a nostalgic headspace looking at old photos in a photo album I had in my closet. 

I flipped through some of the pages letting Caleb glance at the photos from my past. When we were done looking. We laid back and quietly fell asleep together in eachothers arms. 

The rest of the weekend was just us and it went really well. I might add an emphasis to the words “really well”. Caleb made love to me every chance he got all weekend. I even went down on him, sucking his cum right out of his cock and swallowing it hole. That seemed to turn him on a lot. He’s always put me first so I figured I would return the favor.

Guys who put the ladies first are dangerous. 

Chapter 8 – Elise POV

I finally finished my finals and school is out for the summer. I’m officially a senior. I get home and Caleb is already there. I’m so excited for the summer and not worrying about anything. 

As I enter I’m greeted with a bouquet of flowers. “What’s this? What’s the occasion?” I ask Caleb as I take the flowers with me to find a vase in the dining room cabinets. As I am opening doors and searching Caleb responds, “With everything you have been through this year you managed to keep your grades up and pass. I’m proud of you baby girl.” 

I finally found a vase suitable for the flowers and placed them center stage on the kitchen table. “I think those might need some water first.” Caleb says as he grabs the vase and then continues to speak. “I’m glad you like them though.” He made his way to thr kitchen and filled the vase half full with water. He walked back in and replaced them where I had originally sat them down. 

“Something else, Elise. I have a few friends from college in town tonight. I was wondering if they could stop by for dinner? I’ll order food so we don’t have to cook and make a mess.” He tells me. “Sure. That’s fine. But..” I pause a moment. “I get to pick what we are eating.” “Deal!” He responds holding his hand out as to make it official. 

I head upstairs to change from my day clothes into something more formal. I don’t want to look like the poor orphan girl that was dropped off at Caleb’s doorstep. I mean I am but, I don’t want to emphasize on those details.

I went to my closet and realized I really need to go shopping this summer. My style is starting to change and because I’ve been to several fancy places and events with Caleb for his work, my attire needs to be pepped up a step. 

I found the black dress that I wore on my first date with Caleb. I put it on. I went to my bathroom to brush my hair and put it up in a neat and tidy ponytail. I managed to put on eyeliner and some blush as well as some lip gloss. 

I heard the doorbell ring. “Wow, that was quick.” I thought to myself. I sprayed the Victoria Secret perfume that Sarah had gotten me for my birthday. She hasn’t said much to me since that night I pretended to be sick. I hope she isn’t really mad at me for trying to get rid of her.

“Elise!” I hear Caleb call my name from downstairs. I walk out of my room and head his way. When I got close enough I said. “We should really get some intercoms.” In a joking manner. Caleb chuckled slightly before responding, “Well I will think about it” as he gave me a wink.

I look straight ahead and see a man and a woman standing in front of me. They both look to be of the same age as Caleb. They stare at me up and down. The guy smiles at me while the woman kind of gives me a cold stare of dissatisfaction. The man holds his hand out for me to shake. “I am Cole. It’s nice to finally meet you.” He said to me.  

The woman doesn’t respond in the same way. “And this is Ashley.” Caleb says, pointing to the woman. “It’s nice to meet the both of you. What brings you to town?” I ask. Cole responds, “There is a medical convention this week. We tried to get Caleb to join us but he said he had other plans.” I looked a little shocked. 

Dinner shortly arrives and we sit at the table. Ashley brought a bottle of wine. “Where are the wine glasses?” She asked. “I’ll get them.” Caleb says as he gets up to go to the kitchen. “Nonsense, Caleyboo. I’ll get them.” Ashley told Caleb. Caleyboo? Did I just hear that correctly? What is going on?

Ashley comes back with three glasses instead of four. She glances over at me and smirks. She must know I am only 17 and would not be appropriate to serve me alcohol. She pours everyone else including herself a glass. Caleb is sitting beside me. He gives me a wink and slides his glass over in my direction. I smile quietly at him as my head faces down to the table. 

Caleb places his left hand on my right leg and rubs it a bit to reassure me that everything is ok. I nonchalantly pick up his wine glass and take a very small sip. Ashley looks over at me rolling her eyes. I just gave her an innocent smile but yet I won. 

“So Caleb, have any big plans for your birthday?” Ashley says interrupting our catty stares at each other.  Birthday? What? That has been one detail that has slipped my mind this entire year I’ve been with Caleb. At that moment I realized I didn’t even know when his birthday was. If I’m Caleb’s girlfriend, I am a pretty shitty one.

“No Ashley, between work and taking care of Elise, my birthday has been the last thing on my mind.” Caleb tells Ashley.  “Well maybe I could come back for that weekend and we could spend it together, like old times.” Ashley states as to make a point that I heard her. “I don’t want to be rude but that would not be necessary.” He tells her. You could tell she was becoming cranky at him refusing to spend any time with her. 

When dinner was over Cole left promptly. “It was nice meeting you Elise.” Cole said to me. He turns and looks at Caleb. “Give me a call sometime. It was nice catching up with you.” Cole says to Caleb. Cole then turns to Ashley, “We should be going now.”

“You go on ahead Cole. I’ll catch an Uber to the hotel later.” Ashley tells Cole as he heads for the door. Caleb steps up. “Cole, wait a minute.” Caleb says flagging him down. “We got plans Ashley. But it was a pleasure to meet you.” I turn to her and say. Ashley gives me a stare of disapproval as she huffs. “I don’t know what plans you guys have for this late at night, but I guess I will head back to the hotel with you Cole.” She states. 

Caleb looks at me and smiles as they both walk out the door. “So what plans are these that we have?” Caleb asks me. “I don’t know daddy. We can surely find something to do to occupy our time.” I say as he leads me to his bedroom. Once in his room he throws me down on his bed. His room smells so much like him. It’s comforting. 

“Since I am off this weekend, I wanted to do something different with you. Do you trust me baby girl?” I nod my head. He walks over to his dresser and pulls out a tie. He comes back over to the bed and blindfolds me. I cannot see a thing. “I’ll be right back baby girl. Just lay here and be a good girl for daddy.” I can hear him fidget with something over his dresser. 

Soon he comes back over to me and speaks again. “Do you trust me?” He says in a stern voice. “Yes daddy.” I responded. “You can back out of this anytime up until we start because I can’t stop it once we start this until it’s over.” Caleb continues to speak. “OK, What is going on?” I asked, a tad bit concerned. I mean we’ve fucked several times just not with me blind folded. 

“I just wanted to try something different.” He says. “I trust you daddy.”  I replied. He grabs my arm and holds it down. I felt a pin prick then a warm sensation took over my body. I freaked out for a moment and pulled the makeshift blindfold off only to see Caleb with a needle in his arm. I sit up quickly trying to stop him only to fall back down on his bed. It feels like my whole body is floating on a warm cloud.

Caleb takes my clothes off and takes his off as well. I lie there while he rams his dick in and out of me harder and harder. I’m still on this warm cloud cloud. I cannot manage to move my body. I can only moan out in pleasure. He takes his dick out of my now super soaked pussy. Caleb begins to run his hands down my body until he reaches my pussy. 

He slips two fingers in at first and makes his way to three. He opens his fingers to stretch my tight pussy. “It’s time for your exam baby girl. The doctor is in.” He whispers to me. He moved his fingers inside of me and proceeded to push them up to where he can feel his fingers on the other side of my stomach. He then takes his thumb and rubs my clit in a circular motion.

“Does that feel good? Are you ready for the next part of your exam?” He asked me. I nod yes. He then takes his whole hand and forces it into my tiny pussy. Pounding inside of me hard and forceful. I can feel my body gushing. I almost lose consciousness but then u snap back to reality as the substance he injected into me wore off rather quickly. 

His whole fist is inside. I moan loudly to the point of screaming. Caleb pulls his hand out of my pussy and begins to fuck me again. He grabs my throat carefully so as not to crush anything vital in the process. “You felt so good inside I needed more of you on my dick.” He mumbles. I get him to flip over on his back and I get on him and ride him. 

I thrust my hips back and forth. I can feel his dick way more in this position. I can feel it hit the back of my pussy. Caleb grabs my breast and squeezes super hard using them as handles to move me on him. He finally let’s put a loud pleasurable moan. “Oh God baby girl. I just want to tear you up.” He flips me over on my belly and started fucking me from behind while holding my head down onto the bed. 

He finally came again for the third time. When he was finished he kissed me on the forehand and rolled over beside me. I turned to him. “What was that?” I say in a concerned voice. He knew I was talking about what he injected us with.

“Just a medication we use for small surgical procedures. Don’t worry I didn’t give you a full dose.” Caleb replied. I am still concerned. “Caleb for real though. What was that? Why did you do that?” I interrogated him. “It’s just Ketamine. It’s safe. I promise. I just wanted to give you a euphoric experience. I wanted you to cum hard.” Caleb explained. 

Caleb kisses me and then continues to speak, “Really, it’s ok baby girl. It’s one of the medications we give people when they don’t need to be under full anesthesia. You felt like you were in heaven right?” I nod my head at him. We lay there naked together in his bed for a few moments in silence. I then realized the events that unfolded at dinner.

“When is your birthday?” I ask Caleb. He chuckles. “It’s next month, baby girl. But don’t worry about it. I have you and that’s all I need.” He replied. “Who is Ashley? Why did she call you Caleyboo?” I hounded him some more. “I told you she’s an old friend from college.” He replied. “Yeah but did you two date?” I asked with insecurities in my voice. “Barely, we went on one date nothing more and she started talking about marriage and kids. I just wasn’t into it and we didn’t go out again but she’s always tried. I’m sorry if that was awkward for you.”

Chapter 9 

Caleb POV

What Elise doesn’t know is that I do have something planned for my birthday. I’ve been putting in extra hours at work these past few months for a reason. I needed the extra money not for me on my birthday, but for Elise. I found a property on a lake upstate in the middle of the forest. It has a quaint little cottage and a dock that leads to the lake. I close on it a week before my birthday. 

I plan on taking her out there on my birthday and asking for her hand in marriage. I know she’s still only 17 but by the time she turns 18 all the wedding plans should be in place. I also have saved up some time off. So about a month later, right before school starts, I’m gonna take her there for an entire week. Cole, Ashley, and Dave will meet us there for a few days as well. Lately it’s been all work and no play. 

I haven’t told her I loved her yet. She also hasn’t said it to me as well, but I know it’s there. It’s been non stop fucking between us. I think about her while I’m at work. Sometimes it’s too hard to concentrate. When I propose to her, she’ll know exactly how I feel. Even though I know marrying her is wrong, I can’t live without her.

It’s two days before my birthday and the summer night is extremely warm. I get home from work and I see Elise in the pool. Perfect timing to tell her I have a surprise for her and maybe get a little action as well. I open the sliding glass door that leads out to the pool. 

“Hey baby girl.” I said to Elise. She turns around and smiles at me. Elise motions for me to get in with her. With no hesitation my clothes are off and I jump in the pool naked. I swim over to her and she greets me with a kiss. “How was work daddy?” She asked me. “Long and boring. I did consults, all day.” I replied.

We swim around in a circle for a few moments. I turn her to me. “Hey Elise, I do have something planned for my birthday in two days. I want you to come with me somewhere.” I tell Elise. “Where are we going daddy?” She asks me. “It’s a secret,” I responded. I paused for a brief second then continued, “But we have to wake up super early.” 

Elise POV 

Today is Caleb’s 23rd birthday and he is taking me to some mystery place today. I wake up super early and jump in the shower. When I finished with my shower I found a cute sundress and I slipped it on. I put my hair up in a messy bun, slipped on some sandals, grabbed my things, and headed downstairs. 

I am greeted by Caleb at the front door. “Good morning baby girl.” Caleb says as he greets me. “Good morning birthday boy.” I said back to him. Caleb opens the front door and escorts me out to his car. He opens my door and I get in. Did I ever say how much I love this car?

It feels like we are driving forever. The music on the radio is playing at a very low volume and I am looking out the window watching the scenery of tall forest trees pass by. About an hour has passed and Caleb begins to speak. “Almost there, baby girl.” He tells me. “OK, but where are we going?” I ask. “I told you it’s a surprise.” He chuckles.

Eventually we turn down a narrow road where a canopy of trees are on both sides. It’s gorgeous. We finally stopped at this little cottage. I can see a lake off in the distance and there is a wooden walkway bridge surrounded by large rocks that leads down. “We’re here!” He exclaimed. “What is this place?” I asked as he exited the car to open my door. 

“Follow me.” He tells me as he takes my hand and leads me down the walkway. We stop at the back of the cottage. You can see the dock that overlooks the lake. There is a fire pit with some chairs around it. Caleb then gets down on one knee. I look down at him in a confused state. “What are you doing?” I asked him.

“Elise, baby girl, I’ve been putting in all these extra hours at work for a reason. This place, this cottage, is ours. I bought it for us.” He tells me. I looked shocked and had no words to spit out. “More importantly, I haven’t told you something. I am in love with you Elise.” He continues to speak. He pulled out a small ring box from his pocket. “All I want for my birthday is for you to marry me.” 

Caleb takes the ring out and places it on my finger. I grab him by his collar and pull him up to me. Tears start to run down my cheek. I pull him in closer to me and kiss him. “Yes Daddy, I love you too.” I whisper in his ear. He picks me up and spins me around then sets me back down gently. “Come Elise. Let’s go inside.” He said as he ushered me to follow him. 

Once inside the cottage I look around. It’s gorgeous and it’s already been furnished. He leads me to the bedroom and tosses me down on the bed. Caleb jumps on top of me and we start kissing. He rubs his hands down my chest and eventually makes his way under my skirt. He begins to rub my clit on top of my panties. I take my hand and start rubbing his hard dick through his slacks. 

He slides himself down and pulls off my panties and starts to kiss my clit, throwing my legs over his shoulders. “Mmm daddy.” I moan out to him. He goes in harder on me sliding his tongue in and out of my wet pussy. I am dripping wet. I feel myself drip down the cheeks of my ass. “Baby girl, you taste so good.” Caleb seductively says. I grab the back of his head and pull him hard on to me. My legs are twitching and I scream in pleasure. My whole body is sensitive.

I release my grip from Caleb’s head and he slides up to me. He unbuckles his belt and slides his slacks and boxers off. I am still laying on the bed when he forces his dick down my throat thrusting it in and out. He thrusts it in and out harder and harder with every move. “Be my good little cum slut and take it.” Caleb says as he forces his dick deep in my throat to release his load. He lets out a loud moan as he finishes.

Caleb POV 

Elise said yes and all I can think about is taking her inside and having my way with her. She’s mine. She reciprocated that she loved me too. I have to have her right now. I feel my cock pulse in my pants. I grab her and lead her inside. I let her look around for a few moments before taking her to the bedroom to throw her down on the bed. 

I sensually start to kiss her before going down on her sweet juicy pussy. I’ve never tasted anything as good as she does. She is dripping wet. She has her juices all over my chin and it’s dripping down my chest. I pull her closer to me. She is twitching and I am not going to stop anytime soon.

She grabs my head. I like the assertiveness of this. God my cock hurts, it’s so hard right now. Elise finally let out a scream and that was my signal she’s had enough. I move closer to her face. I take my clothes off exposing my cock to her up close and personal.

I shove my throbbing cock down her throat. My body takes over and I have to thrust harder and harder into her mouth. I can feel the head of my cock slam against the back of her throat as she gags on it. Fuck this feels so good. 

“Be my good little cum slut and take it.” I tell Elise as I’m about to be drained in her mouth. And bam just like that she takes a massive load of my cum down her throat. Fuck.

When I am finished I pull myself off of her and let her get up to wash up. She looks so cute. Her tight little ass. I can’t wait to ravage it. She bounces to the bathroom. While she is in the bathroom cleaning up I get dressed and head outside towards the lake. 

Shortly after Elise comes out of the cottage and comes up behind me. She wraps her arms around me. “I love you daddy.” She whispers. I turn around and pick her up and place her on the ledge of the dock. “I love you too baby girl.” I replied as I gave her a small kiss. “It’s getting late. Let’s get going.” I told her. 

Elise frowned at me with a puppy dog face. “Don’t worry baby girl. I am taking some time off before summer ends and we’ll spend an entire week together here.” I say as I cup her chin between my fingers. She somberly nods her head ok. 

I locked up the cottage and we headed back up the ramp to the car. On the way home I held her hand. It looked so good wearing the ring I bought her. “Would you like to change the music?” I ask her. I know we have different tastes and she must be bored with it. 

“No, but I would like to drive your car!” She exclaimed. I laughed. “No baby girl, you can’t do that.” I responded. She gives me another puppy dog frown and I chuckle at her. We arrive home and I ordered some food to be delivered.

We spend the evening laying in bed watching videos on her phone until she passed out. Today was a perfect day. 

Chapter 10 – Elise POV

Today is the day we head back up to the lake cottage and I am excited to be spending the week with Caleb. I get up and get myself ready and pack a bag. I I look down at my finger to see the ring Caleb gave me a few weeks ago. It is so gorgeous. It must have cost a fortune. 

“Elise, baby girl!” I hear Caleb call me from downstairs. “Coming daddy!” I yelled back. I grab my things and head down. I am greeted by a smile. Caleb of course is never dressed appropriately. I swear he only owns dress slacks and button down collared shirts. His hair is slicked back and he is cleanly shaved. 

He grabs my bags and we walk out the door. The drive to the lake cottage was nice and peaceful. It was a warm summer morning. The sun was shining through the treetops creating a beautiful light effect. There wasn’t a rain cloud in sight. This was going to be the start of a much needed vacation. 

We finally arrive and get settled in. I am in the kitchen putting food away when I hear a car pull up. Caleb is already outside and I hear him faintly talking with someone. I finish what I am doing and make my way out to see what was going on. 

I see Dave. I really never wanted to run into Dave again since what happened on my 17th birthday. I’m with Caleb officially now. Caleb and Dave look over in my direction. Dave waves at me and gives me a wink, gross. “Hello Elise.” Dave says to me. 

I look at Caleb in a confused state. Caleb and Dave walk closer to me. “I thought it was going to be just us this week Caleb?” I ask. “I’m sorry, I thought I told you that Dave, Cole, and Ashley were coming just for the weekend. Then we can have the rest of the week to ourselves.” Caleb says to me as he kisses my forehead. 

I’m slightly aggravated. I’m even more aggravated to learn that ‘Ashley’ was also coming. Caleb leans in and whispers in my ear, “I haven’t told anyone yet that I proposed to you. I was kind of hoping we could make an announcement this evening for everyone about it.” I look at him and nod my head in approval. 

“Come on Dave, let me show you to your room and around.” Caleb said to Dave as he waved for him to follow. Dave passes me with his things in tow and nods his head in a “Good Day” fashion. I cringed. Before Caleb and Dave could make it inside I noticed a second car pull up. When the two people got out of the car I could hear faint arguing between them.

“Now, don’t be starting shit this weekend.” I heard the male voice say. “I’m just coming to get what is mine. Caleb won’t know what happened to him after this weekend.” The female voice responded. It’s Cole and Ashley. I assume they are not in a relationship but are very close friends as the last time we met they were together in the same vehicle as well. 

They start to walk down the walkway and Cole notices me standing at the end. “Hello Elise, how are you my sweet girl?” Cole said in a very caring tone. “I’m very well, thank you. Caleb just stepped inside with his colleague Dave.” I replied. I like Cole. He doesn’t give me any negative creepy vibes and has been the most respectful of anyone associated with Caleb that I have met. 

Ashley isn’t far behind Cole. She is struggling with her bags. I slightly chuckle on the inside. When Ashley approaches me she looks at me in disgust. “What are you doing here, poor orphan girl? I thought this was an adult gathering.” Ashley blurts out. I am taken back by her words. I wanted to spill the beans right there and then. I resisted for the sake of Caleb. I didn’t say a word back to her. Instead I let her struggle with her back and headed inside. 

I see Caleb and Dave standing in the kitchen chit chatting. “Cole, my man. What’s going on? How was the drive?” Caleb says to Cole as he shakes Cole’s hand. “Was better when the music was blaring.” Cole laughed. Ashley finally made it inside. “Uh, Caleb, can you help me with my bags?” Ashley states like a poor little helpless puppy. To avoid conflict Cole rushes to Ashley’s side as she huffs. 

The cottage is a 3 bedroom cottage. It features the master bedroom where Caleb and I are stationed and 2 spare rooms. One room has a set of bunk beds. The 3rd room is essentially a small den office with a pull out couch. Caleb leads the men to the room with the bunk beds and then Ashley to the den room. Ashley looks displeased as she thought maybe her and Caleb were sharing a room, but taken back by the size. 

“Now that everyone is here, who wants to go swimming?” Caleb announced. Everyone scattered to get their swimming attire on. I glance over as I enter my room with Caleb to see Ashley noticing that Caleb and I enter the same room. I give her a cute little wave. 

When I was done changing into this cute bikini I picked up at the beginning of summer I grab a towel and head outside. Caleb had finished getting ready before me. I find him standing in the kitchen with a blender. “What’s this you’re making?” I ask him. “Oh just some refreshments. It’s rather hot outside, and hotter inside if you know what I mean.” He responds as he winks at me. 

Caleb fills the blender with ice, some lime juice, a few other mixing agents and then pulls a bottle of vodka out and pours that into the blender. “Hey baby girl, can you grab us some glasses?” He asked. “Sure daddy.” I whisper in a cheery mood. I grab 5 glasses out of the cabinet. Caleb finishes blending the drink mix. He grabs the blender pitcher and helps me carry a few glasses outside where everyone is sitting on the dock. 

I hand everyone a glass. Caleb goes around and pours the drink mix in the glasses. He holds his glass up to start a cheer. “For good times, beautiful days and friends.” I hold my cup up. Ashley glances over at me in disbelief that I, yes I, am drinking too. I don’t even know why Caleb invited her unless it was because he wanted to tell her in person with the engagement announcement. I sip on my drink. It’s rather strong. 

We all jump in the lake and swim around and splash. Caleb tries to resist grabbing on to me. The only one who knows even a slight hint of what might be going on is Dave, and that was only because of the night of my birthday. Caleb swims closer to me and swims under the water to grab my legs instead, touching something else. When he emerged, Ashley swam close to him as well. She tried to make advances and she refused. 

“How about some dinner?” Caleb announced. “Sounds good man. I’ll help.” Cole replied to Caleb. The two of them get out of the lake leaving Dave and Ashley behind. I float in my raft until we are called for dinner. 

Caleb and Cole had called us over for dinner. Dinner was served. Caleb and Cole grilled some steaks. Everyone ate and Caleb served more drinks. We sat round the fireplace on the back porch. When dinner was over I offered to clean up and take everyone’s plates inside. 

Ashley followed me. “So, nice ring. Did your little boyfriend get you that? It looks like it came out of a gumball machine.” Ashley said to me as I was trying to place the plates in the sink. “You know Ashley? I don’t know what your deal is, but I refuse to be disrespected in my house.” I yelled at her before storming off back outside to where the guys were. 

Ashley soon followed me back outside. Caleb stands up and begins to speak as he holds a bottle of liquor up. “Since everyone is here, I would like to make an announcement.” Everyone gives Caleb their attention. “I have something very special and important to announce. Elise, come here please.” He says. I get up and move closer to him. He grabs the hand the engagement ring is on. He holds my hand out for the three others to view. “I have asked Elise to be my wife.” 

Cole was very supportive and congratulated Caleb. Dave was too intoxicated to show any emotion to the situation, and Ashley, well she was highly upset by her facial expression but congratulated him anyways. Caleb takes the bottle of liquor and takes a swig and passes it to me. I do the same. After a few minutes of everyone being in awe, Caleb goes inside for a moment to use the restroom. 

Cole also heads inside to get something else to drink. “I think I’m going to get some more to drink too.” Ashley said as she got up to go inside. This left Dave and I alone outside. “Hey Elise, come over here.” Dave said as he motioned for me. “I’m ok over here Dave.” I replied. “You better listen to Daddy Elise, come over here and sit on my lap.” Dave continued. “No Dave, you’re highly intoxicated and I am with Caleb.” I am feeling uncomfortable at this point. I get up to go inside to find Caleb only to be grabbed by Dave. 

I tried to scream but Dave put his hand over my mouth. He took his other hand and attempted to rip off my bikini bottoms. I bit the hand that was covering my mouth. He lets go of me briefly before grabbing me back to him. “You little bitch.” At this point tears are running down my face and Dave has a full grip on my head clenching my hair in fist and his other hand firmly grabbing onto my vagina. “Scream and I will kill you.” Dave tells me. 

Suddenly Caleb and Cole come running out of the house. They see what Dave is doing to me. Cole pulls Dave off of me and Caleb’s face turns bright red raging with anger. With one good swing, Caleb punches Dave in the face, making Dave fall backwards almost into the fire pit. Caleb grabs Dave by the throat and stands him up. “If you ever touch Elise again I will kill you.” Caleb screamed at Dave. 

Dave, too intoxicated to really know what was going on, stumbled up the walkway to his car. A few moments later his car started and he backed out and drove away erratically. I’ve never seen Caleb angry before. He has never shown me this side of him this entire year we’ve been together. 

Caleb pulls me to him and wraps his arms around me. “Baby girl, are you ok?” He asks. Still sobbing I nod my head yes. He kisses my forehead and walks me inside. Cole follows us. Ashley is standing in the kitchen when we get back inside. “What’s going on? Where is Dave?” Ashley asks. Cole seemed a bit aggravated at Ashley and responded to her, “Like you didn’t see what just happened. Get over yourself Ashley.” 

 Caleb takes me into the room and places me on the bed. “I’m so sorry baby girl. I won’t ever let him or anyone else hurt you again.” Caleb tells me as he caresses my head. 

Caleb POV 

I just announced that I had asked Elise to marry me. Cole was very supportive. Cole always had my back in college. Dave was too intoxicated to care and I could tell Ashley was upset. I don’t have feelings for Ashley. It was just a small fling in college but she remained a close friend throughout the years. I figured she would be happy for me. 

After my announcement I headed inside momentarily to use the restroom. I have been drinking a lot today, more so than usual, just trying to let some steam off from working so hard to get to where I am today. When I exited the bathroom Ashley was standing at the door. She pushes me back into the bathroom.

“What are you doing Ashley?” I asked. She places her hand on my chest and runs it down to my cock trying to grab it. “You’re not married yet. And why would you want to marry her. She’s a child. Let me show you how a real woman can fuck you.” I push Ashley away. My cock still hard from when she touched it. 

“That doesn’t work that way Ashley. We had a thing in the past, it didn’t work out, please accept that and support me as a friend.” I told her. I pushed past Ashley only for Cole to come running down the hallway in a panic. “Hurry man, Dave is roughing up Elise, he is totally wasted.” I further pushed Ashley to the side and went running outside with Cole following suit. 

I saw Dave aggressively holding Elise and everything went red. Cole pulled Dave off of Elise, but I had already lost my cool. With every force I had in my body I swung at Dave and he went down. I grabbed him up and threatened to kill him if he ever hurt Elise again. Dave stumbled off and got in his car. He shouldn’t be driving with how intoxicated he is but I don’t care. I hoped he would get in a car accident and die. 

I took Elise into the bedroom to try to comfort her. She eventually fell asleep. I got up, turned the lights off and made my way back into the kitchen where Ashley and Cole were standing. “Is she ok?” Cole asked very concerned for Elise’s well-being. I nodded yes. “After tonight guys I think I’m going to call this get together a wrap and head home with Elise.” Everyone agreed that was probably for the best. 

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